Let's Play: Dead Rising 3 - An Hour of Innuendos, a Flying Dragon & the Zombie Apocalypse

Dan Webb

November is going to be a huge month in this corner of the internet. Not only do we have a big surprise for you in the coming weeks *wink wink* *nudge nudge* but Microsoft are releasing their third console, the Xbox One, in just 14 days. That means one thing as far as we’re concerned: we’re going to spoil you rotten. And not just the surprise I mentioned supra either, but we'll have plenty of videos, written pieces, random antics… content galore basically, making sure you know where your money should be going in the run-up to Christmas and beyond.

First things first, we’ll start as we mean to go on, with the hugely anticipated Dead Rising 3, developed by Capcom Vancouver. Arguably Microsoft’s secret weapon, we went down to London earlier on in the week to venture forth into the zombie-filled sandbox, and even better, we captured every minute of it for you to soak up. Even better than that, Lee and I added our innuendo-driven commentary while we were playing. You don’t have to worry about spoilers either, we sacked the story off and just went to see what mischief we could get up - read, a lot!

Expect a disappointing visit to the strip club, plate smashing, a flying dragon of sorts, petrol-station explosions and some absolutely bat-shit crazy weapons as well as some distinctly shit ones. This, ladies and gents, is Dead Rising 3.

  • Dude, why does my wallet and my mind have such discord, i want new machine and games but 2 kids and Xmas around the corner make Dad a sad gamer i have played both DR1 + 2 this year, loving the looks of this one also. IMO the timer should be like the first 2 games, thats what made them difficult, then the reward was the overtime mode at the end. peace n-joi
  • Switched my pre-order to this from Watch Dogs, hope I made the right choice.
  • @#1 - It actually has a 'Nightmare mode' which is what Capcom Vancouver describes as a "classic Dead Rising experience."
  • @1...You buy the "kids" an Xbox One. Keep saying to everyone, "It's for the kids". Then get a few games for you too. The timer is what always made the Dead Rising games suck to me. I would have played them a lot more if I could actually run around and do whatever I wanted to do when I wanted to. Then Dead Rising 2 Off the Record wouldn't let you save when you used cheats. Fucking garbage. This game looks like the zombie game I've always wanted to play.
  • So to be clear, the regular mode here doesn't have a timer? That's the only reason I've avoided Dead Rising, so I'd be all over this if that's true.
  • @5 Haha yeah i was thinking of trying that excuse
  • @#6 - We're playing the regular mode here. Certain missions have timers, it seems, but we spent an hour doing absolutely nothing of any consequence, and as you can see, we weren't forced to advance the story.
  • Whatever happened to a standard series of 3 trailers of a couple minutes being released in the run up to a games release. So many games flood the market with their stuff and it just smothers the readers to the point where the just don't care any more. Watchdogs for example; We get a new Watchdogs article what feels like everyday. when I say the first E3 mystery reveal I was very interested, now, I feel like I've played it already and I'm already bored of it. I've not even watched most of the videos either. Grid 2 was done to death also. It's not exclusive to this site at all, I'm not saying it only happens hear (though Grid 2 was a unique exception given the circumstances of the acheivement list). Many sites just put up video after video after video and it doesn't help sales at all in my opinion. Annoyed Gamer did a bit about this a while ago that I found interesting. Having seen a 1 HOUR video uploaded just reminded me about it. I think it's detrimental to the games experience to show off too much. There will be no surprises left when the player actually gets to play it.
  • @#9 - That's why we purposely did nothing to do with the story, just showed people the world, some weapons, and a few of the features. The last thing we want to do is spoil it for anyone =) I do agree though in some respects that it happens with certain games, but we'll never spoil an experience for anyone.
  • @2 Well definitely couldn't of made a wrong choice there, seeing as WD got delayed..
  • @Webb, yeah I didn't really mean to say it was the fault of the team at 360A uploading too much. I get that you just report on what the industry feeds you. It's great you took the time to make the video, there will definitely be people who watch it all.
  • I want to watch but I cant risk anything being spoiled. Want me going into the next gen fresh.
  • IMO, this is the best launch exclusive for either system. I love this series and can't wait for this to be my first next-gen experience.
  • So what happened? Why'd you guys have to restart, did the xbox crash or something?
  • #9: You and some other guy have suggested that we get bombarded with Watch_Dogs' stuff but I'm barely seeing any. If you said Blacklist and AC IV I'd agree, but Watch_Dogs was relatively silent in comparison. AC IV really could fuck off though, a textbook case of overkill in the modern era. Anyway you don't have to watch a 1 hour Let's Play of DR3, the same way you don't have to watch the 1 hour Let's Play of XCOM: Enemy Within on Rev3. It's there *IF* you want it.
  • Oh my god, I can't stop laughing at that flying dragon outfit
  • Also what the fuck at combining a handgun and a crowbar turns into a rifle.... nice logic there.
  • #15: [Redacted]
  • any word on achievements?
  • @19 I have done stranger modifications to my guns.
  • Ehh, I was anticipating this during the E3 reveal, but the more I saw, the less I was interested.
  • @19 Video games!
  • This looks like fun! I remember feeling pretty limited by the timers in the previous games - I felt that I couldn't explore and mess about with deadlines constantly looming over me. The fact that there are seemingly no time constraints between missions has made this a day one purchase for me.
  • Can't wait to see some more of the new combinations!
  • I feel like I'm the only one who liked the timer in the first 3 games. Made me feel like I actually accomplished something when I got the achievements in the 1st game. That 7 day survival was a bitch, but when I got that achievement popped up I was so happy. My wife challenged me to do it. This game looks great and I can't wait to get it.
  • @29 If I play myself yes, but with a friend it is a bit annoying cause I'm all serious and try to nicely boss my friend around which gets annoying lol.
  • The movie lee was talking about, with the lawn mower bit was Dead Alive. Brain Dead is something totally different.
  • oh, nevermind. Dead alive was just the US name. I was confusing the UK name (Brain Dead) with Bad Taste, probably because they are both odd low budget flicks that I saw around the same time.
  • great video thanks for not spoiling anything :D
  • Does this video not load for anyone?
  • I Wonder what the big surprise is in the coming weeks. Im guessing a formal Halo 5 announcement.
  • @31 it was only called Dead Alive in the US. There was already a movie name Brain Dead here so they had to use a different name for the US release.
  • Good video, game looks like a ton of fun, can't wait for the 22nd!
  • Great video, game looks amazing. Have this pre-ordered with several other games, but I think that this will be the game that I lose my Xbox One virginity to. Love the 'Xbox Achievements' Outro. I take it that you are re-branding your site to Xbox Achievements n I'm assuming that is what your surprise is to us? ************************************ PLUG ALERT ************************************ Ps, I will be unboxing my Day One Edition on YouTube along with video reviews of plenty of the launch titles. Sub my channel and don't miss out on the 22nd @ www.youtube.com/OfficialAfroGamer
  • @36 Let's hope the surprise will be something better, like the site is getting re-branded, like #39 said.
  • "Not only do we have a big surprise for you in the coming weeks *wink wink* *nudge nudge*" Site redesign. For the love of god, site redesign please. Less ads, less flash boxes, more content we care about front and center. Please please please. Anyway, Dead Rising. The time is what made the franchise what it is. Sucks that they completely took a big fat diarrhea dump on it by removing it. I guess Resident Evil wasn't enough, Capcom decided they wanted to ruin ANOTHER franchise by trying to "appeal to a wider audience", even though history has shown that the so-called "wider audience" still doesn't give a shit and all you do is drive away fans of what the game used to be about. Have fun going out of business, Capcom. I'm ready to dance on your grave.
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  • The 22nd cant come soon enough. This and 2 1/2 weeks off of work to play it
  • @ #40 oh yeah a site redesign makes sense and would rather see that over new halo since we know thats coming next fall presumably.
  • Any FPS issues?
  • This looks good.
  • Just posted this on reddit's xboxone section. Hope you guys don't mind!
  • Not sure how to edit posts so i'm double posting but here's the reddit link if you guys wish to comment there: http://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/1qtpoi/lets_play_dead_rising_3_an_hour_of_innuendos_a/ Wanna thank x360 for postin the vid! Love the combos you guys were making!!
  • Good to know that you get a map in the third game.
  • I'm getting this game at launch :) If anyone wants to play with me feel free to add me. Have a chill time mowing down some zombies! Gamertag: JordTDL
  • DR3 is my 6th game played (haven't finished them yet of course) on the Xbone. Can't say im impressed too much thus far. Seems like a pretty great multiplayer game though. The feel of it seems a bit off. With how intense it gets with zombies, it would be very beneficial to pick up items easily and have the controls feel really good. Must say that's my most disappointing thing thus far. We will see how the game goes from here.
  • why cant they do for xbox360
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  • Good Game.
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