Dead Rising 3 Season Pass Characters and Nick Ramos Survivor Pack Revealed

Richard Walker

Announced and detailed last month, today sees a few more salient details for Dead Rising 3's Season Pass emerging, offering new information on the content you'll receive at purchase, as well as the four characters you'll be able to play as in each of the four additional episodes.

Upon purchase of the Season Pass, you'll get the Nick Ramos Survivor Pack, granting the game's handy mechanic protagonist a muscle car and a new outfit for day one.

The Dead Rising 3 Season Pass will be available to buy on November 22nd for £23.99/$29.99, entitling purchasers to four upcoming 'Untold Stories of Los Perdidos' episodes at a 25% discount. The first pack, "Operation Broken Eagle," will be available in late December for $9.99 (if you buy it individually), followed by "Fallen Angel," "Chaos Rising," and "The Last Agent" later on.

Each pack features a new playable character, with their own new stories and missions. These include “an anarchist biker, an illegally infected survivor, a ZDC government operative [and] a classified military operative.”

Dead Rising 3 is out on November 22nd for Xbox One, and is reviewed right here. For all things Xbox One related, head here! NOW!

  • This definitely sounds like it'll be worth the price tag.
  • Anarchist bikers and classified military operatives? Pure Awesome
  • Nerdgasm.
  • This got my attention.
  • I also note we have our first female protagonist in the Dead Rising series with one of these DLC's. Finally, equality!
  • Are the DLC stories co-op? Hope so
  • illegally infected survivor? huh?
  • @5 It has nothing to do with equality what gender video game characters are. If the developers wanna tell a story about two dudes, that is fine and doesn't discriminate women.
  • First one to send me a message on xbox live gets a free zombie roller mountain dew skin for deadrising 3!!! Sorry guys I only have 1 extra so first come first serve.
  • I think this may get this instead of Crimson Dragon given the reception that's receiving.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @9 sent you a msg :)
  • 24GBP? What is this?! A SEASON PASS FOR TITANS?!
  • All the games I'm getting have season passes: this, Ryse, AC4, and BF4. The BF4 pass is as much as a game itself. I think I'll be holding off on any of the passes until content starts coming down instead of putting down $20-$60 for stuff down the line.
  • Oh my!!!! i finally get to play as a chick in dead rising? yes please.
  • seems like a rip off considering how much the games cost alone and also spending £430 on the xbox 1
  • After all the disappointing season passes lately (Max Payne 3, Gears Judgment, Bioshock Infinite), I think I will hold off on buying anymore season passes until after most of the content is released. That way I will know of I should buy it or just save money and buy the ones I want.
  • I think I'll wait and see how much I keep coming back to it.
  • Please, don't bitch and stop announcing season passes even before the game launch! And I'm one of those who thinks that a season pass should be temporal and not permanent. In my case, I'll wait until a DoTW discount even I haven't got yet a XBOne.
  • I honestly hope they actually improve the quality of DLC that we get for Xbox One. I don't even remember the last time I have bought ANY DLC. Cause I don't care if they add more achievements, that's not going to make me want to purchase it. I only play quality Single-Player or CO-OP DLC which actually feels like a ADD-ON to the story I just played instead of always trying to just come up with something completely random/off the wall.
  • Sounds quite good, but I don't like the thought of possibly having to find Zombrex all the time as that was a pain in the arse and took up valuable inventory space!
  • @7, they are an illegally infected survivor, because as you should know by playing (if you've played DR:3), that it's the law to be implanted. So I'm assuming that this 'survivor' doesn't have the implant. :)
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