Three-Player Co-Op Coming to Crimson Dragon Next Month

Three-Player Co-Op Coming to Crimson Dragon Next Month

Lee Bradley

Developer Grounding has announced that three-player co-op will be introduced to Crimson Dragon this December.

Multiplayer was initially planned to launch with the game, but the feature was quietly dropped. Instead, Crimson Dragon launched with leaderboards and the wingman system which allows you to hire your dragon out to friends.

Now, however, the real deal is on the way.

“We’re excited to deliver Crimson Dragon to Xbox One, and we’re thrilled to bring our unique multiplayer experience to the game in the very near future,” said Grounding in a post on Meld, Xbox Live’s new info hub for digital-only games.

“Currently, our team is hard work tuning and polishing the overall multiplayer experience, looking to create the perfect balance between enticing gameplay and sheer fun.

“You’ll be able to join 2 of your friends over Xbox Live to take on the enemies of Draco. In selected missions from the campaign players will share the skies over Draco as they work together and defeat even bigger challenges.

“You and your friends will have to use the best dragons with the best skills to overcome [the insane] difficulty of online multiplayer.

“This December, you’ll be able to experience Crimson Dragon like you never have before, with your Xbox Live friends.”

You can read our Crimson Dragon review here and our Xbox One Launch Zone is here.

  • Going To miss this one after the reviews its been recieving
  • Were they that good?? lol
  • Is anyone really excited for this game? Looks like an early 360 arcade game to me. Granted graphics arent everything but the gameplay doesnt look too good either.
  • There goes the chance of the fully fledged RPG that Futatsugi. Shame too sounded like an interesting idea.
  • Pseudo Star Fox game with co-op? sounds good to me.
  • What about powerstar golfs missing multiplayer?
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