The Walking Dead Season Two - Episode One Out Now

Lee Bradley

All that Remains, the first episode in the second season of The Walking Dead, is rolling out on XBLA now.

Release times may vary from region to region, but it’s out in the US and the UK. You can queue the episode for download through here for $4.99 or £3.99. The Season Pass, ensuring access to episodes two to five, is also available for £11.99 or $14.99.

In Season Two of The Walking Dead you take the role of Clementine, “many months” after the events of Season One. A bit older and wiser, Clementine is nevertheless hugely vulnerable in TWD’s zombie-filled world. We can’t wait to find out her fate.

  • Mine! Wasn't expecting this until later this afternoon in the UK.
  • Looks ok. Would prefer Broken Sword 5 though.. Since adventure games are suddenly cool again.
  • I really want to play this, but I hated waiting after every episode for the next one to come out! I can't decide if to hold off (as the wait is much more bearable when you aren't getting drip fed episodes) until the whole Season is out, or just go through it again because I'm so excited to play it!
  • Whilst I'd prefer this as I loved season 1, a new Broken Sword or Monkey Island would be nice.
  • It's £3.99, not £3.39 in the UK. I'm downloading it right now.
  • @4 - A Broken Sword or Monkey Island game would be great, but wouldn't sell as well as The Walking Dead, as they don't have a ridiculously popular name. As much as I love this series, I know it wouldn't get near as much praise if it was named something else.
  • @4 and 6 Broken sword 5 has just come out on the Vita , thats why I said it. Not sure why I got thumbed down. I prefer intricate puzzles and sinister plots to zombies ; shoot me.
  • So with this just now releasing, and A Wolf Among Us only one episode deep, will they be releasing them staggered month by month for each episode? For Example, Wolf Among Us Episode 2 January, Walking Dead Episode 2 February, Wolf Among Us Episode 3 March, etc? I would assume with them having releases for two separate games at this point that it is more work on the developers and each new episode for each new game wouldn't be released in the same month, or I could be completely wrong. Ideally, for someone that plays both games, an episode from each game once a month would be awesome but I don't see them pushing out double the work in the same time increments as Walking Dead Season 1 was released.
  • @6: I disagree. I adored season one and I have no connection to TWD name - never watched the TV programme, or read the comics - so it definitely stands up alone.
  • @9 What hes saying is you probably wouldn't have picked it up, ir known about it in the capacity you do if it didn't have the platform of popularity it had. I wonder what the comparison sales of Sam and max are on xbla.
  • I was going to wait until all the episodes were out, but I am so tempted to just go ahead and play it. Love the series and books, and the game is just epic. Right, that's it, I cannot wait, I am now off to download it. I bloody loved the first season.
  • Gonna wait till they are all out. The wait last time was horrible!
  • @4 I'm with you on that. Tales of Monkey Island wasn't as fun for me as the first three but it wasn't awful. I'd love it if Telltale took another shot with that franchise. But they're doing this, Wolf Among Us, Tales of the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones so I wouldn't count on Monkey Island getting revitalized by Telltale anytime soon. I'd rather see Double Fine work on a new Monkey Island. And those guys are doing Broken Age at the moment. Ah well. Broken Age should be good.
  • @13 In addition to that I'm not going to be purchasing TWDS2, who knows how Telltale will be juggling these four games without fucking up big time. I'd rather wait 'till all of the episodes are out, maybe released in a disc like season 1. Then I'd rent it.
  • @14 - That was my thoughts exactly when the trailer was released. Telltale are not a huge company, and I find it incredibly hard to believe that they can juggle multiple games at once without losing any quality in the games. CoD and Guitar Hero were prime examples of how not to juggle a franchise, and they had multiple teams working on them. This is just one studio making multiple games that need to live up the standards they've set before.
  • Just finished the first episode and I gotta say it was really good. And sad...
  • So the season pass doesn't actually include the first episode? Seems a bit silly to me
  • im just going to wait until they are all released and on sale lol
  • gonna after wait till friday because i wanna get the season pass. can't wait know telltale sure know how to make a great game
  • The 5 episodes of Season 2 in order in which they are coming out are: Episode 1: All That Remains Episode 2: A House Divided Episode 3: In Harm's Way Episode 4: Amid The Ruins Episode 5: No Going Back
  • Will buy this later tonight. Kinda busy today. Doing christmas presents for wraps up, email my dad and tonight at 6.30pm, I with mum, brother with his girlfriend and her 2 kids so one of her kids birthday this week so we all go Giraffe restaurant in Twickenham for her birthday. So Giraffe restaurant near Twickenham Stadium and near where we all live. :) Defo get this once busy is over and rest later to play this and continue AC IV: Black Flag on XB1. :)
  • How does the season pass save you any money?
  • Wow disregard that comment... How stupid of me.
  • Why is The Walking Dead cheaper than The Wolf Among Us? Like £3.49 vs £3.99 and the season pass £9.99 vs £11.99. It's even more expensive than any other would-be 400msp game. So why do we suddenly have to pay more?
  • *Meant to say why is it more expensive than The Wolf Among Us
  • @10: I defnitely would have picked it up regardless. I was already a Telltale fan, so I played the trial on launch day, enjoyed it, bought it. Nothing but my enjoyment of the trial influenced that purchase.
  • Just finished it. It was excellent. Buy it! :D
  • Well now I'm hoping I downloaded the Season Pass (Can't remember if I did)...I'll be getting this tonight...Arkham Asylum can wait...
  • where is it on xbox one, cant find it?
  • does this one continue on from season 1 in the fact that it uses your decisions in the end to influence the start of this season? ie what you told clem to do at the end?
  • @30 - Telltale have said they have no plans to bring it to the Xbox One
  • lol great, so i have to buy a 360 again... nice
  • why is the game not available in Ireland????? It makes no sense, why exclude us???
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