Sniper Elite III Trailer Shoots You in the Eye

Lee Bradley

Rebellion has released footage from Sniper Elite III, showing off the capabilities of its Asura game engine on the new generation of consoles.

“Set three years before the events of the award-winning Sniper Elite V2, the trailer highlights not only the game's compelling World War II setting, but gives subtle hints at the stunning next-gen technology behind the visual and gameplay experiences in this ambitious cross-platform title,” says the accompanying release.

“Following OSS agent and elite sniper Karl Fairburne amidst the terrifying bombardment of the ancient city of Tobruk in Libya, the trailer introduces viewers to a crucial snapshot of the wider conflict in which Sniper Elite 3 immerses its players.”

Sniper Elite III launches in 2014 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

  • I have sniper elite v2 and its pretty good. Elite 3 should be fun.
  • 1:12 = ouch!
  • Will get this XB1 version!!
  • This will be very interesting because into Africa war. :)
  • Ball shots or no sale.
  • Why some troll thumb me down? Made no sense. You silly trolls. Here got heavy problems with comments because shopping and job spammers and japan words. I begin to wonder about here. I hope they fixing it better. :)
  • i know ill be thumbed down but sniper ghost warrior was my favorite sniping game. i loved the online in it. i do love all sniping games though and will definitely pick this up eventually
  • @6 Jeez man, I see you commenting really alot, but what about actually trying a little, you know... making sentences that make sense, ok? ...
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  • Sigh @10..ignorant
  • @12 he is from the UK and an adult. So I understand #10. But even though his posts often annoy me I don't want to attack him on it. Asked him once how and why but now I just try to not give it much attention.
  • @6 How can you bitch about people not using English when you're barely getting by yourself? Although I do agree about the spam, it's got seriously out of hand and if the moderators don't do anything soon then people will stop using this site.
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  • can not wait for this game loved v2
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  • Awesome news! I always liked the x-ray kill cam from SE2.
  • Loved V2, can't wait for this one.
  • I love how perfect Karl's hair is. lol
  • Yes. I want to play this.
  • Loved SE2 hope the multiplayer returns with some improvements and hope all the coop modes return but for more than just 2 players, as for single player campaign i hope we arent so alone as much more like in a squad where you break from the pack to flank much like the sniper from Saving Private Ryan
  • I can not wait for this game; I had so much fun with V2, and I'm hoping for more of the same. The only thing I would like to see different in this game is have more open level, so you can really choose your path for completing missions, especially in a game where stealth is an option and you don't need to kill everybody in the level. Also, 2014 is a big range, hope they narrow that down soon.
  • This site really needs to crack down on removing comments that have nothing to do with the article. All the spam and bitching between and about users is getting out of hand. I realize that by even posting this I am doing the same thing but reading through these comments (and this isn't the only article) I think my point is valid.
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  • #25 agree also. It seems like nowadays you can't have your own opinion on this site without it matching the opinion of some of the more wannabe 'high and mighty' members that tend to slam you if they don't agree.
  • Looks neat! I enjoyed Sniper Elite V2, but the scenery got old quick. Africa should be much more interesting.
  • All I want for Christmas is an article without spam, bots, arguing and on topic comments. Is it that hard?
  • Ooooooooh shit!!!
  • Can't wait to face the Afrika Korps!
  • Love the way that a British developer making a game based in a primarily British theater of war and showcasing possibly the most important British land battle of the war in the trailer, has to include an American protagonist with the most over the top american accent ever to get the game to sell. Consumerism-abusing historical fact since...well the dawn of consumerism!
  • @32 most likely not the developers problem most likely the publisher. There is alot of games that will do that no different then say halo wars which had nothing to do with halo but microsoft saying it wouldn't sell unless we had the halo name to it. Or having the hero a white male as that is the key demographic
  • @32 Exactly what I was thinking and it pisses me off. This is something which really bothers me and puts me right of buying the game no matter how good it may be. I'm bored to death of playing as some heroic yank ffs..
  • I love being a Sniper!
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