Xbox Live Countdown to 2014 Deal #8: PopCap Games, Another Set of Weekly Deals

Richard Walker

It's the second week of festive daily deals on Xbox Live, with today's Countdown to 2014 offer giving you a selection of PopCap titles at up to 90% off.

That means Christmas Eve brings you the likes of Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies and Zuma's Revenge for just a few pennies each.

There's also another selection of week-long bargains to hook up, including The Wolf Among Us episode one for free, alongside a host of other XBLA games like DuckTales: Remastered, Charlie Murder and Flashback, and Games on Demand titles, like GTA V, SSX, Bully, Diablo III and Hitman Absolution at up to 75% off.

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[Via Major Nelson]

  • Zuma's Revenge here I come
  • The Wolf Among Us for free? Sold instantly!
  • Ducktales is already on sale!?!? ::runs to my xbox 360::
  • Wolf aamog us... free? Yes please :) Also gonna pick up peggle, I missed the peggle sensation so for 67p how could I not get it!
  • The Wolf Among Us being free is a great deal. The game is brilliant too. Looks like Microsoft are actually starting to do a some good deals now.
  • Literally bought Peggle two days ago...
  • I bought The wolf among us like 2 days ago, not cool
  • I was about to buy wolf among us yesterday :o Some good sales today
  • Eternal Sonata is £3.74 as a gold exclusive too. :)
  • Unbelievable. When good games are on offer you whine like children, but when utter rubbish is on offer you claim it's a good deal. You're a weird bunch
  • The Wolf Amongst Us for FREE, Ducktales Remastered and Gotham City Imposters for me, glad I saved my credit for these.
  • Among* not Amongst
  • -looks down the list, spots the wolf among us for free... holds for a moment... then dives across the room to start my download- @10, good games and rubish games are completely opinionated, there have been some good games on sale (castlevania day was brilliant for those who hadn't bought the games yet). For instance, the wolf among us being free, that's absolutly brilliant, plants vs zombie's is an absolute steal for 99p, you might not like it, but good games are good games.
  • Well I'm never gonna buy another episode 1 of any telltale game they always end up free 2-3 months later. never the less glad people get to experience it
  • These deals are pretty damn good. Plants vs zombies is a no brainer. Probably gonna get dead light, brothers, and maybe tmnt and mini ninjas
  • crazy deals going down today!
  • Going to get the wolf among us, deadlight, and maybe SSX and maybe MCLA. Better than previous sales this week but microsoft still needs to take notes from Steam
  • Wow, some impressive sales. Not shocked to see people still complaining, we didn't even have sales like this years ago. I'm going to pick up Fight Night Campion, Peggle Nights, Ducktales Remastered. If you haven't played Brothers: Tale of two brothers PLAY it, it was one of the best downloadable games of the year. Also highly recommend Hitman Absolution.
  • Games for 67p = Sold
  • Peggle and Peggle Nights. No question. Might have to get DuckTales too as it's 50% off.
  • outstanding.... popcap games? only 2 in our region.... and already bought...really pissed about this policy....
  • Wolf Among us free? Brothers 67% off? I nearly bought both yesterday. Glad I waited. Gotta be said, this is by far and away, the best day for sales yet. Well played Microsoft. Plenty of content here for everyone.
  • if you have not played it already Bully should be a must buy for $3.74
  • No love for Charlie Murder? I quite enjoyed it. wolf among us is quality even better when free! what was brothers: a tale of two sons like?
  • I'm really pissed off that since the changeover from Microsoft Points to local currency, I can't buy anything from unless I want to use my credit card, which I don't. I'm staying with my in-laws over Christmas and don't have my console with me. Ah well, money saved for me and sales lost for Microsoft!
  • This is an incredible week, holy shit!
  • Flashback on sale already!
  • Nice Deals
  • Maybe I'll get Peggle...and Brothers. Since Brothers is on sale for the next couple of days I'll hold off from getting it straight away. Still hoping for a Rare sale so I can grab Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie. And fingers also crossed for Braid!
  • The weekly deals are soooooo much better than the daily crap. Wolf among us ducktales brothers and tmnt out of the shadows for me this week sometime
  • People saying you almost bought or did buy some games a few days ago... Why would you buy a game when you know they're doing sales?
  • Wolf Among Us episode 1 free and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Aus$4.93. These are the obvious ones for me.
  • wolf among us it is then, need to get some money on account as would have had a few on the list. :/
  • Hey guys, there is also some good 'Deal of The Week' games at the moment that this site has strangely failed to make an article about: A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX - £4.99 - 50% off Eternal Sonata - £3.74 - 75% off The Bridge - £3.37 - 50% off Mars: War Logs - £3.37 - 50% off Girl Fight - £3.37 - 50% off Beautiful Katamari - £9.99 - 50% off Moon Diver - £2.49 - 75% off Pool Nation - £3.37 - 50% off
  • Well that's sold me on trying Wolf Among Us and buying Zuma's Revenge. Probably nab DuckTales and maybe Gotham City Imposters later this week.
  • Download... press x to cancel. Download... press x to cancel.Go to settings, delete incomplete games..Then download some more :/ My hdd, poor hdd :(. Looks like my backlog has become a corporate entity. It keeps acquiring assets and has become quite the monopoly. These deals are awesome!
  • I can't even afford The Wolf Among Us... :(
  • I brought The Wolf Among Us on friday and now it's free :(
  • Bully has awful controls nowadays. But if you can adjust it might be worth it. Duck Tales is a no brainer, i felt even with paying 15 with the addition to detail the put in that game. Diablo Gta and so on are ok, but you can get those cheaper somewhere else. It's nice that it's cheaper but not cheap enough to buy it as GOD.
  • Good deals today. Think I might pick up Flashback. Already got all the popcap games. Well worth getting, especially under £1 each. I'd grab them all if I didn't already have them. I've been meaning to get Eternal Sonata and at that price I've got no excuse.
  • For me: - Wolf Among Us - Deadlight - I am alive and maybe: - Charlie Murder I want so bad Eternal Sonata but I'm not GOLD... :-( Maybe STATE OF DECAY for the last day of the year? Maybe 67% off? huh?
  • Any one play orc attack or foul play? Any gd? Time to completion? Foul play looks like CastleCrashers to me. And I dont get why everyones so amazed at a free game. Its part 1 of 5
  • Picked up wolf among us last night for free. Oh yeah
  • The Wolf Amongst Us, Ducktales, Brothers and Flashback for me, glad I saved my credit for those.
  • Feeding Frenzy 1&2, PvZ, Civ Revolution, Brothers, The Bridge, Mars War Logs. That's the most I've bought for Live in a long while. I've already 1k'd Eternal Sonata, but almost tempted by that as it's a bargain. Free Wolf Among Us is amazing. If i hadn't already picked it up with the SP on release! But it has confirmed my decision not to get Walking Dead S2 just yet, the first episode has a habit of being free, so I shall wait. At least it will make the waiting for the subsequent episodes more bearable.
  • First day i have bought anything since the sells started, picked Brother, Deadlight & The Wolf Among Us....
  • I bought 13 games today in the end, almost everything from DOTW and few others from weekly savings
  • Brothers - Feeding frenzy 2 - bully - zumas revenge - Eternal sonata - deadlight Not bad :) prolly get mars log aswell, i got a bigger problem with hd space than money :/ will prolly get fifa 14 and im tempted to buy a few others... feck sake
  • i bought Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. looking forward to play it soon. PvZ was realy nice, but Im through with it, but its a funny game. I think this sales are realy good, maybe i will get deadlight to. i like this sidescrollers, like mark of the ninja. A good sale this time.
  • Got Wolf Among Us. Will wait to see if I get any gift cards tomorrow, but I'll definitely get Charlier Murder and Brothers. Might get Eternal Sonata but my wife got me Gamefly for Christmas so that's not really necessary.
  • Never buy games before season deals because more than likely it will end up 33-90% off, possibly even free. I learned my lesson years ago.
  • Does anybody think there's a chance ghosts will have a small sale?
  • Got The Wolf Among Us and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I was *this* close to buying The Wolf Among Us yesterday... so pleased I waited and was able to get it for free today.
  • #7 - Sucks for you man. This is why you should always hold out on temptation. Looks like I'll be getting it for Free. @OP - Finally, M$ brought out some good deals this morning. I'm getting: The Wolf Among Us DuckTales: Remastered Civilization Revolution Bully Scholarship Ed
  • Last weeks deals are still up if anybody didn't get a chance to get a marvel game or something.
  • ACHIEVEMENT WARNINGS: Charlie Murder's I'm Thorough is glitched because the 55th relic never drops, devs have been "working on it" since August. Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion has a BIG issue with losing your save progress and it's apparently a pretty long game (Someone claim they lost 30 hours of progress). One person (K4rnage) has 400G so it's possible but expect to be fucked over. ~~~~~~~ ZUMA's REVENGE is Fan-fucking-tastic. It's a do-able 400G but also a challenging one with the usual creativity and cool levels you'd expect from PopCap. That 67p isn't going to spend itself. Gonna get Brothers, apart from hearing good things ("moving") it's cheap, short and east. I've got a slump to bust. Might get The Bridge and War Logs too.
  • I hate how I can't even get a FREE (wolf among us) on without a fucking credit card on file. Are they serious at Microsoft???
  • Nice deals, nothing for me though I am tempted.
  • Another 10 games in the backlog today alone. This sale is killing me. :S
  • haha and I almost bought the wolf among us a couple days ago good thing I don't buy these episode 1 tbings first when they come out now before you know it season 2 episode 1 of walking dead will be free
  • @59 yeah i hear you. I added my cc details, clicked on the free link to record my download attempt, then removed the payment option. Still more work than it really should be. They severely effed the d when they ditched MSP. I don't remember having this issue in the past...
  • Here's an idea for those that are saying "Oh crap, I just bought this game", wait until January 2nd before buying anything else at full price on the marketplace. They aren't telling you what is going to be on sale but why even risk it to get the game a couple of days early if it could potentially go on sale??
  • I have like $30 of currency, I don't understand why that's not a viable payment option on I am away from my console for a few days and I'm not paying with a CC when I have credit that can be used. Is there any workaround for this? It seems not only unfair, but a little unethical as well.
  • Guess I'll be grabbing TWAU, Midnight Club, I Am Alive, and maybe Brothers from the week sale. Nothing on the day though, not a huge popcap fan and I have most of them anyways. Great sale so far, imo.
  • Now this is more like it.
  • They should make a sale on Rare games cause why not, that way I can finally get Banjo Kazooie
  • @65 If the card is registered as a payment option apparently you just select to pay with the cc and it automatically uses your xbox credit first.
  • Just to let everyone know. ( not like it matters because buying these on sale is still cheaper )...they also sell disk compilations of these PopCap games, some including: ◦ Zuma's Revenge! ( main title )   ◦ Bejeweld 3   ◦ Feeding Frenzy 2 ◦ Plants vs. Zombies ( main title )   ◦ Peggle   ◦ Zuma PopCap Arcade Volume 1   ◦ AstroPop   ◦ Bejeweled 2   ◦ Feeding Frenzy   ◦ Zuma PopCap Arcade Volume 2   ◦ Feeding Frenzy 2:Shipwreck Showdown   ◦ Heavy Weapon   ◦ Peggle
  • It's not mentioned above but A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX is also on sale at 50% off [£5] It's a pretty good megaman-like game.
  • @70 thanks for that useless info
  • @70, that wasn't useless. He's just letting people know that even when these deals are over there is still a cheaper option than buying them from Xbox Live if they miss out now.
  • Some good stuff on sale. But i have to ask, is gotham imposters alive? I havent played it for a couple of months & im assuming its a dead community now. Definately buying some of those titles. Also #10, you are an idiot. These deals are fantastic. Wolf among us-FREE for starters. But i guess you just like being hated on here with all your bullshit comments throughout this site. Anywho, merry xmas people!!!!
  • Not sure about you guys but I wouldn't mind a sale on left 4 dead games
  • At least they are giving lots of options on newer games and better deals on older games instead of recycling the same old stuff. One mans junk is another mans treasure! Personally i have bought several games since this started, some i would never have touched but the price was just too low to say no! Why don't we just be thankful that this is an option and just because its not the EXACT game you want at least give one of the great deals a spin!! (popcap games for a start are at an insane price for the fun you would get from them, and GS of course!)
  • Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft would be nice enough to discount You Don't Know Jack DLC? Pretty please?
  • I'm tempted to get Counter-Strike GO but the fact that there hasn't been any DLC to support it since it was released is concerning. Decision....Decision.
  • It does suck that they require the whole credit card thing now, but you guys don't need to be so damn rude about it. Some people buy things without thinking about seasonal deals. Doesn't mean you insult them.
  • Wolf among us season pass is 33% off as well (all 5 episodes for $10, sweet)
  • NCAA Football 14 for $14.99 wow pretty good for a relatively new game(75% off the $59.99 price in stores, unbelievable)!!!, sure glad I didn't pick it up at Wal Mart for their $25 Black Friday sale I guess and have been waiting for a good sale to play this game anyways. I wonder if Wal Mart can do a price match guarantee for Games on Demand sales so I can own a physical copy of the game for the same price seeing I have physical copies still of NCAA Football 07 through 13 on hand. We'll just wait and see and I will go there later this week and ask.
  • @83 you're one of those people are you..
  • @75 Yes!! The DLCs!! I don't have any....
  • @85 Yeah.. I passed the chance to get L4D2 during the huge Games on Demand sale earlier this year since it was 10$. I been wanting to rebuy it and so has a friend but man its expensive everywhere even for a good copy on Amazon. DLC's would be awesome too. Also, you hear anything about the games tomorrow for sale? Saw you posted that huge list last night lol
  • @75 Didn't know that sale with L4D2. Was is it only for the games or the dlc's too? Sorry you lost the bargain ($10). About the day #9, so far only the season pass for WOLF AMONG US for $10.04.
  • @86 Didn't know that sale with L4D2. Was is it only for the games or the dlc's too? Sorry you lost the bargain ($10). About the day #9, so far only the season pass for WOLF AMONG US for $10.04.
  • hell yea. those are super cheap. i've thought about buying some of these games while back but never wanted to spend the money. but for $1, you can't pass them up
  • Confirmated at marketplace: only the SEASON PASS for WOLF AMONG US for $10.04 as daily deal for day #9.
  • @69 Can anyone confirm whether this is true, i.e. Even though your credit card is the only available payment option on, that it will use your account credit first?
  • @91 I don't think it is true, I just attempted it with Brothers and it looks like it charged my card, and I have $31.50 of credit right now in my account, didn't seem to touch it.
  • If you buy on it doesnt touch your credit, it charges your credit card. I have $60 of credit and bought a game on my laptop this morning and it charged my card!
  • For Xbox One online purchases it uses the account credit, but i believe 360 purchases you still need to go through the console
  • @84 , it can't hurt to try that seeing I have never done that before to see if a store does a price match guarantee with a Xbox Games on Demand, lol. Oh well if they say no, I will just make some space on my hard drive and buy it from Xbox Live. Merry Christmas everyone!
  • m­y c­l­a­s­s­m­a­t­e­'­s s­t­e­p­­s­i­s­t­e­r m­a­k­e­s $­8­4­/­h h­o­u­r­l­y o­n t­h­e i­n­t­e­r­n­e­t. S­h­e h­a­s b­e­e­n o­u­t o­f a j­o­b f­o­r 6 m­o­n­t­h­s b­u­t l­a­s­t m­o­n­t­h h­e­r p­a­y w­a­s $­2­0­7­9­1 j­u­s­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g o­n t­h­e i­n­t­e­r­n­e­t f­o­r a f­e­w h­o­u­r­s. R­e­a­d m­o­r­e o­n t­h­i­s s­i­t­e... ========================= W­W­W.T­e­c­3­0.C­O­M ========================= GO TO THE SITE LINK AND HOME FOR DETAILS
  • Peggle is probably a "more-avoided" game by older, male gamers. The title is sort of weird, and that silly-looking unicorn... it was not a title I even looked at before - but for 99 cents?!! I downloaded the trial version, and after playing the whole trial version... I was sold. What a FUN game!!! I wish I had played it sooner, as I would have recommended it to a number of friends. I even bought the add-on, too! I already have "Feeding Frenzy" on that Arcade Compilation with 4 other games, but the convenience of not having to put the disc in (and the fact the ONLY thing that runs from the HD if you install it to the HD - is the menu of the disc); and I also picked-up FF2. Now... if MS would only put "Outpost Kaloki X" up for 99 cents, I'll be one happy gamer!!
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