Xbox Live Countdown to 2014 Deal 11 Day of the Dead

Xbox Live Countdown to 2014 Deal #11: Day of the Dead

Richard Walker

Today's Countdown to 2014 deal is all about things being dead, which is nice. That means a selection of discounts centred around zombies and killing.

There's up to 75% off Left 4 Dead 2, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate and Killer is Dead via Games on Demand, while Red Dead Redemption's superb Undead Nightmare is also 50% off.

You can also get money off some of Left 4 Dead 2's DLC. And there's still the week-long deals, which run until December 31st.

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[Via Major Nelson]

  • Picked up both the dlc with cheevos for L4D2, havent played it absolute ages so its prolly gonna be a horrible experience. I will show the true meaning of being absolutely terrible in plenty of public matches
  • What's the verdict on "Killer is dead"? I like the look of it as I like some of Suda51's other work. Is it worth getting?
  • Check out the XA android app (Unofficial)
  • Yes! Been wishing for a l4d2 sale.
  • fuck Microsoft and there god damn 200% mark up for Australia, was waiting for killer is dead to drop down to 67% off, then realised at $37 it already has!
  • What's the price for left for ded
  • Yay! Only one more day until Trials HD sale
  • I don't really want to be 'that guy' but L4D2 was free on Steam on Christmas Day... Saying that though, I have picked up the bits of DLC that have achievements.
  • These sales wont make everyone happy, they are only amazing if stuff is there you want, for the most part I already had everything in these xmas sales, but Wolf Among Us and Brothers are the highlights for me this xmas.
  • Just picked up the Cold Stream dlc as I have the other dlcs. Now to actually play the game...
  • @6 Left 4 Dead 2 is $10.19 and its dlc is under 2 dollars. Picked up the passing and cold stream when I saw the discount.
  • I would love to see state of decay on sale
  • Well there goes my hope for a State of Decay discount :(
  • I've always wanted to play Killer Is Dead, might bite on that. Would of preferred a disc copy but will probably pick it up. Some great deals here (of course others will say otherwise).
  • Killer is dead is STILL over $30 on the aussie marketplace? Damn More terrible deals. The only good one was when wolf among us was free and a couple good games like deadlight were cheaper. Every xbox 360 owner who's a fan of zombie games has undead nightmare, left 4 dead and it's DLC by now. Surely microsoft knows this?
  • Little over $10 for L4D2. Not bad, until you recall that Steam was giving it away for free a couple days ago.
  • If anyone haven't yet buy and play either Left 4 Dead 2 or Red Dead Redemption then get it. Both were fantastic games.
  • I hear DoA 5 is pretty easy (4 sucked trying to complete) Looks fun. For $13 Ill give it a go :)
  • nice sale today. definitely picking up the l4d2 dlc.
  • for those of you wondering about killer is dead, x360a gave it a 55%. "Killer is Dead is a hodge-podge of ideas that never forms a cohesive whole. Take away the controversial elements (as they merely feel tacked on for the sake of it anyway) and you are left with a disappointing experience that doesn’t live up to the talents of the people involved. Give this one a wide berth."
  • MS pls bring on the Bioware sale!! I was hoping for Dragon Age and Mass Effect Addons price reduction in this sale everyday!
  • @12/13 - Yeah, if State of Decay wasn't included in today's sale, it's probably not going to be. That's a bit disappointing.
  • @4 Both of us, my friend!!!! All the dlc's for me!!!! yay!!!!
  • @7 agreed. Im not missing it this time.
  • I have been holding off on commenting as out of 8 games I saved trials for 7 of them I bought during this sale. But like many others last game seems to have eluded us, unless it will be on new year's sale. State of Decay should have been part of this here sale IMO and it's a shame it's not. Still having hopes it will go on sale soon along with Citadel DLC for ME3, so I can finish that game off. Been holding off with playing Omega DLC for ages just so I have more to get lost in again=)
  • lol L4D2 was free on steam yesterday, so got it there. Else I probably would have gotten it on xbox...
  • @26 true i got it yesterday to suppose they have to make money some how so put it up for sale on Xbox yay for free steam games
  • These daily deals have been truly awful. Why even have the whole 'only for 24 hours' thing; as if they are just too good to be on sale for longer. Lucky the deal of the week was good this week.
  • @24 and @7 But tomorrow will be a day only with games from TRIALS collection?
  • @29 I'm not sure. EB Games leaked info that Trials HD and it's 2 dlcs will be 75% off on Dec 28 and AC4 Season Pass will be 25% off on Dec 30. It was an ad for Ubisoft games only so hopefully more will be included.
  • Dammit, I should have picked RDR during its last discount. With the current one it IS cheaper than GOTY disc version... :/
  • @30 Oh... and thanks for answering. I heard TRIALS is a liitle hard. But is it good? Is it worth buying?
  • @32 Trials is amazing, get both if you can. Even at regular price they're worth it, I would have paid $60 for Evo alone.
  • I'm getting ducktales and gotham city imposters:)
  • @22 State of Decay wasn't included in today's sales because today is for games with 'Dead' in the title, not just zombie games.
  • @35 Actually you're right. The theme for today is the word DEAD. Not the zombies/deads thematic. So I still have faith STATE OF DECAY come for sale. 67% off please! 50% off I still can't afford... :-(
  • @20 that's the sum up of all the AMERICAN reviews. Didn't dissapoint me one bit. If you're a fan a suda you should know if you wanna pay $13 for it. Great silly fun
  • Is that the same left for dead 2 that I got on Steam yesterday for Free? have to say these sales/deals are doing nothing for me so far this year :(
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Might get L4D2 later today. Haven't played that game in ages :)
  • I loved killer is dead, beat it four times. If you got L4D2 on steam yesterday go play it then and quite your whining here. State of Decay isn't going on sale, just like Minecraft doesn't go on sale. @34 im buying ducktales on disc, it has more gamerscore if i remember correctly @32 Trials is great but also maybe frustratingly hard for you
  • Left 4 Dead 2 and all DLC for me! Great price, even though I got it yesterday from Steam. Killer is Dead is a must have for that price! Hoping for a ME sale! Come one Microsoft, at least ME3 and DLC.
  • I'll just join everyone else in the "If you have not bought brothers, go ahead and do it" train. I just finished it and it is one of my favourite games of the year!!!
  • I'm really tempted to buy the whole Trials HD collection. After all it's only $5 for the game and the dlc's. But as @41 mentioned, I'll definitely be frustrated 'cause I'm not a hardcore (and good) gamer...
  • @23 looks like we got what we was asking for few days ago. Bought all dlc too! Yeah man!!
  • @44 errrr wish we had a edit option. Didn't see your comment. Trials is extremely fun but some of them hard tracks and especially the extreme tracks are a pain very bad. Will take numerous attempts and patience, if you have them that is. The dlc is pretty fun too. You should consider picking up Evolution too.
  • Still too much for "Killer is Dead". You can get the disc version (unused) for ~20 bucks, so more or less at the same price. Seems they'll never understand that a dematerialized version HAVE to cost less than the disc version, as you don't have to burn the disc, don't have to print the manual, don't have to pay to manufacture everything.
  • @45 Maybe someone were hearing our prayers that day? ;-) About Trials hd: patience... hum... I don't know... but I'm still tempted... i think Evolution won't be on sale together with HD. That's what people are commenting.
  • People, I don't know if it's the only deal for DAY #12 but so far: Rayman® Legends - Price: $59.99 => $29.99 (50% off)
  • Would like to see the Penny Arcade eps go on sale at least once. I want them but not enough to spend $20 for both.
  • Wait where's the link for the future deals? I don't mind being spoiled for future deal dates cause I need to know if it's worth saving up for
  • Lucky for me I got Left For Dead 2 for free on Steam few days ago. :)
  • Got my hands on Dead or Alive Ultimate :)
  • @30...thanks for the info on how discounted the game/DLC will be, just sealed the deal...though the AC4 pass doesnt sound bad either...
  • DAY #12 Trials HD - Big Pack - $1.24 - 75% off Full Game - Trials HD - $2.49 - 75% off Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain - $1.64 - 67% off Full Game - Trials Evolution - $4.94 - 67% off Rayman® Legends - $29.99 - 50% off
  • Trials HD - Big Thrills - $1.24 - 75% off
  • One question for the good souls: a lot of people here knows my huge-interest in ETERNAL SONATA which is on sale for $3.74 for Gold subscribers. Unfortunately I'm not Gold... :-( But I received a message via videogame that I could buy the game even with a 1-month gold subscribe. Anyone could confirm that, please? If it's right I'd rather be getting ETERNAL SONATA than the TRIALS HD COLLECTION today (due to lack of money). Thanks, everyone.
  • Fighting games are my favourite genre, but what the fuck is DoA doing here? It should've been a full-on zombie theme and included the Dead Rising games, or at least Resident Evil 4 HD. Weird lineup today lol
  • @58 The theme isn't zombies, it's games with the word 'Dead' in the title.
  • Killer is Dead for $13.19? My god, yes.
  • @57 Yep that's what I did. Followed a link from another site to where you can get a free month of gold on
  • @61 Thanks, mate. I needed that confirmation.
  • Sadly I forgot Killer is Dead even existed. Good thing for these sales. Bought.
  • @63 Searren, my friend, if you didn't know KILLER IS DEAD even existed, how could you forget that? You can't forget what you don't know that exist. ;-)
  • The only two that really correlate with "day of the dead" are l4d2 and undead nightmare. They should've thrown in l4d1, dead island, resident evil, and twd instead or something? Idk man
  • This website looks like shit now. Awful contrast and no backgrounds.
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