Slender: The Arrival Bringing the Terror to XBLA in Q1 2014

Richard Walker

Super gloomy horror game Slender: The Arrival will be making its console debut this year, hitting the Xbox Live Arcade.

Described as "the only official Slender Man game," Slender: The Arrival will be available for XBLA with two new 'flashback' levels exclusive to the console release.

"Blue Isle Studios has gone back to the brink of insanity to bring even more new content to Slender Man fans, all with a smooth layer of polish for console audiences," reads the press release. "Featuring the hallmark terror, insanity and paranoia of the original, the latest iteration will delve deeper into the lives of those Slender Man has touched."

Slender: The Arrival promises to be the "definitive" Slender Man experience when it releases for Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade in Q1 2014.

  • Wonderful news!
  • Yay, I can finally play one of the current crop of survival horror games.
  • No Xbox One version?...That sucks. It would look awesome on the One. I would also like to see Outlast on 360 and the One.
  • I've been hoping this would. Happen for a long time. Really excited. The original scared me to death multiple times. Hoping the arrival hasn't lost any of that atmosphere.
  • There seems to be a mini resurgence of horror titles this year, lets just hope this is more scary than the original.
  • The trailer said "now available"?
  • @6 It's now available on Steam, won't be on 360 for a while yet :)
  • @6 it also says steam trailer And everyone should get "White Noise Online" its a Xbox live indie game that is just like slenderman and it has 4 player co-op but the best part is its only a dollar.
  • This game is only scary if you're already afraid of the idea of slender man. Without that, the scares are totally ineffective. Of all the PC horror games that could've been ported, this is the one I'm least interested in.
  • ive barely seen any slender stuff but that looked like it could be cool.
  • Just so I'm clear, if we say something is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, we're talking about the 360 right? And if so, where does that put games like LocoCycle and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood? As just downloadable One games?
  • Cue the kiddies screaming at how scary this game is.
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  • This is becoming very annoying... games being released for the 360 and no xbox one version.... this needs to stop. It is spectacularly retarded.
  • I wonder what kind of achievements there will be.
  • This is great news!! I love Slender, but never played arrival. And I love horror games, so double win :)
  • @3 Yes! Outlast is frigging awesome even if it has made me jump and shriek like a 5 year old at points.
  • Time to invest in adult sized nappies.
  • Some of it reminds me of Condemned, and then there's the fact that it looks like you can't really fight back. I'll pass, 'cause I can't handle stuff like this.
  • Why are early adopters so surprised that stuff is coming out on the 360 and not the One?
  • @15. I'd be willing to be they'd be something like this:
  • This is great news for Xbox Arcade gaming. We need more games likes this to soften the differences to Steam. Let's get Amnesia and Outlast too.
  • @21 Some of the achievements on the steam list could be annoying, especially the leaderboard one. Hopefully the 360 version is slightly different.
  • @11, they're known as Xbox One games, the same as any retail game for the console is
  • That reminds me I still need to play it. I bought it on Steam Sale like a week ago for $4 or so. I doubt it will be this cheap on 360 tho=D
  • looks creepy as hell, i think i'll get the special edition which comes with a free nappy.
  • I'm gonna to play the shit outta this.
  • No next gen wtf. Oh well. Guess they won't get my money.
  • Why does everyone keep going "no next gen version omg wtf?!?" Current/soon to be last gen > Next gen
  • Hope it's a decent price and not $15 that every game seems to be. Seems like $10 is more than enough for this game, considering it's not super long or anything.
  • @20 and 30 Why are people who didn't get the One so surprised that people who did get it want games for it? I don't expect them to entirely quit on the 360, but parallel releases are not an unreasonable request are they? We "early adopters" spent money on the system and we want to be able to use it. So when interesting games like this and The Wolf Among Us etc. are limited to the current (last) gen and not the next, it's only natural to wonder where the support is for the new system. I still think the next gen could have waited, but it's here and those of us who bought into it are ready to make use of it.
  • @32 You might be ready to make use of it, but the industry isn't. You jumped on too soon, and now have to wait. Next year we'll see some stuff developed specifically for next gen. Don't feel bad though, at least you aren't stuck playing Perfect Dark Zero.
  • Great was only looking at this on twitch the other day great news!!
  • Don't buy a system you know is lacking games if all you plan to do is complain about it. I'll wait a year, maybe even 2 before I jump on board. I need these companies to prove to me that the next gen is the way to go. Until then I'm happy going through this massive backlog of 360/PS3 games.
  • hopefully its not as laggy as it on the pc or tablets or anything else
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