The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Coming to Xbox One? [Update: No]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Coming to Xbox One? [Update: No]

Lee Bradley

Update The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not coming to Xbox One or PS4, and the whole listing was as speculated, an error.

"We have been working on the CMS that runs our sites. A bug caused platforms that don't exist to show up for some games Sorry for confusion," Bethesda's Pete Hines tweeted.

As you were.

Original Story The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could be on its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Over on the official Skyrim website the game was temporarily listed for Microsoft and Sony’s sexy new consoles, before the references were quickly taken back down.

It could be a mistake, of course. Or it could even be faked. We don’t know. But we do know that a graphically improved Skyrim with all the DLC for the new consoles is an attractive proposition. Fingers crossed it’s that.

Meanwhile, in the same thread over on NeoGAF, one Bethesda Store customer is claiming to have received a mail teasing a January 12th announcement. Update This has been uncovered as a hoax, with Bethesda's Pete Hines exposing it as such.

Some outlets are using the mail, which is unconfirmed (and a big fat hoax, it turns out), as further evidence of next-gen Skyrim. But that font looks like it belongs to Bethesda’s other big RPG series, Fallout. It seems very unlikely that it refers to an Elder Scrolls game (it refers to nothing!).

Regardless, it’s looking like something may be stirring at Bethesda towers. Have a look at the images below and decide for yourselves. In the meantime we’ll get onto Bethesda and see what we can find out.

  • Wierd! Hoping for Fallout 4! Next gen Skyrim would be cool but kinda redundant.
  • i agree with no.1 i think it would be cool but pointless as the game would be optimised for next gen, unless they had some major overhauls. fallout 4 announcement pretty pretty please.
  • I just lost one heartbeat.
  • wouldnt*
  • I haven't played Skyrim, so an Xbox One version would look pretty tasty to me.
  • If it happens I hope the dlc I paid for on the 360 carries over. Be a bitch starting all over again.
  • I love skyrim and it will be better to play elder scrolls with friends on the xbox one
  • who on the earth owns a xbox one / ps4 and didnt played skyrim yet?
  • I'd absolutely love to play through Skyrim again, so please please be true!!!
  • @9....raises hand.. :( Blame my backlog. Bought Fallout 3 during the last sale.Never played that one either... yeah, sad I know.
  • @11 - I can one up you; owned Skyrim & Fallout 3 physical copies since their respective launches, bought all DLC for both when they first went on sale and yet the games are still cellophane wrapped and and sat on the shelf...
  • The PC version of Skyrim got a free HD Texture Pack so I think it's very likely they would release Skyrim with the Skyrim HD name or something along those lines.
  • Definitely fallout text.
  • @6, I would be amazed if this isn't released as the Legendary Edition. Bethesda will have a shit storm if they release vanilla Skyrim for the new consoles and expect people to buy $45 worth of DLC.
  • @15 if its true, for sure is the defenitive edition @11 hahaha i know what u saying, i got the mass effect trilogy and never put it on the disc tray
  • If they're going to re-release Skyrim on XBox One, I'd rather see them bring the whole Elder Scrolls collection like they did for PC.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if they release a goty or complete edition that includes all dlc for the next gen consoles with a hd texture pack.
  • After the Survivor 2099 garbage, I'm not getting my hopes up for a second until Bethesda releases an official confirmation.
  • Shame, I would so play Skyrim all over again quite happily.
  • A "Definitive Edition" of this would be so much more substantial than the "Definitive Edirion" of Tomb Raider. And because Skyrim is a first-person game, you'd actually be able to notice "more realistic hair"!
  • I've already gotten every achievement but I would gladly do it all again on xb1.
  • the whole announcement thing is a hoax again by the way. Didn't realize I only tweeted about this as a reply: The email about a supposed announcement from us is another fan hoax. That is from @DCDeacon
  • FALLOUT 4!!!!! Wishful it is coming!!!
  • It's most likely an ESO announcement considering that's the day the closed PC Beta ends.
  • I'm betting that Bethesda will not port it to the XBONE any time soon as they will be competing with themselves when they release Elder Scrolls Online. I'm sure with the backlash they've received over the monthly fee, they aren't going to give people incentive not play ESO by giving them the option to just replay Skyrim.
  • Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind HD please. Or even just Morrowind HD with both expansions would be fine...
  • "A bug caused platforms that don't exist to show up for some games." I checked and it only affected Skyrim's regular edition. It didn't touch ANY of their other games, from what no could see.
  • It's gotta be Fallout 4… just look at the font.
  • Skyrim's still pretty buggy even after numerous updates, with some bugs STILL not being addressed. I'm really hoping Bethesda will get a new patch going, but with their work on Elder Scrolls Online, it's unlikely we'll be getting a new patch anytime soon. Sorry to say, but I won't be buying ESO, even if it isn't buggier than a Louisiana swamp at launch. Skyrim's the last Elder Scrolls game I'll ever play.
  • Agree with 20 & 22. If they were going to do it, I wouldn't really want a better looking game but a quicker loading game. The only thing I diskliked about Skyrim was the freaking long loading times.
  • @32 - Not on PC. :D My load times on PC are like a second and a half. I'm not even using an SSD.
  • @33 Perks of PC gaming. The death of this console generation has got me into PC in a big way. I play my PC waaaaaay more than my xbox now because you just don't realise the benefits of it compared to consoles until you try it.
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