The Dead Rising Collection Spotted on Amazon and GAME

The Dead Rising Collection Spotted on Amazon and GAME

Richard Walker

Amazon UK and UK retailer GAME have listed The Dead Rising Collection, hinting that Capcom could be preparing to announce the compendium comprised of all the Dead Rising games for Xbox 360, including digital releases Case West and Case Zero.

If the listings turn out to be kosher, The Dead Rising Collection will bring together Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and the downloadable chapters Dead Rising: Case West and Dead Rising: Case Zero in one value bundle.

According to the listings, The Dead Rising Collection is due to launch on January 24th for £24.99, though a Capcom rep told CVG that the listing is erroneous and no official announcement has been issued for the collection as yet. Stay tuned.

[Image links via AGB]

  • Nice! If this is true I'll be nice to have disc versions of Case West and Case Zero.
  • Awesome can't wait for it. I love the DEAD RISING series so much fun :)
  • @1 it would probably be codes for the 2 games
  • £19.99 at :
  • all i can hope for is that they are stackables...cuz i will gladly do all of these again.
  • Nothing like popping 6 Percocet and playing these games all day long hopefully they'll be out soon
  • probably would pick it up if i didn't own near enough all of them, only without off the record and im sure that's quite cheap now.
  • Let me guess... PS3 only, Japan only, and the version that the US gets doesn't have Case West or Case Zero. Yep. Knew it. First Far Cry, now this.
  • hmmmm... I knew there would be something like this. But since I played all games including Case Zero and west I have no intend to buy this. They Should've done that earlier.
  • Shit if I didn't buy DR2 on digital download, I could have sold DR1 and justified buying this...
  • Seems a bit late, particularly as dr2 was free on games for gold a while back.
  • I agree queeg, this is almost a slap in the face considering how cheap you can buy Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 was free in October I believe?
  • @5 won't be stackable there're the same games
  • The "GAME" picture looks legit. Share everyone got DR2 for free and DR1 is like £5 and the rest isn't worth getting...
  • @1 and innocent people like me who get banned for no reason
  • Maybe I can finally catch up with the series! I own DR and one of the DLC chapters.
  • @15 most ppl who get banned its for a reason ... wit was urs pmsl??
  • Can' t download the DLCs in germany. Would be nice to finally play them.
  • Hopefully they release it in Japan and Korea so those with Jap xbox360's can get the arcade games.
  • already own all of them except for off the record so i cant benefit from this
  • Hope they release this in Japan and Korea, so I can finally get those elusive Korean versions of Case Zero/Case West done. Already completed the US/Japanese releases.
  • Does anyone hear an echo?
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