The Golf Club Coming to Xbox One This Spring

Lee Bradley

The Golf Club is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in spring, developer HB Studios has announced.

Providing what could be a serious challenge to the now Tiger-less PGA Tour, The Golf Club promises no loading times, no waiting around in multiplayer lobbies, as well as both crafted and procedurally generated courses and a course creator. 

For more on the game check out the trailers below. The website has even more

  • I could really get used to no loading times.
  • Wow, the visuals look awesome! No waiting or loading times, no there's something that more next-gen games should adopt!
  • Nope no more golf ...thanks.... I've learned putting in these games is equal to being raped by a dolphin.(no fun,slimy,and a blow hole is involved)
  • That course creator is awesome. Will build my local club!
  • After watching the videos I might just buy the game to guve that man my money, sounds like a cool guy. Seriously though, a golf game with a course creator and no loading times. It's great to see some competition for tiger woods, they've had it to easy for to long. No competition = No innovation. Even if they don't have any real courses in the game, that creator looks simple to use and seems to give you a massive range of freedom. I'm sure a few weeks down the line there will be dozens of courses available (assuming you can download other peoples courses) This game certainly has my attention now.
  • I notice the golfer stays static after they swing their club.
  • @3 Please tell me how this games systems feel to play, Oh thats right, you're basing your opinion on another game an assuming this will feel the same. Also: #BackAgain? #ObviousTroll
  • Good for hb studios they are based in my home town and were making cricket titles and porting sports titles to psp glad they finally got to do something of there own. I will gab this not the biggest golf game fan but looks great
  • @6 Yeah the game certainly looks a little rough around the edges. But as the guy said it's in development. (heck the debug menu was popping up at some stages) I'm just glad there is an alternative to Tiger Woods, when a game has no competition like that it just doesn't evolve. The last genuine competition I remember for Tiger Woods was links back on the original Xbox. I really hope this game turns out well and it would be amazing if it outsold Tiger Woods (Or PGA tour seems as they didn't renew the deal with Woods)
  • whys ea publishing a game which could rival tiger(PGA tour)
  • Speak of tweaking time of day does the time eventually go on and the sun set later on?
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