The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Sells More Than 20 Million Copies

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Sells More Than 20 Million Copies

Lee Bradley

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has sold a whopping 20 million units, Bethesda has announced.

The publisher revealed the news via a press release overnight, but failed to clarify whether that number refers to units sold to customers or to retail. Regardless, it’s the best-selling title in the series.

Indeed, such is the RPG’s success that Wikipedia has it as the 20th best-selling game of all time, sandwiched between Nintendo giants Brain Age and Super Mario World. On the DS, Brain Age sold 20 million units, while Super Mario World for the SNES sold 20.6 million.

Later this year, a subscription MMO entry to the series is due to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bethesda will be hoping The Elder Scrols Online can build on Skyrim's success.

[via Gamespot]

  • ..and that is a lot of backwards flying dragons!
  • Fucking love Skyrim but they really need to patch the Dragonborn DLC. Hope they also release it for the Xbox One.
  • And can't they tell TES Online is the follow-up we don't want?
  • I can't wait for TESVI.
  • Stuff ESO, gimme Skyrim on my XOne
  • What's the issue you're having with the dragonborn DLC? I haven't had any issues since the major title update earlier last year. I wonder if Oblivion had better character faces and textures it might have sold around the same or more than skyrim. We can expect TES 6 sometime in 2016. Just because Skyrim released around 5 years after Oblivion
  • 20 million? holy shit, that means they have to make another one. That's a lot of money.
  • Personally, I enjoyed Oblivion more, but that's just my opinion. Nonetheless, Skyrim was a great game.
  • They could probably sell another 10 million units by porting it to the X1, I know I'd buy it again if they did!! Easily one of my favourite games of all time.
  • Absolutely loved this game from start to finish but id rather have fallout 4!
  • #9 Same here. i still play the game from time to time. 170+ hours so far :)
  • I must be the only person who's never had a single glitch with this game! Mind, now I've said that next time I boot it up it'll proper messed up lol
  • did anyone play the the elder scrolls online beta? wow what a terrible game
  • Great game, but the dlc was just bland and boring for me, and a let down. Main game was good enough for 110 hours though. Overall I prefer Oblivion, and would rather see Fallout 4 next than another ES game. Just finished Fallout 3 and about to start New Vegas. Really getting into the Wasteland vibe
  • @13 I played TESO beta amd have to agree. Its no more than a badly done cross between guildwars 2 and dark age of Camelot. Character progression was quite good regarding the skill tree, but what a dull game, the quests R just so 1980's
  • Does that include free codes given away with some Xbox bundles? My mate got a free code when he bought a slim console and gave it to me as my Skyrim disk was having some issues with not being able to load. Anyway, good for Bethesda and Skyrim. I thought it was a fantastic game and well deserving of the high praise it got almost everywhere.
  • By that logic #6 T3 shouldve been out earlier than it was because the second film was released 7 years after the first. I shouldve logic in inverted commas...
  • Deserves it. Great game.
  • My bosses gave me a $25 gift certificate to Amazon for the holidays, so I bought the Legendary Edition which was priced at just $29.99. I've played... maybe eight hours of it so far. It's alright, I don't really see what all the hype was about.
  • 20 million-ish, that's a LOT of flowers being picked.
  • And to this day I can't even get through one of first quests for Brotherhood of Darkness (I check occasionally in hopes it was patched with no luck) Still loved the game and looking forward to ESO later this year. I definitely will at least try it out for a month to see if it can keep me hooked for more.
  • Syrim was amazing 10/10 But fallout NV is just that tiiiinnyy bit better ;p
  • I love when people come into Skyrim with some preconceived idea of what it should be for them, put a measly 8 hours into it, and has a verdict that goes against the majority of the people who played it YEARS ago. Seems representative! Not to mention the clueless hip-firers who keep confusing TES Online for an actual follow up to Skyrim... it is NOT the follow up to TES5; it is not even a Beth/Beth production! Get the BASICS down, then we can talk details
  • Why a MMO Bethesda? Because MMO subs make money? Like 20 million copies didn't make you money?
  • I'd rather them work on Elder Scrolls 6 then Skyrim port to Xbox One! What are you people thinking? I already had my 150+ hours of Skyrim. Yeah, I'd still buy it again. ha!
  • What is it with people hating on ESO? Have all of you played it? I have played the beta and quite enjoyed it. If you don't want to pay a sub then don't buy the game. I have no problem paying for MMOs, if you do, don't play them. And I would Re-buy Skyrim if they released it on the X-One. I'm all for it. Bring on the MMO, Redo Skyrim, Or give me a new Elder Scrolls. VI They keep making them, I'll keep buying them. Give me an HD of Morrowind, I'll buy it twice.
  • WOW! need to get back to SKYRIM! So much to do, such little gaming time! :( lol
  • @26 Lots of people are hating on ESO, well, because its not very good. (judging by the beta). And yes, i have played it.
  • @ 28 I don't get why though. I have found it very good and enjoyable. Have I not been playing the same beta as others? Cause I have been loving it each time, with each time being better than the last. I have had no problems and it has played pretty tight. Everyone I have played with has had a great time too. I have yet to have a bad experience for it. I feel bad that others haven't had as good of experience as I have had with it.
  • I had never played any RPG's before Skyrim, and only played it because i had nothing else to play, but absolutely loved it and put over 300 hours into it! Such a brilliant game. Am eagerly awaiting to see what ESO will be like, and if they reproduced Skyrim onto the Xbox One i would quite happily lose another couple hundred hours of my life again!!!!
  • "Does that include free codes given away with some Xbox bundles?" @ #16 yeap I'd say 7 million hardcopies sold across all platforms and the remaining 13 mill sold thru various digital distributions, 360 bundles, PSN, Steam, Deal of the week etc
  • So glad that the game was such a big success it definitely deserved it. I think across all of my play through's I have racked up over 300+ hours. I just hope that they kept the same quality of standard for elder scrolls online. If so I definitely will pick it up as well.
  • Is this better on Xbox 360 or PS3?
  • @33 REALLY???????
  • #32 if you go into ESO with any preconceptions from skyrim you will be MASSIVELY disappointed. The graphics are stunning and my pc could only hack medium settings to avoid the game getting choppy in places and there is a TON of lore to find and read if your into that but in personal opinion those are the only two things I liked about the beta everything else was mediocre at best if I didn't outright hate it. Forget every morrowind, oblivion and skyrim experience you've had and go in with an open mind and you MAY enjoy it enough to pay for it
  • They still didn't patch that repetition glitch when Selana talks in Dawnguard dlc
  • I hate it when your a vampire and you are trying to kill the emperor double and when the chef is trying to identify your race it freezes the game!
  • I hate it when your a vampire and you are trying to kill the emperor double and when the chef is trying to identify your race it freezes the game!
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