Darksiders II 'BFA' and 'Pay It Forward' Achievements Are Now Obtainable Once More

Darksiders II 'BFA' and 'Pay It Forward' Achievements Are Now Obtainable Once More

Richard Walker

With THQ going bankrupt, July 2013 saw two achievements for Darksiders II on Xbox 360 rendered unobtainable due to the ensuing server switchover. Nordic Games has since acquired the Darksiders IP and now both achievements have been reinstated thanks to the company actioning a fix.

Nordic Games had been working with ex-THQ staff to fix the achievements, running into minor issues with Microsoft's coding. These problems have been resolved, and both the 'BFA' achievement (unlock everything) and 'Pay It Forward' achievement (give an item to a friend) can now be unlocked.

The achievement fix proves timely, as Nordic Games is planning to re-issue Darksiders II in the Darksiders Collection, which bundles the game and its predecessor alongside its two accompanying expansions. Darksiders Collection is scheduled to release this spring for Xbox 360.

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  • Nice
  • Oh hell yeah
  • That's great news, nice one Nordic Games. Now, if only someone would sort the Homefront servers/achievements out.
  • I never got around to either of them, but it's nice to see Nordic Games didn't just push out the games without trying to fix it's problems. Good on them, and I'm happy for all of you out there who can finally get your last achievos! :P
  • Sweet! Gotta give credit to these guys for setting the example here.
  • That's pretty awesome! Props to Nordic Games for actually supporting the gamer community.
  • Glad they fixed it. But they couldn't fix it before this?? But now they are selling a bundle package and BAM its fixed?? Should of been fixed before this.
  • had all the cheevos, but loved both darksiders very good games for anyone whom hasnt layed it, i fit this game in the castlevania catergory awesome...
  • Good on them! Now to fix this on the pc/steam version! :D
  • good to see a company fixing issus but online achievements should be scraped unless the game is designed for online only.
  • Glad this was fixed. Sadly, none of my friends have played the game, So I'm still unable to get this one.
  • At last!
  • @11. Add me, I'll help you out with it.
  • #9 I think they did it already, and they just had problems with the Xbox version. I could be wrong. Someone correct me if I am.
  • I was gonna commend them on supporting game so long after it came out and fixing issue, but seeing as they are re releasing the game, they clearly did it to push sales of that. Doubt we would see same amount of commitment if game was out already under their wing..
  • As tainted as the news is by this long awaited fix released just before the collection arrival, it is still a very good news.
  • To me Nordic have been wise here, they have fixed the problem with Darksiders II. They can now release what is now thier product fully working as bundle in confidence. If Darksiders II was still broken and the bundle was released before the fix i am sure it would have a effected sales. I for one i am grateful for the fix and Nordic should be commended for thier efforts. EA could learn a thing or two from them.
  • @ 11 I could be wrong but I don't think any of your friends have to have played the game you can just send an item to any friend on your list and the cheevo will pop. Happy to be corrected on this
  • Great stuff! Picked up some of the DLC on sale the other day - need to go back and finish those bits off. :)
  • Anyone wanna get this with me add me MR SMAD1990
  • It took 8 months of us harassing their forums to get them to fix this...
  • Kudos to Nordic for this; it may have taken a while, but they got the job done! Now if only Crytek would get Homefront up and running again...
  • Just did my part and purchased brand new from Best Buy to show fan support as they still care to fix something they didn't have to.
  • Fucking perfect. I convinced my dad to buy these two bundled together the first time when he just started out on Xbox and now I get a chance to have them bundled with all the DLC, great news!
  • Guess I spoke too soon on supporting them. Since yesterday I haven't been able to connect to the server at game startup! Wtf! Already closed again or something?
  • You can't sign up for THQ account right now and you can't connect to the servers at startup but you can access your inbox and send gifts when at serpent tome. So all is good:)
  • @21 Hey Jager you put in a herculean effort on that forum thread, my thanks to you. For those who missed it: http://forum.nordicgames.at/showthread.php?180751-Darksiders-2-Pay-it-forward-achievement-ERROR
  • Looks like the same trouble that was solved in 2014 resurfaced in 2016. Quote from the thread mentioned in the post above: "The mailbox features are currently not working in the Darksiders II Tome System (the online portion of the game that allows players to gift weapons and gear). This prevents the players from getting the achievement/trophy for gifting an item (Pay it Forwards). We apologize that we are not able to help you out right now and we assure you that we will do our best to bring the servers online again and to solve this issue as soon as possible." Wondering if that issue is widespread, and still going on? Anyone knows?
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