Our Stupendous Lionhead Studio Tour is Stupendous

Dan Webb

We were lucky enough to visit Lionhead Studios in Guildford recently, which meant a wonderful tour of the entire studio with Fable Franchise Manager Ted Timmins.

Walking the hallowed halls of the house of Fable, we got to see the long-abandoned, ill-fated Kinect project Milo & Kate and the canned Fable II Special Edition, as well as all manner of other Fable gubbins.

Sit back, relax and check out our stupendous Lionhead Studio tour video below. It's essential viewing!

  • Awww man. Thus must have been awesome!
  • @1 it was stupendous
  • I really hope they're going to do a new IP this gen.
  • @3 They are working on a non Fable game confirmed not too long ago. Very very cool tour, much jealous. Damn Guildford is far from Sheffield.
  • Those custom painted 360's.......
  • Milo was going to be amazing. If for nothing else all the fun we were going to have making youtube videos naked except for a trench oat holding out Candy for him to take next to our windowless vans
  • After the first Fable, it was all just loads of crap thereafter.
  • What was Project Milo? Do we know anything about was it was/was going to be?
  • @8 Lol are you srs? Anyone with an Xbox knew what Milo was.
  • @8 lol it was supposed to be kinects amazing thing.. or should i say project natal.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @9 Funnily enough I didn't. I knew it was some Kinect guff, but I didn't know it involved those dogs.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • When you were there you should've asked them when they planned on having a update for their Newly released Fable Anniversary which you can barely play without it completely freezing. it's so frustrating, cause all I want to do is relive those classic Fable moments and I currently am not able to due to this issue. you guy's are so lucky though being able to visit Lionhead Studios, that would be really cool to experience.
  • I really wish Lionhead would move past Fable. It seems to be the only thing they're pushing out atm.. Hope we see a new IP this gen, too! It's been a LONG time coming.
  • Can't wait to see what they have been up to.
  • I enjoyed the video. Thanks for bringing this to us. Great insight into Lionhead.
  • @9 I don't know what Milo was. Pretty much because Molyneux said it was going to be cool and I learned by now to take anything he says with the whole damn damn shaker of salt. Guy is full of more shit than a retirement home dumpster.
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