The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2: A House Divided Gets a New Trailer

Richard Walker

Telltale Games has released a new video for The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2: A House Divided, showing more of the dramatic story beats you can expect. Tough decisions will no doubt be par for the course once again too.

Playing as Clementine, you'll have to brave a world plagued by zombies, making more difficult choices that shape the narrative. Check out snippets from the upcoming second episode in the latest trailer below.

Update The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2: A House Divided will be coming to PS3 on Tuesday, March 4th, with a date yet to be revealed for Xbox 360. We'll keep our eyes peeled.

  • The whole Wolf among us season pass screw up has some what killed my hype for this, but I shall bend over for tell tale once again. Not to rough this time please.
  • I'm glad about this I loved Episode 1.
  • I cant stand how fucking long tey take to make an episode and then u here nothing about it for 2 monthes shit is so anoyying im fed up with this game
  • I'm just disappointed I got scammed into buying a season pass that doesn't include the full season. WTF!
  • Loved the first series on 360 ... just wish this was available on Xbox One even without a graphical uplift.
  • cant even remember what happened in the first episode. just not that good i guess.
  • @4 You still save money so what you moaning for?
  • Same day as South Park. Guess I'm calling out sick next Tuesday.
  • Hell yeah, can't wait to play it.
  • @7. Have you ever bought a season of a tv show and had to go buy the first disc seperate? Just include it in the package and charge the difference. That's all I'm saying. Plus I bought the pass last month, and Microsoft has a promotion for buying season passes right now. So not only am I not playing episodes 2-5 right now, I lost the points I would have gained if I'd waited. Its my fault for not reading the description of the download. I just kinda assumed a season pass would include a whole season.
  • I remember when they fucked up the releases of S1. And then they said "sorry it won't happen with S2!" I never bought it for a second, and looks like I was dead right not to.
  • Wait till they are releasing 4 games in a year, when they launch Tales from Borderlands and Game of Thrones. I will hopefully hold off and buy the season pass on sale. I can't believe I bought the Wolf Among Us season pass and before episode 2 even came out, the pass was on sale. :-(
  • @4 what so you buy the season pass which should be all episodes and it's not? Well that's just stupid. I haven't bought the season pass as I know they take ages to get released each episode, I'd much rather just buy each individual episode so I remember.
  • @10 No, I haven't. In fact I'm still not sure why you're even complaining outside of the wait... If you bought an episode while having the season pass, then that is your own fault. I haven't played this season yet, but I remember there was the potential to buy an episode twice if bought from the marketplace and in-game in season 1. Although the wait is hard, I'm waiting until at least the 3rd episode is put before I get these. I'm sure there will be a sale on the entire season soon enough
  • @13 Akuza you really need to stop commenting on every single article, your opinion is always perpetually negative. Get a life!
  • I have to agree with the majority of posts on here, it's getting a little unfair to the loyal fans to have to wait months before episodes are released, especially season pass holders, the wolf among us was the last season pass i'll buy from telltale, and the back and forth between TWAU and TWD to make it 2 months between episodes is dumb
  • Well we always knew this would be releasing every 2 months. Even if it takes slightly longer (much longer in The Wolf case), we're still spoiled for choice with 2 different series and soon to be four. Maybe we will get to a point where we see new episode (granted for different series) each month.. Pretty excited for it, if it comes out next week on 360 also, but don't understand what ppl are talking about season pass... First game is offered free quite often to make you interested in the game and season pass. I actually bought it and tbh for $5/episode this is still one of the cheapest and greatest stories out there...
  • ...but who is coming back from the dead?!?!?!?
  • I'm excited for episode 2 but I have to admit I'm a bit peeved that Xbox and iOS dont get a confirmed date while PS3 and PC do. Those with season passes should at least get to know that much.
  • Oh boo fucking they're late with their episodes...So what??? There's plenty more other games to play while you wait...I'd rather have them take their time and make a decent game than rush it and have an absolute clusterfuck of a game...
  • Looking forward to Clem's adventures as usual.
  • a lot of douches complaining about not getting the whole season at once did you not realize that this game is episodic i for one am looking forward to the rest of the episodes for this and the wolf among us :)
  • I'm just waiting for the disc instead for both Season 2 and Wolf. I was so pissed when they released Walking Dead on disc and had a collectors edition. I would of rather had that, than digital. Also I wanna say I could care less how long they take since I'm waiting for physical but the longer each episode takes, the longer its going to take for the disc :( Oh well hopefully by summer I can play these games ;)
  • @20 and @22 I will take both your mothers, Dorothy nateboy and Dorothy nooppwner both out to a nice seafood dinner then never call them again!!! I could understand a delay here and there but there's a delay almost every episode!! they should make the whole damn series first so they don't have delays in episodes....seems like common sense doesn't it?
  • @22 wow is that the best you can come up with a your mom joke really lol XD
  • meant @24
  • @20 agreed telltale do tend 2 take a long time between episodes but the wait is usually worth it imo :D
  • @ 25 and 26... I'm ron noobpwner???
  • Looks great. First episode wasn't as good as the first season I thought but still great. I can't wait for this. I hope it releases next week as I have a little bit of a break after this week.
  • Dorthy Mantooth is a saint. Hey, lets leave mothers out of this SUCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE. OT: Does anyone else find that This season isn't drawing you in as much yet. Granted its episode one but I was hooked by then for season 1 and wolf among us.
  • To be honest, it's taking it's time to flesh out Clementine as a sole survivor more. It can't be a carbon copy of Season 1 or you'd be bitchin' about that. Give it time to materialise and flesh out the new characters in Episode 2. I'm certain a lot of you will be surprised and happy you waited.
  • I thought after 3 months of nothing this series discontinued.
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