1998 Mode Unveiled For BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode Two

1998 Mode Unveiled For BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode Two

Richard Walker

Irrational Games has announced that BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two will include a challenging 1998 Mode, not entirely unlike the main game's 1999 Mode.

In Burial at Sea - Episode Two's 1998 Mode, you'll be tasked with completing the narrative using only non-lethal methods. It'll be included with the final DLC, alongside the usual difficulty modes and 1999 Mode.

“In Burial at Sea - Episode Two we put a focus on balance and stealth mechanics,” said Irrational's Creative Director Ken Levine.  “As we were developing this new style of gameplay, we started to see people self-impose non-lethal playthrough’s. Given the fan reception of 1999 Mode, we thought it would be cool to give them another way to play Burial at Sea that challenged their mastery of stealth tools.”

BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode Two will be the final DLC for the game and is available to download on March 25th for $14.99/£11.99 or for $19.99/£15.99 with the Season Pass. It'll also be the final piece of work Irrational Games will ever create.

[Via Irrational Games]

  • Love the thief reference/image. This is exciting.
  • Fuck this is cool. First run I'm gonna wreck shit with Liz's powers Second run go for 1998 cheeve.
  • Love the fact they're doing this. I know they said it's short so should ad to replayability and overall time of DLC... Also I am sucker for any game that you can beat without killing a single person. Now I just need season pass to go on sale, so I can play complete DLC chapter=)
  • Bring it on. Can't wait to do this on my second play through. On second thought might just do it on my first play through then wreck shit on my second play through.
  • Can't wait to save money with the GOY edition.
  • Can't wait to save money with the GOY edition.
  • @5 why comment same message twice?
  • If only Elizabeth wore Garrett's cloak during this mode.
  • @7 he meant to correct himself i.e. "GOTY" , and then failed miserably.
  • I don't think we can choose that mode in another mode that isn't Burial at the sea Ep. 2, that's a shame, it would have been fun playing it in the main campaign
  • Stealth doesn't equal non violent methods in a fps game like this
  • @5+6 lol Bioshock never has a GOTY edition to my knowledge,so you could be waiting a while.
  • Someonw knows if there is a sale for the Season pass coming ?
  • brb replaying Thief 2: The Metal Age
  • Blabla, just don´t tag cheevos to the mode and I´m fine with it.
  • I hope the stealth is functional and not some tacked on bullshit mechanic that doesn't work. Hey, let's introduce stealth into the last add-on for Bioshock Infinite. The DLC for this game is turning into Borderlands 2 shit for me all over again.
  • The fuck did I get down voted for? Wtf
  • Final DLC comes out one day before the game's one year birthday.
  • I just hope there is no achievement tied to it.
  • @12 But what if you're wrong?? Bioshock did not have as much DLC anyways so I am unsure what would be released..
  • @12 / 20 There was that one Bioshock 1 & 2 release that came with all the DLC from Bioshock 1 and 2 as well as the full game -- including the previously-PS3-only challenge room DLC for Bioshock 1. So, it could happen.
  • Why doesn't my gamer info show up?
  • What do the years 1998 and 1999 refer to?
  • Love stealth games, but Ive never really treated BioShock like a stealth game so interested to see how this plays. Cant wait for the DLC no matter what. Love BioShock. @ 23 - I believe it refers to System Shock which was a game Ken Levine was apart of if not creator back in 1999 so its more of a tribute kind of thing towards old school difficulty, plus I think BioShock is supposed to be the spiritual successor for System Shock. I do not know for sure, just what Ive heard around the web in the past. Sad side note: Sad to hear about Ken Levine walking away from the BioShock rights, if I have my facts straight anyway. After the end of BioShock Infinite story (Lighthouses) I figured he was kind of making a statement. That we can do this forever and that we can play around with any idea we can think up. Not that I wanted to see a new BioShock every year just that there would at least be another one or two in the future BY Ken Levine. Without him, it might just not be the same. R.I.P. Splicers, Eve, Big Daddies & Songbirds. Hopefully Im wrong though.
  • Also: Not to mention R.I.P. Great story with great gameplay. GT: Rapture Bouncer :-) Yeah, Im a fan. Long live BioShock! (Rapture mostly).
  • @23 1998 - Thief: The Dark Project 1999 - System Shock 2 Both were games that Ken Levine worked on while he was at Looking Glass Studios. The respective difficulties in Infinite draw upon how both those games played.
  • Can't wait for more Bioshock! ^_^ Gonna be very interesting to see how the second part plays out. The pic reminds me of the old PC boxes that Eidos used to make/release back in the day. On a side note, Ken Levine...your breaking my heart... I still say Bioshock is the best game to ever be released on the 360.
  • @#26 - Not to mention that both of those game are farking oresome!
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