Is This Dishonored II Image Legitimate?

Is This Dishonored II Image Legitimate?

Lee Bradley

Overnight, an image appeared online purporting to show a teaser image for Dishonored II.

Forwarded to AGB by an anonymous tipster, the image features a logo, the hashtag and possible subtitle “Darkness of Tyvia” and the following words: “Witness the full reveal at E3 2014.”

The suggestion is obvious. According to the image, a dDishonoured sequel is going to be announced at this June’s annual industry shindig in LA. It’s welcome news.

But is it actually news? AGB is a trustworthy source on its own and we’ve covered plenty of content from the site. But AGB’s source is unknown. It could be anyone. It could be a pretty photoshop job.

What we’re saying is, it could be fake.

A Dishonored sequel is almost inevitable, following the first game’s success. An E3 reveal is likely, given that it’s the busiest time for new game announcements. But there’s nothing to say this image is genuine.

So have a look at the image below and speculate away, but don’t take it as an official announcement. We’ll just have to wait until E3 2014 to find out.

  • If it's real, that would be awesome. The first game was top.
  • I bet it's legit. Why wouldn't they be making a second, the first one was a great game. Without second guessing it's legit! Great news! Thanks guys
  • To be fair it does look pretty legit even if it is a fake but nevertheless i will take it as it is for now just a rumor. Was a little bit disappointed by the dunwall trials in dishonoured hopefully when number 2 is announced they will not make this kind of dlc again.
  • It's pretty and is getting me excited, therefore it's true. First one was a real gem, I'm looking forward to the inevitable sequel, even if this isn't it!
  • Already? ffs. It doesn't even need a sequel.
  • I hope it's legit, loved the first one, was one of my favorites, just hope if they do a second they don't do any stupid trials dlc
  • #Boner :)
  • I'd love to see this happen, been playing through Thief recently and as good as the game is I can't help but compare it to the superior dishonored. Thief is a good game but it just doesn't hold up against dishonored in my opinion (I loved Dishonored for the record) So anyway I personally hope this is not a fake image and would love to see a sequel (especially if it's a next gen title!)
  • @5 Dude A: Dishonored was released in October 2012 so even if the sequel was to be released this christmas period, it is a 2 year gap. Whch is quite a normal cycle in video game terms. And B: yes, yes it does deserve a sequel...
  • (fingers crossed) would love it if this was true, Dishonored had such great atmosphere and story, I'd love to get a look at more of its world and (of course) blink-stalk some more fools
  • Will they commit to admit if its legit?
  • Would love this to be real, the first one is easily in my top 10 games of all time.
  • This would be great. Although I would like a new protagonist; I feel Corvo's story has been told now.
  • @13 Agreed, a new protagonist would be good
  • First game bored me, every mission was the same, sneak here, do this, sneak back. Maybe this can do better and be a bit more varied.
  • More rats!
  • I am enjoying Dishonored ATM, been on the back burner for years but is a solid game, looking forward to a part 2.
  • I FUCKING HOPE SO!!!! Sorry... uhmm... got a little carried away there. I do truly hope this is going to happen. The first one was short but I absolutely love the idea of choosing how you want to play. Also having different endings matching your playing was so good. They should continue the Clean Hands achievements.
  • #11, I doubt it, if they're planning on an e3 announcement. This tiny leak is enough to get people to watch for the reveal, and lack of other information elsewhere is enough to get people excited when they do show it at e3 lol
  • Pleaseeeee let this me true, dishonored was such a good game.
  • I saw this yesterday followed by Arkham Knight by Rocksteady news and almost fainted. This should be awesome. I wish they would add MP mode a la mercs vs spies from Splinter Cell, where one team plays as assassins with powers and other as guards with weapons and shit. That would be dope, but as long as they have solid campaign with non lethal playthrough this is sold anyhow!
  • Adding another game to the very short list of titles that'll get me to purchase a next-gen system when they arrive. @#15 - Waitaminnit. A stealth game that has missions where you sneak places? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? Man, they shoulda added machine guns and kill streaks so you could just run-and-gun racking up a score multiplier. All this sneaking takes too much patience. C'mon, Arkane/Bethesda, where's my Call of Dishonored?! @#21 - Dishonored doesn't need multiplayer.
  • is it just me or do you wish they would make a new fallout or remake one for the Xbox One? cause i do!
  • @21 No, keep it away from multiplayer.
  • Dishonored was a fantastic game, and I always figured a sequel was more a matter of "when" than "if". Hopefully that image is the real deal!
  • yes granny rags is back.
  • looks real
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