New Edge of Twilight Screens

Dan Webb
Fresh out of Tokyo and its game show comes the first look at SouthPeak's latest acquisition, Edge of Twilight. The title being developed by Fuzzyeyes' studio puts its trust in hero Lex who exists in two worlds (pun not intended) at the same time and he must  do what he can to save them both from destruction. This steampunk action game is currently slated for a fall 2009 release but in the meantime, take a look at the screens from Tokyo.

  • looks ok.. Sorta like van helsing tho
  • Looks tomb raider-ish
  • hummm interesting... might have to keep an ey open for his one x]e
  • I swear I saw that elevator from MK: Armageddon
  • @4 maybe this is by the same people that made limbo of the lost than XD
  • 40%? how do you figure?
  • Definitely looks interesting. Will have to save, and wait for more updates.
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