Performance Gap Between Xbox One and PS4 Will Disappear, Says Oddworld Creator

Performance Gap Between Xbox One and PS4 Will Disappear, Says Oddworld Creator

Lee Bradley

Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder Lorne Lanning has discussed the differences between developing for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, saying that disparity between the consoles is already disappearing.

The creator of the Oddworld series said that while a performance gap between Xbox One and PS4 was noticeable in early releases, the situation is changing fast.

“So I would say, months ago, there was a wider gap,” said Lanning. “Part of it was the development systems,” he explained, before going on to say that it was common to hear devs complaining that getting assets onto Xbox One took “twice as long” as PS4.

Just a few months on, however, and Lanning believes that the process is getting easier.

“We’re hearing and seeing that that curve is getting closer,” he said. “I think at the end of the day when people maximize both systems, they’re each powerful enough[…] They’re in that class of when you watch the basketball, you’re going to be like, ‘Is that TV? Or is that a game?’”

According to Lanning this is in part due to Xbox One developer tool improvements.

“I think they’ve been improving the toolset really fast, improving the development environment and shaving that curve down… I think they’re getting comparable.”

“You know, if you want to run at 1080p, Battlefield, I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to tax the system at that higher end, but I’m sure in couple of years it won’t be a problem. We’re early. 

“I have to say, the PlayStation 4 has been pretty amazing and that’s where we’ve been spending a lot of our time,” he continued. “But I don’t see a huge gap like there used to be. There used to be a significant gap.”

Lanning added that the early disparities between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reminded him of the Xbox and PlayStation 2 era, when Oddworld Inhabitants was making Munch’s Oddysee. According to Lanning, the resources needed to make game on PlayStation at the time were becoming increasingly expensive.

“You know this is why we supported the original Xbox,” he said, “because it was kind of like a promise to get out of the upward slippery hill that was PS2 and then PS3.”

Oddworld Inhabitants is currently working on a from-the-ground-up remake of Oddworld: New ’n Tasty for PlayStation 4. Lanning is also in talks to bring the game to Xbox One, as part of the ID@Xbox program. Should he be successful, Lanning doesn't believe there will be any noticeable differences in performance between the different console versions.

“For us, we aren’t taxing it that heavy, like I say it’s not Battlefield,” he said. “For us, we don’t really see that we’ll have performance problems on either and we’ll be able to get what we want, with very dynamic looking lighting, particle effects, etc.”

Look out for our full interview with Lorne Lanning coming up soon, in which we discuss everything from his difficult relationship with Microsoft to his plans for the future of Oddworld.

  • Funny how so many devs are saying they've maximized the systems after less than half a year. Look at the 360, 8 years later and we're still being amazed by what they do with it, example GTA 5.
  • Agreed...i think you are going to see a significant change in detail etc in the future Maybe 1-2 years time. You got newer engines implementing graphics etc in a whole new way. Take 'The Division' for example.
  • Think you need to read that article again mate.
  • @3 I'm not referring to just this article. There are other articles quoting devs saying exactly that, this article simply reminded me of that.
  • To be honest, the disparity between the Xbox One and PS4 is minimal at best. You simply can't tell. Just like most 3rd party games for PS3 and 360. They look and damn near play the same, with the 360 being the better port. It just looks as though the PS4 will be what the 360 was this generation. Nothing to tote about. Again, still too close. It's not like this was the Wii U vs the Xbox One and PS4. THAT would be a significant gap. That wasn't a shot at the Wii U. Just making a point.
  • It shouldn't be judged in my opinion by "graphic quality" it should be based on gameplay quality/uniqueness and if they did do it like that, I think the graphics would still keep getting better and better, just maybe not as fast. Pretty much how it is with all technology if you think about it, the more the company works with a new product they produced, the better and easier it is to continue to improve on that product until they reach the limits of what it can do, and by then that's when the next big new thing is coming available.
  • When it gets announced that Ghosts, Metal Gear Solid, Killer Instinct are all 720p there isn't a peep from the website. As soon as any slightly good news comes out for the Xbox YOUR STRAIGHT ON IT. HMMMMMMMM.
  • I believe it's "you're", not your. If you're going to troll, at least do so properly.
  • As the SDK improves so will the games, when Devs work out how to use the eSRAM efficiently and effectively, you won't see much difference between the PS4 and Xbox One ... the system is just teething.
  • Doesn't really matter if graphics are much better as long as they all run at 60FPS. It's exclusive content that will decide which platform is better and even that is down to opinion. I have PS4 and don't plan on getting Xbone anytime soon, but always cherished my 360 and still game on it=)
  • @#7 - *rolls eyes*
  • @11 Selective vision - apparently a key requirement for trolling lol.
  • And just like that the webbster has fired and won.
  • Well it is happens. :):)
  • "Optimising the system" on a pc that means turning some settings down because your pcs crap lol as #6 said graphics graphical quality doesn't make a good game
  • @5 Fun fact. Wiiu had more native 1080p games in christmas 2013 than both x1 and ps4.
  • Much love for Lorne, Nicest most down to earth guy ever met. But he even found it rather ironic that the publisher he supported for their first console, didn't want to know or support him for any further games. At same time though, unbelievablely he still wants to get games on 360 & xOne. Better humility than me, after getting a big middle finger from MS
  • But 720p and 30fps tho
  • @16 Given the Wii U came out a year prior it's not exactly surprising.
  • "you’re going to be like, ‘Is that TV? Or is that a game?’” Definitely calling bullshit on this one.
  • already preorded xbox two
  • @16 Fun fact. Wii U is shit.
  • doubt it.
  • @20 Play Ryse, there are already a few scenes in that game that had me saying that. I would think s few years from now when the devs are more familiar and comfortable with this hardware that we should definitely see some eye popping visuals.
  • I play on PC and I can STILL tell a difference between games and TV. Wut that dude been smokin?
  • you can bitch or lick arse of whichever of the 2 consoles you like, with consoles owned most would say im a sony fan boy, with my preference over them all others would say im a microsoft fanboy, the truth though, is im just a gamer who loves good games no matter what the system, iv had 4 ps3 consoles now i think and sold them on every time for one reason or another, mainly because i spend most my time either PC gaming or on my 360 at the time, i ordered the xbox one at release and got my day one edition, but i only did that because none of the sony exclusives really wet my mouth, especially now that kingdom hearts, final fantasy and metal gear are cross platform.... iv owned practically all the xbox one titles so far with none of them impressing me at all, dead rising 3 looked nice and was ok to play, ryse looks good enough but its just a hack n slash game, BF4 is the biggest let down i can ever recall and im a big BF fan, titanfall is fun to play but it doesnt WOW me like some games have, FIFA has ran its course with me, and im finishing up with plants vs zombies prob the most refreshing of all games out so far.... but back on topic looking over the next few months theres nothing really out so what have i found myself wanting to do..... buy a ps3 again which i have and play a game that is nearly 20 years old.. final fantasy 7, yup i have a £400 console sat there with a selection of games and i want to go back to a game of also gonna get metal gear the shadow moses one, resident evil 2 etc, because these games are actually awesome, graphically they dont stand up at all now but gameplay wise nothing touches them, they stand the test of time, the stories are great, and they are fun to play over and yeah on topic graphics dont really bother me too much, we know the consoles are capable of fantastic things but id rather they concentrate on an awesome gaming experience with a game that people will talk about for years . the last game to achieve that in my experience was red dead redemption but even that doesnt touch the likes of FF7, ocarina of time, metal gear, goldeneye etc.
  • Well I have both a ps4 and xbox 1 and even though the ps4 does have slightly better graphics and plays games at a higher resolution the xbox1 still manages to fell more next gen. I was massively anti-kinect and after only 1 week if owning a x1 I'm now lovin it lol.
  • I'm already like is this tv or a game! Its usually always tv because my wife loves her programmes.
  • @16 To be fair though, games on a more cartoony fashion is easy to keep at 1080 60fps. The PS4 and XB1 could easily run a game like Mario PLUS more. The same can't be said for the Wii U if Halo or Uncharted was to release on that system. However, you are correct that the Wii U does have more games at that resolution and framerate than the other 2. :)
  • Im surprised that guy is still in the industry. He keeps bitching about it, and is the reason the Odd World quintology never happened LETS MAKE FIVE GAMES! NO WAIT, FIVE CORE GAMES WITH MANY SIDE GAMES! THIS INDUSTRY SUCKS, NO MORE ODDWORLD!
  • I also have xb1 and a ps4 which both run on my setup 75 samsung with surround sound I have ryse and titanfall on my PS4 ive BF4 and infamous second son.... I can see the difference of both consoles the PS4 is by far smoother and graphically better infamous is just glorious to look at best next gen game by far.... such a shame the xb1 couldnt of been meatier its struggling now and its Not even a yr old..... I hope both Ms and sony beef there next systems up instead of faffing round putting not low powered crap inside
  • @32 YAWN...
  • 32's right. I recently picked up both consoles as well. X1 has some catch up to do whether you want to admit it or not. Not to mention the X1 is getting better with time, I doubt the ps4 will get any worse.
  • Bitch bitch bitch!
  • At @7 pay more attention to the comments we use on this site... Last time I checked 1080 might be better then other definitions but idk lets see... Ryse isn't even 1080 its (don't quote this) 900 something and is prettier than damn near any this else the Xbox one and ps4 have to offer. Yeah may be slightly repiticous but fun and better looking than anything in your precious 1080... So stay a PS fanboy and leave the other gamers out of your childish views and opinions. They mean not a damn thing here.
  • @26. To be fair Dead Rising isn't really about pretty graphics. The shear amount of zombies on the screen and no loading in between ares is what screams next gen. I will take that over 1080p any day. @32. Xbox One is doing more then fine. People need to get off this idea it's doing poorly. Just because the PS4 is selling more doesn't mean One is doing poorly.
  • @37 I agree with what you say about X1 sales. It's seems everyone is trying their hardest to discredit Xbox these days when all Microsoft have done is obey their fans. Sure the DMR caused an uproar back in E3, but they listened and removed it, something they're still doing with updates, they listen to their fans and act on what they hear.
  • @32 is this not a forum we can express ourselves I was merely giving a opinion on my experience on the PS4 and XB1 I was not saying any were bad, just lacking the oooooomph
  • Stop giving XB1 people hope. Should of went with PS4
  • "Performance Gap Between Xbox One and PS4 Will Disappear" The Spec's say otherwise. Unless they change the Xbone's hardware it's not going to change! I Agree with #40 ;)
  • We don't have to compare "apples to oranges" since there are multiplatform titles--we can see the same title play on both systems. Just as some people are "hard of hearing," I guess some are "hard of seeing." But I have both systems and I can see a marked difference in the multiplatformers I've compared. If Xbox One developers can close the gap, I say bring it...but can Xbox One developers "catch up" if Sony developers, working with superior/more powerful hardware, continue to improve the PS4?
  • @38 Are you serious?? the only thing MS listens to is $$$, the only reason they switched after E3 is cause they would have sold damn near 0 consoles with that formula. Even after the switch the sales are no where near impressive. If MS really listened to the fans we wouldn't of ended up with this tv box joke of a console in the first place. What about still having to pay for a gold subscription to use your netflix account THAT YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR THE SERVICES TO USE! As well as the one console coming with a non rechargable controller where you either have to buy batteries for the rest of the console life, or fork up more money to MS's greedy hands. If MS is really listening they are not doing a very good job at all, they at least got the 360 right for the most part, and i am happy to stick with that for many more years to come.
  • How exactly does the ps4 have slightly better graphics than xb1 ? Simple it doesn't they're both the same Radeon ATI made the graphics for both xb1 & PS4 I wish people would stop crying about which console is better now currently the xb1 is running at directX 11.2 it has been announced by Phil spencer that the xb1 will be upgraded to directX 12 that is the performance gap that makes me happy simply because this means that devs will be able to develop in 4K Ultra High definition which there again I will finally be able to utilize my 55" samsung 4K UHDTV that's what Lanning means by is that tv or a game ps for the plug & players who haven't the slightest clue as to what I'm saying google is your friend because I don't argue and explain myself to simpletons just saiyan ^_^ oh & incase you all don't know 4K is 3840 pixels x 2160 lines vs 1920 pixels x 1080 lines you do the math
  • Oh and btw I have all consoles and I have ghosts and bf4 for ps4 and xb1 yeah both games look & play better on xb1 but alas to each their own I suppose
  • I hate to say it but, #45/46 must be rich to afford all of that. Either that, or he has no kids or is a kid himself. On a side note, I'm sticking with the X-Box 360 because neither console can offer me anything I can't enjoy on my 360 at the moment. Plus, by the time I switch over to the X-Box One, the games will have dropped dramatically in price.
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