Telltale Reveals First Tales From the Borderlands Screens

Telltale Reveals First Tales From the Borderlands Screens

Richard Walker

Telltale Games has revealed the first screenshots for Tales From the Borderlands, offering a first glimpse at The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us developer's take on Pandora and the dark stories therein. Familiar faces include the likes of Zer0, while Handsome Jack, Angel, Moxxi, Tiny Tina, and of course, Claptrap may also feature in the ful game.

"Gearbox’s world is huge. The main Borderlands games and the DLC have only scratched the surface; they’ve built a world that rivals Star Wars in its richness," writes Telltale's Adam Sorasohn on the PS Blog. "That sounds like crazy hyperbole, but the details, the characters, and the history are all there. You just haven’t seen it all yet."

Obviously shooting will take a backseat in Tales From the Borderlands, but anything you loot during the game's narrative will be available for use in "other areas of the Borderlands franchise". Like Telltale's other recent output, the onus will be on an episodic story, with tough choices that shape the course of the narrative. The game plays out after the events of Borderlands 2, from the two different viewpoints of Hyperion employee Rhys and fast-talking con artist Fiona.

"They both have a very different opinion of the events that brought them together, and the only way to find out something near to the truth is to live their lives and make your own decisions," says Sorasohn.

Tales From the Borderlands will be coming soon to the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360. Take a look at the new screenshots below.

  • This should be very interesting !
  • Man I can not wait to see how this plays out.
  • I like that the choices seem significantly different, versus the other tetale game which seem to be more along the lines of "don't do that" and "please don't do that"... this seems like it actually can have more branching dialogue, which is always welcome. Can't wait for this or the game of thrones tie-in!
  • Is that Shadey Shade?! Very interested in this.
  • No, it doesn't look great. It's insanely pathetic graphics, it's badly designed weapons, it's awful plot and it's shockingly bad gameplay It looks dreadful, these games are ****. fact
  • Those look like Xbox One buttons...
  • Nothing for xbox one then? I hope the story about Season One of the Walking Dead (and 400 Days) coming out on xbox one retail is true =)
  • Why?
  • Looks awesome! I will definitely get this when it comes out. I love Telltale and Borderlands :)
  • @6 Yes.. This is On the playstation site, they have playstation buttons.
  • Looks great, cant wait for this and the pre sequel.
  • @10 I think he's speculating on whether it will be on the One or not. That is the way the buttons appear in both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, if i'm not mistaken.
  • @10 I meant specifically that the black buttons with colored letters match the X1 controller not the 360, suggesting that the game may be coming to Xbox One as well.
  • Telltale games are shit, just one long cutscene with some QTE thrown in to make you think you're playing
  • I hate telltale games n what they are doing to the game Industry
  • I'm pretty sure this is probably coming to the One because they are bringing The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us to Xbox One. So I wouldn't be surprised if this and The Game of Thrones ones are coming as well. I've even e-mailed TellTale Games and basically bugged them to bring The Walking Dead to Xbox One. They e-mailed me back and said they have had other requests as well and told me to be patient. I'm sure it's coming.
  • So many down votes- so many trolls on this site.
  • Love love love borderlands but not going current Gen... I'll probably pass along with the pre sequel. I own a 360 and am finishing up fable anniversary then im putting my 360 where it belongs, in the shelf. Might get pre sequel and this in steam sale at some point tho..
  • Excited for this for sure! I am gonna buy anything that TT puts out at this point. This and Game of Thrones can't come soon enough=D
  • They should finish Walking Dead Season Two and Wolf Among Us before they start working on this and Game of Thrones. I'm sure a lot of people like to finish a game in one go.
  • @6 The font for the buttons on the first two screens are also different. Maybe one is from the X1 and the other from the 360?
  • I agree with @14. Sure, the story is great but the gameplay is so fucking boring. I only made it through episode 1 of TWD..
  • Would any sort of background in Borderlands be necessary to understand this? Because I have not played any of the Borderlands games but did really like TWD1&2 and TWAU and this looks great too, but I agree with @20 they should finish the others before starting this.
  • @21 - I'm guessing the different fonts are for each character. One for Rhys and one for Fiona.
  • And another view at moxxis tits =)
  • im sorry but i agree with #5, althought their games have great story and graphics, the gameplay is pretty bad and there is absolutely no difficulty. You rarely ever die
  • im a slow reader so i guess im out then
  • Gotta be honest. This looks like its gonna be great.
  • @18 my 360 is on a shelf too, below my tv and plugged in
  • darn it next gen, stop living in the past. the old gen is in the future....
  • Wow, I can't wait for this :D Wish it was on X1 tbh.
  • @5, that's an opinion, this is a fact.
  • looking better with time, cannot wait....
  • 33 comments and 33 thumbs down to #5..
  • @24 Nice idea, but I suggest that it is the same character talking on both screens considering the respective X-button answers.
  • @20 i agree.
  • @5, you have your own opinion. The rest of us have the facts, Borderlands, superb game, cell-shading isnt top everyones taste, but I for one think it's a cracking series so far. You clearly havent played enough of it if you dont enjoy it . . . Looking forward to this X-D
  • I love the games these guys make. Yeah gameplay may not be all that, but honestly, gaming is about the story (in my opinion). A great story = a great game. A great story/fun gameplay = an amazing game. A great story/fun gameplay/great graphics = an OUTSTANDING game. So by my logic all these games are great! :P
  • TellTale writers know how to craft fantastic stories which pay good homage to the source material but im curious how they will bring their dark approach to decision making and consequences to a game just as known for its laugh out loud humour and often not taking itself seriously approach to side story.
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