Rez and Child of Eden Maestro Tetsuya Mizuguchi Touts New Project For "This Year or Next Year"

Rez and Child of Eden Maestro Tetsuya Mizuguchi Touts New Project For "This Year or Next Year"

Richard Walker

Rez and Child of Eden creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi left Q Entertainment in 2013, embarking upon a new career as lecturer at Keio University in Tokyo. However, a return to game development could one day be on the cards, according to an interview conducted in the latest issue of Edge magazine.

"I’m helping with a few games, but these aren’t like my past works. These are not like my created games," Mizuguchi told the publication. "I’m helping with some social games in Japan; I can’t say anything about it just yet. But I’m just helping. So I want to start a new project [of my own] maybe this year or next.”

What does Mizuguchi have up his sleeve then? He must be formulating some ideas for his mysterious next project, right? Chances are it'll follow the theme of synaesthesia, as explored in previous games like Rez and Child of Eden.

“Mmm. I can’t share details yet. At BitSummit, I shared my thoughts on synaesthesia, and this is a big thing for me," he mused. "I started that kind of concept in games with Rez and this is a long journey, across Rez and Lumines and Child of Eden, and maybe Space Channel 5 too.

“That part of my DNA will never die, so this is kind of a life’s work for me. So I’m thinking about what is next, and what’s the future experience.”

What about a return to Q Entertainment? Could that be in the offing? "I left Q, and I finally found freedom, true indepenence. It was very healthy for me," he said. So no then.

  • A Rez/Child of Eden-type game for Xbox One? I know my wife would definitely be happy about this.
  • YES!!!
  • and all of a sudden a lot of female gamers are interested
  • Rez was amazing! Child of Eden was spoiled by stupid difficulty/achievements. Let's hope he gets back on form.
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