Darksiders Designer Suggests "Exciting News" Soon

Darksiders Designer Suggests "Exciting News" Soon

Lee Bradley

Darksiders may be coming back soon, according to series creative designer Joe Madureira. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-themed action adventure game franchise has been on hiatus since the closure of publisher THQ last year, but new owner Nordic Games looks to be planning a comeback.

Speaking on Facebook, Madureira responded to enquiries about the status of the Darksiders series, saying “Darksiders – DS is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series. As far as my involvement, I can’t say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!”

The question is, how soon is soon? E3 2014 soon? This year soon? Before the real apocalypse arrives soon? We have no choice but to sit and wait.

  • Oh my god, YES! Hopefully the next one has a better storyline than the second game. I think the best thing to do would to have the third game let us play as both Strife and Fury in coop. Since neither are essential enough to give them their own game. And in the 4th, we get to play after that epic finale of the first Darksiders. Just my opinion though, I think that would be the best way of going about it.
  • there will be alot of "exciting news soon" with E3 just around the corner. I cant wait!!!
  • Loved the original but didn't like the second one, the game itself was fine but really annoyed that they didn't progress the story at all :( Hopefully a new game will set that right, more than happy to give them another chance.
  • Hopefully this will have controls that doesnt make you wanna throw the controller
  • I really, REALLY want this to be true. Easily what i consider the most underrated franchise of last generation. Both games were such fun action/adventure games, loved them more than the last 2 Zelda games.
  • I actually won't mind a reboot.
  • Darksiders 2 was a great game. Loved possessed weapons. The game was so much better than the first. Really looking forward to seeing the direction they take it with the third game. Hopefully something different again. And much underrated series. Can't wait for e3!
  • Here's hoping this game is actually decent then.
  • Completed both of the others, will definitely get the next one.
  • Let us tear shit up four player co-op and im in!
  • I'm most concerned about the fact that artist Joe Madureira isn't involved anymore.
  • This is great news! I loved the first 2 & wish there were game of this style. Better be a xbone/ps4 only new DS.
  • @11 im with you on that one, 4 player co op would be awesome. :)
  • Bring on strife & fury. Best news ave heard for months
  • Cautiously optimistic. If they get M on board with most of the team that did DS2, count me in. If not, I'll hold my reservations.
  • @12 Except right there, he just pretty much said he is again. I guess they threw enough money at him to bring him back somehow.
  • Hopefully the next Darksiders will be more like the first. I hated the combat in 2. Sometimes is was good, but other times I found it to be way to fast and flashy. It was a big clusterfuck of numbers and colors. I couldn't keep track of my character during the battle. Also, the bosses in the first were better. They had a real Zelda feel to them. But in 2, all you had to do to defeat them was get in close and button mash.
  • I really enjoyed the first game, but the second came out when I didn't have time to play it, and didn't bother since because I was expecting that the series wouldn't continue. Now it looks like I'll have to go back and correct that.
  • I enjoyed both games immensely, though I think the first game was more fun. And am I the only one who wouldn't mind of they did away with the lots drops? I didn't think they added much to the game, and kind of just slowed everything down. When I play Zelda or God of War I'm not expecting every enemy to be dropping an upgrade to the Master Sword or the Blades of Chaos. Just my two cents.
  • *if *loot Sorry, fat fingers, and a smart phone with auto correct don't make a good combination.
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