Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Coming Soon to Xbox One

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Coming Soon to Xbox One

Richard Walker

Originally released in 2011 for iOS devices, Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition looks like its heading to Xbox One, PlayStation, Wii U and 3DS "soon". The news comes via a new trailer for the game, which lists the platforms to which it'll be coming. Xbox 360 is conspicuously absent from that list.

The iOS version of the game enables players to switch between the newly revamped HD visuals and the game's original look, meaning you can enjoy protagonist Lester's platforming adventure in whatever guise you choose when it launches.

Watch the trailer below for the console version of Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition, courtesy of lifelower. It's heading to Xbox One, PlayStation platforms, Wii U and 3DS, and will be "available soon" according to the video.

  • Fuck yeah.
  • Didn't Inside Gaming play this once?
  • This just gives me nightmares. This game was a bitch.
  • How soon?! I'm rather excited!!!
  • and peeps say Dark Souls is hard...fuckin hell I'm with #4. This was Super Ghouls n Ghosts hard.
  • It was called Out of This World in the US on PC/SNES/Genesis.
  • Yeah this game was rough, but so worth it. LOL #6, well said.
  • Awesome love this game, played it when it first came out, dont remember if i ever beat it though lol
  • I remember watching this on GameGrumps. It looked pretty fun, but I dunno if I'd buy it.
  • Probably not coming to 360 because the developer is probably using [email protected] to release it? Any ways my brother says we played this as a kid (i'd be only 6 at the time) but I don't remember it. Might check it out when it releases.
  • I had the mobile version. I didn't finish it admittedly, but I definitely remember some evil sections of what I did play. I'll probably pick this up when it comes out. I think I'd fare better with the aid of physical buttons instead of a touchscreen.
  • Mai Saruba!!
  • Had this on the Mega Drive. Never finished it. Probably didn't even get halfway. Vivid memories of dying over and over again. Memories of walking off the side of the screen into a new room, only to be instantly shot and having to restart. And that was like... the 3rd or 4th room or something. Unforgiving.
  • Wow, I'm getting old. I remember playing this on the Atari ST.
  • No achievements? This game is now available on xbox one, UK store here but no cheevos on this site for it
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