Mirror's Edge Launch Trailer

Dan Webb

As usual traditions go and with Mirror's Edge hitting the stores next week, we can give you the final look at Mirror's Edge before you're playing it yourself; i.e. the launch trailer.

For those still unsure of the title, this video and the fantastic demo on the Marketplace should put to bed all those demons. Seriously, I can't wait.

  • How cool are you! This game is a huge suprise and is going to be awesome.
  • The "first", "second" and "third" crap is a sure fire way to get your message deleted and you serving a ban.
  • Cant wait for this definatly a must buy!
  • Looks awesome and may get this over WaW.
  • Already pre-ordered mine. :) Was skeptical about how the controls would handle, but the demo convinced me.
  • Can't wait the throughly underwhelming FarCry2 is getting traded in for this
  • siked on ths game
  • i thought this was garbage at first and now i am at at least renting or def buying
  • I played this at the EuroGamer Expo and i was convinced. The demo was also amazing. So this is defiantly on my christmas list!
  • LOL motion sickness(my freind threw up LOL) This game looks phenominal was gonna buy COD5 but then i heard about this and after playing demo it a deffinate buy 4 me!
  • Can anyone confirm with me if the Demo is worth downloading? It's just I'm on a rather slow connection, so it'd have to be well warranted. Is there any Gameplay Videos on YouTube, that show how the controls work etc? ~Bryce
  • Response to#11.Trust me its worth downloadin.just to screw around with.my girlfriend loved it and she hardly plays games.its a must
  • This game is looking better everyday.. But I hope it doesn't get too repetitive.
  • Its fun and very interesting to play.
  • Shouldn't get too repetitive for me. I played the demo more times than I can count. This game seems amazing.
  • yh i agree with the description lol, was unsure if i should buy it but spending 40 quid for the game to make me poor will be worth it :D
  • Can't stop playin the demo. It looks great and plays smooth this game is going to be awesome!
  • this and the demo seem very nice, but some videos show the indoor sequences to slow...! besides, wou're not gonna play this way the first time you play it... t'll be by trial and error, and that's not as much fun... i would like some kind of guidance system, so you could know where to go immediately...
  • Haven't played it yet but it looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to renting it! :D
  • i have tried the demo and i think it SUCKS bigtime..... i don't knoe why but there's just something about it i don't like..
  • @ #17 The game uses a color rendering system to give you hints as to where to go (red object = your path). Also, one of the face buttons is set up to show you where you need to end up eventually, and can help on the fly if you're confused. I played the demo, and it was ridiculously fun. I seriously played it like 5 times in a row because of how fun it was. WANT.
  • w00000000 so stoked for this
  • Double Post, what the fuck was that song at the end? That's the sickest rip techno I've ever heard.
  • the game looks great. I am so hyped up about getting this tomorrow with the bag from gamestop. No other game has got me so hyped. It was the bag that got me reserving at the beginning. Without it, i would not be reserving this game.
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