Here's Your Xbox Live Deals with Gold Update

Here's Your Xbox Live Deals with Gold Update

Richard Walker

Right, we'd better make this quick. We've got an E3 showfloor to get to and a load of games to see! Anyway, here's this week's Deals with Gold, which is primarily a Grand Theft Auto focused affair, possibly to celebrate last night's announcement that GTA V is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC this autumn.

There'll be no Xbox Live update this week, because we have no access to consoles to check what is and isn't available on the Xbox Games Store, and we simply don't have time. Normal business will resume next week, as we strive to regain some semblance of normality once the E3-pocalyse fallout has settled.

And may we hasten to add, that despite being a Deals with Gold discount, you don't actually need a Gold subscription for the listed GTA deals; just the other three. Now, without further ado, here's your Deals with Gold update:

Deals with Gold

Xbox 360

Xbox One

[Thanks, VexxWARE]

  • Peggle 2 is half price on Xbox One as well I believe. Normally $12 US.
  • Finally I have been waiting on Revelations to go on sale. Basically last game that I want to play, but didn't buy prior to 2014. Thanks I guess.
  • Why so many games? There's too many discounted this week. RE Revelations already had a sale and price drop. Capcom couldn't do DR2: Off the Record or Case West.
  • Forza Horizon $10.19? Holy fucking shit, I was just thinking about buying it yesterday but saw it was still $30. Definitely getting it now. Also, for Xbox One sales It fucking sucks that Forza 5 Motorsport was $39.99 along with the Season Pass for $33.49 for ONE day (yesterday), what the fuck is up with that? Some bullshit.... Peggle 2 is on sale though for $5.99 for those interested... I bought it when I got my X1 in February and it was really fun.
  • sweet RE revelations for me then been waiting for a price drop
  • @5 It was on sale for more than a day. Popped up on Thursday or Friday, but I don't think there was any announcement so looks like we should check everyday or so.
  • would get horizon again if it was cheaper just so I had it in my digital collection but for a tenner no thanks got peggle 2 instead on the one
  • Why did my comment get removed? it was number 2...
  • Boy did I read the title wrong, I thought it said Games for Gold and GTA 5 was free haha.
  • #7, It was definitely just a day.... I checked every single day since last Tuesday and the only Deal With Gold was Crimson Dragon. Forza was only yesterday along w/ the Season Pass and then they put Peggle 2 up.... so much for them showcasing Forza and Ryse in Deals With Gold this month, what a waste. And really #8? You won't get an OPEN world racing game for $10.19? lmao your loss... way better than paying the regular price for $29.99
  • @11 It's $10.19. That should be £6 in the UK. Instead, we get charged £10.19 (about $17). I'm not going to bother for that money either - not for a last gen game. I'm not saying it's a bad deal, but that doesn't mean it's a good enough deal for everyone. I've got other things I'd rather put that money towards.
  • #12, well in that case I understand why you wouldn't buy it... but "wouldn't pay that much for a last gen game"..? Really? Lol you pay Quad that all of last gen for most games lol But eh your money, your choice so.... It's still a steal to me since it's $30 regular for the digital.
  • Ffs the only thing on One that I was waiting to go on sale and I missed it. Great.
  • Resident Evil Revelations, thank you!
  • Yay, RE Revelations for me. :) Hope RE 4 will be on sale sometime.
  • I got the Forza Car Pass on Thursday for $33
  • For how long will these deals be available? I'm interested in picking up Horizon. Thanks
  • Until next Tuesday morning, but let's say very early next Tuesday morning to be safe. I think R* is cluing at something. It's E3 week, they've been doing extensive maintenance on GTA5 since Saturday, and now it's on sale this week. I dare say, dudes, I think heists are really right around the corner. Next week at absolute latest.
  • Thanks Tim!
  • @20 - that theory is just about crazy enough to work!
  • @11 I saw Forza 5 on sale since last week. Peggle 2 for 50% off is an awesome deal, too bad I bought it the day I bought my Xbox One.
  • Swear I've seen a forza, resident evil & terraria sale not long ago and here it is again. Jeez, what's new?
  • @11 Go look at the Deals with Gold thread in the Xbox One forum, someone posted on the 6th that it was on sale so it difinitely wasn't just a day.
  • Waited for RE: Revelations to drop for ages!! Sweet
  • @9 Spam, insulting, advertising, abusive. Take your pick only you and whoever reported it know what was said.
  • Not the best od deals, think ill pass this time.
  • of*
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