Xbox One Achievement Snap Feature Previewed

Xbox One Achievement Snap Feature Previewed

Lee Bradley

Microsoft has previewed its July update for Xbox One, discussing a number of upcoming features including the ability to Snap achievements.

"We can’t wait to dig into your ideas and explore what may be possible for the future of Xbox," said Major Nelson. "What better way to keep this momentum going than to share what’s coming in July? Here’s a shortlist of features rolling out in the next few days to folks getting early access to the Xbox One system update."


  • Snap Mode for Achievements. As we showed at our E3 Green Carpet event before the show, we’re offering an easier way to track and view your achievements in the moment. With Achievement Snap, you can track your achievement progress in real time without ever leaving the game. You can also ‘Get Help’ on any Achievements you’re struggling with. Xbox will scan the web for you and deliver relevant tips and strategy content right to your TV.
  • Double-tap to Snap.  Double-tap the button on your controller to bring up Snap Center, where you can launch Achievements or any other snap-able app, without leaving your game. Already have an app snapped? Double-tap quickly switches between your game and the snapped app.
  • Choice of Spoken LanguageFolks in New Zealand, Ireland and Austria, with this update in July, will be able to select voice control using the English or German voice models from other countries. And if you’re an expat in an English-speaking country, you, too, can choose any of the other English language models that fit you.
  • Future Digital Bundles and Compilation DiscsWe’re doing some work now so that publishers will have options for great digital bundle and disc compilation offerings in the future. As we test this feature, we’ll be seeing more flexible combinations of game titles and game content.
  • ‘Like’ Game DVR clips. We’re adding the ability to ‘Like’ all your favorite Game DVR clips as well as activity feed items in SmartGlass.


In addition to this, a short video was also released, showcasing achievement Snap on Xbox One. Looks handy, don't it?

  • Dat free publicity
  • Who really cares about achievements though, am I right?
  • seems like a good feature, and no downside really.
  • That looks awesome. It was also cool that when they clicked for achievement help, it showed xboxachievements on it lol. But in my opinion, they should just have a direct link to this site. I mean this is the best site for guides. Ive been using it for 7 years, and I still linger around xboxachievements/playstationtrophies around 6 hours a day. This site is my facebook lol :)
  • This will be amazing for achievement hunters.
  • I love you Microsoft.
  • @4 What a nice message! It's nice to have you around. :)
  • This in turn should generate more people creating guides/higher quality guides as well due to wanting increased exposure.
  • Great feature. Will be very handy with Horizon 2 ^^
  • @4 I'm surprised this site hasn't tried marketing itself as an Xbox App or something along those lines... At least I've never heard of them trying!
  • Have they added the ability to delete zero gamerscore games from the list via xbox one yet? I had a WP8 game with no achievements and could only delete it by logging into the 360....
  • this looks good
  • @#4 by 41inuyasha xboxachievements is my facebook too! @#10 by M4RRRV3L xboxachievements/trueachievements as an XBOX One app would be awesome, really a great idea.
  • @11 if it is a game on the one then the way to remove it is by deleting the game and then playing 3 other games. That's how I got rid of the xbox fitness app when my wife tried using it on my account.
  • Xbox achievements doesn't have an app? Aww :( I wanted it on my Galaxy S5 phone.
  • @2 I hope you're being sarcastic, if not I ask if you have forgotten what website you are on?
  • I'm surprised noone is mentioning "Future Digital Bundles and Compilation Discs". I'm hoping this will turn into some kind of humble bundle on the xbox one in the near future.
  • I think that means buy the disc, get a code for the digital version. This is a great idea. I still like having a physical copy of the game, but enjoy not having to put the disc in and out when downloaded digitally.
  • I really like the achievement function, especially tracking achievement progress. I hope by the end of the Summer we get the pre-installing games ability. But really, with external storage out now, there's nothing I can personally complain about, but man others...they'll always find something.
  • @2 You fail at sarcasm
  • @18: That wouldn't be smart of them. People would buy the game, redeem the code, and return the game. Free digital games all around! ;) I think what @17 said is more likely. We saw a few bundle type deals on XBLA before (NinjaBee bundle, etc). It would either be bundle of a few games, or selling digital GOTY editions at the same time those are available in store. I'm sure people would eat those up, too.
  • Considering the One has some disappointments I think it's still worth grabbing one in the future cause of newer Games and all. (:
  • I like the snap achievements feature but this would have been even better at the launch of the console, its starting to seem like they are trying more to localize the system for each country with this update, i dont mind but smart glass needs more attention. I still would like to be able to use the store from the app so i can buy stuff and it will be there when i get home, and home screen themes cause the black backgound is so boring now
  • This is a good feature that's overdue. Next they need to work on letting you view and show off your Xbox One achievements on
  • Still no support to watch films and listen to music from an external USB or HDD yet..... Come on MS! For a multi media machine this is a must feature for many of us =)
  • Only one guy mentions the future digital bundle thing? THEY ARE BRINGING BACK MY MOST WANTED FEATURE! Hopefully I can buy a physical copy of halo master chief edition and get the digital version with it. Collectable items + never swapping disks = the original idea for Xbox one Hopefully they don't charge extra tho. And keep it similar to the original plan but make it an option not mandatory.
  • I like the snap achievements addition for games where you have to Kill X whatevers, or Find X whatevers. Nothing's worse than seeing where you're at, trying to keep count, wife comes in causing you to lose count, going back out to see what # you were at, and starting the process again. Also interested in finding out more information about the digital bundle/compilation disc. Curious as to what actually they are trying to do here as #22 pointed out you could redeem the code and return the game so I don't see that as what they were referring to with that option.
  • One of the things I want most is the ability to record 30 sec and start 5 minute clips from my Smartglass without the obnoxious snapped bar taking up my screen. Im currently on a 32" so its a big difference. Make THAT happen! Please.
  • @4 im wiv u man on this site very often dnt comment often bt this is a great site an used it for aslong as I remember having a 360 an its bin a long time .... keep up wiv the great work 360a team an the many great comments an discussions frm the rest of u.
  • This is rather Snazzy if I do say so myself. Pretty cool feature.
  • I still don't understand why MS hasn't thought about an "used-digital games store" for digital XBOX games implemented in its OS?! Think Ebay without auctions - you have a digital game you want to sell,you put the offer in that store ,name your price, someone else wants to buy it, if you both agree on the deal you immediately have the money ("MS Points")on your XBOX account, immedately lose access to the game, and the buyer's XBOX starts downloading his digital copy immediatly. It would be all seamless, and even better: It would be easy to sell or even trade digital games, and would convince a lot of people (myself included) to buy more digital! And MS doesn't have to worry about losing costumers, the money is bound to your XBOX account anyway, so you can spend it on other digital games, DLCs, films or music... Also: For that service MS could take...let's say 5-10% of a "transaction fee", which they could use for the maintenance of the servers, and also (more important!) give a good portion of that fee to the developers of the game. That way we would cut out the blood-sucking middle-men (gamestop and all these shops), and would actually help out the developers! Win-Win-Win, yes?
  • @32 it would certainly get me supporting digital, because the way it is right now is a joke, nothing more than a big rip off, most games are currently MORE expensive digital than physical, and considering they cost far less and therefore generate more profit, i will NOT support it, this however would get me on board. but lose the 5-10% fee, we'd pay for maintenance, we pay for gold for that shit. and yes, Gamestop (or for me, GAME) are leeches, over here we get like £5 for a game they then sell for £35, this practice needs to die... it is nothign but greed...
  • Why didn't he click on my guide? :'(
  • @32 as Homer Simpson once said "I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter" :)
  • Just a quick question. Why on earth are you advertising PS4 games all over your homepage? Kind of odd for a site devoted to the xbox don't you think?
  • This looks awesome!! And I laughed when I saw this website and TA on the search, lol.
  • @27 As said not far above your comment, will never happen due to people redeeming the code and then returning/selling the game.
  • People seem so psyched for this, but I like the Achievement app just fine. I wish they'd add more stats. Still cool, though.
  • I also would like it they would re-add the total amount of individual Achievements I have, like on the 360 it shows I got like 9436/18436 or something like that and those are individual achievements, not the actual point amount. I just liked knowing how many I had it's really not a big deal I guess, but unfortunately the 360 does not Track the Xbox One achievements you unlock, so therefore that number doesn't go up unless your unlocking achievements on the 360 itself. I can't be the only one who misses this feature..
  • Can you please PLEASE just give us back the option to disable auto record clips, honestly why did ms take that option away from us? It is the most annoying thing in the world when your playing fifa and the keeper makes yet another below average save only for an auto record clip working its magic and recording another completely retarded clip that nobody would ever watch back over... EVER!!.. Fix it microsoft come on!
  • What would be cool is if this site could somehow support One games to pop up on members' profiles completion games and overall leader boards on the site. Is that a work in progress or is it just not happening?
  • I would like to see the ability to comment on DVR clips. Obviously, make it an option that you can turn on and off if you don't want to deal with some people being douche bags. Maybe even manage comments on your videos.
  • @43: That's on Microsoft. They no longer support their own website (check your profile on, there are no Xbox One games listed) which is where the information is pulled from.
  • "already have an app snapped? Double-tap quickly switches between your game and the snapped app." you can already do that.
  • @45 Ever hear any reason for why got left in the dust on that? I know Trueachievements can track X1 progress using the smartglass stuff but that sounds like jumping through hoops to keep up to date.
  • Here's what I would like to see... Everything they put into the 360 put onto the X1. I mean who really thinks adding a battery monitor is something new and innovative. These things should have been standard on the X1. To those that want to see the end of places that sell used games. Think of it this way. You do not have to sell your game for the $5.00 you might get. You can keep it. When you do away with this so called "middle-man" you give more leeway to the corporations to ratchet up their price. In turn, by doing away with this, the discount is no longer there for consumers, then who do you turn to?
  • I love the idea, however I hate having stuff snapped, cause I lose a quarter of the screen. I normally just have XboxAchievements or TrueAchievements open in Internet Explore and just swap back and forth on something I need help with.
  • yes this will work just fine
  • i still hate the achievements on the xbox one, achievements is so much better on the 360, dont understand why they change the stuff we love about on xbox360, think ill be skipping xbox one and getting a ps4, at least sony makes there dashboard better and doesnt change the trophies, screw windows 8
  • @45 Thanks, Pants. I actually did not know that. Sorry if it sounded like I was blaming the site for the issue. I'm assuming that's how you picked it up when replying "That's on Microsoft." I wasn't, just curious at the matter. That's kind of lame, though. Ever think it will be resolved or MS flat out abandoned it? Weird.
  • I love this site for help but True Achievements is so much better at tracking and tbh its easier to look up 1 achievement and a guide for that sole achievement there then here.
  • #51 Good luck. So it is great to see all those update features. Also Microsoft knowing Achievements system is issues because you earn achievement but achievement would delay popping within 2 to 15 mins or so and same for received messages from friends and players. I not sure if they working on it but it is because of their new system got issues.
  • Yeah okay, that's a nice bit of UI design. Gotta give em credit for that. I'm kind of looking forward to the day when there's games that I'm interested in on the XB1. Although, since I can't afford one yet I suppose it's probably for the best there's nothing I'm salivating for or I'd just drown in my own drool...
  • I still miss listening to all my music on my hdd like 360, also voice and pic messages as well come ms bring back the core stuff that made xbox the best in the first place I go to my 360 hdd to delete stuff and its so easy I mean I can have 20 saves for one game and delete one it seems they left out alot of great stuff we all ready had,ANYONE WITH ME ONE THIS....
  • Geeze I saw @2 as a joke see nobody else did
  • @57 sorry meant to do thumbs up but my aim on the train isn't great on a touch screen
  • OMG, this is the best feature ever. Now I'll know for those darn collect X item achievements how close I am or how many I am missing. Thank you Microsoft!
  • Good news
  • So.... why isn't this thing live right now? Seriously, it would be great for Watch Dogs and that stupid "be tailed 5 times" achievement. That way, I wouldn't have to keep loading up the achievements to see if I got any more progress on it.
  • Give me the choice to delete achievements....that single achievement of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean has been driving me insane for years.
  • Looks good shame I can't use it as snap causes image retention on screens.
  • I just want the app to be updated for cheevos where you have to get X amount of something show you how many you have not a damn percentage. If I need to kill 73,569 zombies I want to know how many I've killed exactly.
  • 41inuyasha this isn't the only good site for achievements. trueachievements have some excellent walkthroughs and guides and it's easier to find boosting sessions too for older games. This site doesn't have as much for older games. A shame really. Also, There is also a trueachievements app on Xbox live whereas xboxachievements doesn't have one. either Microsoft favours trueachievements or the trueachievements site owners put extra money in MS's pocket.
  • @32, You're idea would be very cool, but I could never see it happening. They already didn't want us sharing disk copies, so what happens when you and the 100 people on your friends list get together and sell each other games for 5 cents each. Makes is even easier to wide spread share games. GMG has some sort of digital trade in, but I haven't ever used it so I am unsure how it works.. So something could be possible, and appreciated, from Microsoft.
  • with all due respect for this awesome help site and community, I wish there was such a cool showcase site like psnprofiles for XBL.
  • Can we please have the option to view the xbox one achievements online like the 360 ones? Pretty please!
  • I just want snap minimization!! I want to listen to music but not have it take up 1/4 of my screen.
  • This reminds me of why I stuck with Microsoft this generation.
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