Grand Theft Auto IV Key to the City Keys Starting to Arrive

James Parkin

Great news everyone, we're getting numerous reports from people all over the world stating that they've received their coveted Grand Theft Auto IV Key to the City.

If you don't remember; when Grand Theft Auto IV came out, Rockstar placed a challenge onto their Social Club. The challenge was simple; get 100% on the story within an allotted amount of time and you would receive your very own Key to the City to show off, as well as the "Key to the City" achievement.

For all of who who're wondering what the Key looks like, look no further. The Key comes in a hard cased black felt box accompanied by a white heavystock "with compliments" slip from Rockstar.


For all you who've already received your key, what do you think? For all you who haven't yet, are you still excited?
  • looks cool. didnt hit 100% though lol.
  • That looks awesome! If I had one of those I would get custom locks for my house made to fit that key.
  • awesome...wish i would have known about this
  • Kool
  • I got mine the other day... Wore it around my neck on a chain to work and school.
  • Yeah that's great, too bad I got 100% in the alotted time, but it only showed 87% on their page when the challenge ended. So I doubt I will be getting one...
  • Haha one reason not to rent from Gamefly. After I sent it back this happens. Oh well congrates to everyone who did it. Boba Fatt you are a special person indeed!
  • got mine today and it's pretty sick. I liked the box it came in more then the actual key. Mmm velvet
  • i wish i had one of em
  • damn. thats awesome, ill get one on ebay if someone desides they wanna sell it =)
  • I'm thinking I may eBay mine.
  • Sweet! :D Wonder when I'll get mine ^^
  • Yeah i did mine in the allotted time also, I actually had gotten it done 2 days before the original deadline. I still didn't even have 100% according to the site even after they pushed the game back.
  • I got mine yesterday, didn't really like it thought it would look better and be gold not silver. I gave it to my brother but I'll probably eBay it.
  • My mom got her's yesterday
  • cool i guess
  • lol theyll be on ebay soon for like 100$ probley even more lol
  • I could care less about some key that opens no doors. Iam still waiting on the downloadable content that was supposed to come out for the game!
  • See, I didn't get an email from rockstar when they asked for everyone's addresses. As I got 100% within a week, not the 2 weeks for the challenge. What a jip...
  • rockstar sure knows how to treat their gamers well, that's for sure
  • Got mine yesterday. :D
  • Well, whoever wants to sell theirs give me a shout! :0
  • SWEET!
  • I was looking at my key then read this yippee.
  • i got mine yesterday, it's pretty sweet because it's just this inconspicuous black box, and you get this little steel key. i think it's awesome!
  • Got mine yesterday. Bout damn time
  • How many Hrs did you need to beat it in
  • I got 100% like 2 days late :/
  • was well on my way to 100% but i lost track of two of the Flying rats. It hurt so bad i gave up trying to get my key.
  • That looks awesome. It sucks because i never recall hearing about this before today, even when it was going on. Would have given me more initiative to play the game off the bat.
  • i sent in the papers so i hope i get mine soon
  • i wasnt a member of the club that you had to join to be a member of to sign up for it.... O well.
  • Shame I got to 100% about 5 hrs too late. DAMN PIGEONS!!!!!!
  • Too bad I gave up on the races since I just stopped getting those. Would have been nice to rip off some geek on eBay with that. :E
  • I got mine today, very happy with how it turned out.
  • got mine - looks quite badass.
  • thats amazing!!! can't believe rockstar actually did that. this shows there commitment to the gamers who play there games!!!! WOOP
  • damn i think i missed the closing date buy a few days they look sick...
  • looks good, too bad i wont be getting one :(
  • WHAT THE HELL !! I have got 100% and registered to the site... Keys havent come to Finland yet i think
  • Ive received mine. its a nice little collectible. Already see they are going for $200 on ebay...too funny
  • Sweet i wish i new about this earlier No where near 100% thoe :L
  • LOL there are some damn funny posts responding to this topic. Didn't know about the promotion, but good to see they're following through.
  • That is sweet unfortunately even thought I got it in the time the offer was void in Maryland and a couple of other states for some reason
  • Jealous :(
  • It looks pretty sweet! I'm betting you'll see many of these ending up on eBay.
  • I had no idea that they were doing this dammmmm :(
  • They look cheap and shit and the game was a shit disappointment, the game came and went in what like April and their only sending them now who cares.
  • So pissed that I missed it by 2 weeks!!! Damn work!
  • I got mine! Looks ok tho the key was loose from the box... I think the box looks more expensive than the key!
  • that is sweet
  • That key looks well mint, its a shame i did,nt no anything about the challenge. Oh well LOL, Congrats to everybody who did.
  • Games not worth playing to 100% imho, but the key looks cool. Congrats to the winners and kudo's for putting up with that game for so long :P.
  • got mine a couple of days back, i was really impressed with it, just to settle a few disputes, i finished in time but it didnt come appear that way on the web site in fact for close to week and including the deadline it said 0% i didnt recieve an email from rock star so i email them and they sent me the form and said they thought they had already sent it. not bad at all what i really have my eyes set on though is a sack boy figurine, ive got a bid going on ebay at the moment.
  • Son of a bitch I want one of those!
  • man I want one too, i was 96% before my brother stole it
  • Great, a reminder if something I wont get because I live in Canada...ahh well it would have just been added to the pile of useless junk I already have.
  • I wish they did this with more games =-p
  • rubbish the hole thing was a joke so many people did this in time that they then started taking ages to update there web site so they did not have to supply us with the keys we won...rockstar my arse popstar more like
  • looks tacky, fussy about my memorabilia
  • thats awesome but i didnt know i needed 2 sign up on the social club website in order 2 win a key. i also know i was 1 of the fisrt 2 get the achievement seeing as it was the first thing i set my gaol 4. o well ill have 2 write 2 them and see what happens
  • " I wore it around my neck" HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA are you seriously that guy HAHAHAHAHAHA what a tool shed. Darth Boba Fet will die alone hahahaahaha.
  • Kewl! Looks awesome too! ^^ ODIE NOM NOMS U ALL WHEN U SLEEP!
  • looks good
  • So you had to beat the game with 100% under the time of 30 hours? I'm a bit confused, but I doubt I'll be getting one of these marvelous keys anyways.
  • unfortunately for me my copy shipped and arrived late as a result so by the time I finished the 100% achievement I was a day or so late to qualify =/ and Big Vento, you completely missed out. Writing to them won't get you anywhere regardless of being one of the first... good luck though lol.
  • I became eligable for one of them. Even got the email about the whole thing that i had to send off. Didn't have a printer and couldn't be bothered getting the 2 witness' or whatever they were asking for so i didn't bother with it. lol.
  • how fast do you need to be to complet story mode to get the key
  • there was a deadline to get 100% completion within 4 weeks of release...i was 1 of those ppl but it didnt update on the Rockstarsocialclub website until 2 months after the contest was over, ive been complaining to rockstar ever since.
  • And what can you actually do with this key? Will it impress humans of the female persuasion? Me thinks not. Kudos to people putting up with the game long enough to reach 100% though.
  • Wow, looks great! Big up Rockstar
  • wow they look great wish i had one! cheap crap
  • I got my nerd trophy ... WOOT! It's purrrty =)
  • Are there some that are silver and some gold?
  • Damn'it, I 100%'d it, but didn't know about contest!
  • ^same here got to 100% well within the deadline. would have just signed up for the contest had i known. should have put something up on the Inside Xbox news...
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