Surprise! Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition is Out Now on Xbox One

Richard Walker

Eric Chahi's classic adventure, Another World, is now available to download on Xbox One. A re-release of the 1991 title, Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition boasts remastered audio alongside the original sound and in-game soundtrack, as well as both the original visuals and revamped HD graphics.

You'll be able to switch between Another World's original visuals and the 20th Anniversary's HD paint job, while enjoying the game in three different difficulty levels - easy, normal and hard. Here's the blurb for the uninitiated:

"Also known as Out Of This World, Another World is a pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991. Along the years, Another World has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike. An immersive adventure with unique storytelling Another World chronicles the story of Lester Knight Chaykin a young scientist hurtled through space and time by a nuclear experiment that goes wrong."

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition is out now on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One, priced at $7.99/£6.39. You can add it to your download queue here.

  • Classic adventure game. Been playing it recently on my PC so was able to speed through the game and complete it :)
  • Great price for a great game. Own it on my OUYA but happy to repurchase it once again for nostalgia plus it still holds up surprisingly well.
  • I kinda like getting blindsided by Indie titles.
  • These re-release stuff for me is getting out of hand just make new fucking stuff, its all rehashed stuff, yes halo i understand, but not everything... like dance choons from the early 90s were all rehashed in the 2000 era...... and were shite...... just my view
  • I love all these little cheap games and their 1000g :D
  • This was an amazing game back in the day. Very innovative for its time and well worth playing.
  • Seriously the Xbox One keeps getting games fucking daily. Starting to like this indie focus and making it easier for smaller studios.
  • Decent price, I'll be downloading this along side Valliant when I get home
  • I just earned the last of the achievements in it.
  • Wow, what a nice surprise! They're doing a real good job with these random [email protected] game launches!
  • Shut up and take my money ;) I need an Xbox at the office :(
  • Ridiculous pricing. Especially as its £1.70 on Android! Charging £4.69 extra for what exactly?
  • This game will be free in 2-4 months
  • I remember this game so vividly, and I also remember how bad I did...
  • Love the press release 'Sophisticated Gamers' - ie "If you don't like this, you're an idiot" :-D
  • What's going on
  • Keep me comin Microsoft, keep em comin.
  • Bought! Used to play this a lot with my old man when i was a kid
  • Mycaruba
  • Man, this was such a classic game. This and Flashback were 2 of the most amazing experiences on the Sega Genesis.
  • Needs more flashback :)
  • Mycaruba?
  • Damn thats cheap. Go on then.
  • If it came out in '91 and it's currently '14 then....
  • Shouldn't it be the 23rd Anniversary?
  • Thank you MS for the amazing birthday gifts. So many great games to buy! :)
  • I await the obvious comments incoming.
  • Will probably pick this up.
  • cool. will have to take a look
  • I can feel te pain already.
  • This looks interesting I might pick this up
  • Easy 1k
  • I remember it being hard though? Has the movement of the character gotten better or still just as choppy? Lol
  • @4 totally agree. New console that is currently 90% percent reliant on easy 1000gs re-released old games to get customers to spend money a pretty weak strategy except for achievement whores. Where is all the new amazing games u promised us Ms?!
  • Game was ball busting hard to beat but if you can i think you can finish the whole thing in less than half an hour.
  • $7.99 = £4.71. £6.39 = $10.85. Not THAT nicely priced.
  • I remember playing this at college 20 years ago.... My god, I'm old :(
  • @11 anyone who says "Shut up and take my money" does not have an office
  • Jesus, people. Think remakes are crap? Think $5 is too much? It's a simple solution. Just. Don't. Buy. It. If you think ranting on random internet forum is gonna make the companies suddenly so "Ya know, that troll might be right!" you're living in a fantasy world.
  • €8 and the price of an xbone to be able to play a remastered amiga title, no thanks.
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