Red Alert 3 Demo Available on Marketplace

Dan Webb

First up, let me wish all Americans a happy Thanksgiving day, it some how slipped my mind this morning when I posted the news ... I blame lack of coffee, although I don't drink it.

Second up, as a present from us (well it's not really but sometimes we like to claim some of the praise), you can now access the Red Alert 3 demo on the Marketplace, and get this ... EVERYONE can download it and give it a try. So knock yourselves out; details incoming:

Content: C&C Red Alert 3 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) VIOLENCE] Red Alert has arrived on Xbox 360! Battle alongside your friends and Hollywood stars as the bestselling series of the C&C franchise makes its 360 debut. Wage war solo or co-op on Xbox Live on land, sea, and air for control of the world with 3 epic factions! RA3 features the fastest & most precise RTS controls to date on console-plus the biggest Hollywood cast ever in gaming, not to mention War Bears, psychedelic Japanese schoolgirls and dozens of other units! This SP demo features the game's cinematic opening, 1 campaign mission from both the Soviet and Allied campaigns, and an interactive tutorial. RA3 game features 3 campaigns (solo or co-op online), a skirmish mode against 9 formidable commanders, and multiplayer over Xbox LIVE.

[Via Major Nelson]

  • great i guess, although i don't think it'll beat end war
  • I have it for my comp so it doesn't matter
  • Dunno about this, i preffer this kinda game on the pc, i need a mouse to click and drag quicker lol.
  • Already have the game, Its great :D
  • @3 im not so sure of that, endwar is a good idea but i would perfer to play c&c any day. im just not comfortable with the lack of controls
  • i find it the same to play RTS games on the comp and xbox, and im a really big fan of the red alert series and all the command and conquer series. cant wait to try the demo =D
  • if the demo can make me an RTS fan convert, I'll get it
  • heard great things about it and might get it
  • I just logged into my live account through the web and queued it up for download next time I turn on my 360. That's a really neat feature ... this way I don't forget. On a related point, I just learned that the download queue for the 360 has been expanded from six items to 40 with the NXE update. I haven't filled it up to test it just yet, but it's about time ... that old limit of six was a real pain!
  • Just as I thought, you need to be gold to download the demo. I'll be getting gold again soon, but i'm really looking forward for this game, and probobly getting it soon.
  • nice either getting this or endwar!
  • Been a hardcore fan since the original, definetly getting this asap.
  • If anyone is wondering the demo comes in at a hefty 1.5 GIGS!!! As far as I can remember, that could be the biggest demo on the marketplace?
  • I must agree with a few of the people here, these games are much better with a mouse but I will still probably check it out. Happy Turkey Day all.
  • @13 Really? That's crazy since it's just a demo!
  • its 2.0 gb on mine! thats like a third of my remaining memory lol
  • its worth it, its an awesome demo and even a better game, memory isnt a problem for me though, i got the elite =P
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