Slender: The Arrival Will Be Arriving On Xbox 360 This September

Slender: The Arrival Will Be Arriving On Xbox 360 This September

Richard Walker

Developer Blue Isle Studios has announced that Slender: The Arrival will be lurking in the darkest corners of the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 next month, after a false start back in May. This time it'll actually launch in late-September, which is very good news indeed.

"Since I like you all so much, I wanted to give you a heads up as soon as I found out and let you know that we have release dates confirmed for Slender consoles," Blue Isle's Technical Director Brenden Frank writes on the dev's forums.

"We’re set for the 23rd and 24th on both consoles."

Did you get that? Slender: The Arrival will be making its way to XBLA for Xbox 360 on September 24th, 2014 for $9.99/£7.99.

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  • Now for price
  • Oh I was about to say thought it came out ages ago. But I totally forgot to buy it. What's happened to it's original release?
  • Awesome, always wanted to play this. Sad it's not coming to XB1 but I'll still pick it up for 360.
  • That thing looks like a zombie from half life
  • @1 $10
  • Agreed #4
  • i watched my nephew play this for about 30 minutes and didnt get what was scary about it.
  • @7 u have to play it to be scarred not watch it, it gets bugged out being chased just like in outlast. I can't wait!!
  • @5, oh, looks like it updated since I commented. Awesome.
  • looking forward to playing this
  • Completely forgot about this game! Insta-buy for me but I'm still hoping they show a little love for the X1 later on down the road.
  • Isn't this on the PC for free?
  • @12 Many games released on PC for free are re-released on consoles for a fee and honestly you're an idiot if you don't understand why.
  • #12, Yup, just like Angry Birds is free on the phone and they expect us to pay $50 on consoles for it.
  • @1 the price is in the article.
  • Heard about it but have never played or really saw anything on it. Might check it out.
  • Damn, only on 360? I wanted it on my one..
  • @12 - Slender: The Eight Pages is free. The PC version of the game this article is about costs $10, just like the console versions.
  • can't wait def will be picking this up day 1!!
  • #2 I'm not 100 sure but they delayed the original release because some girls in America or Canada went around and stabbed a couple of people no one was killed but they blamed it on the slender game so the dev delayed it as I said I'm not sure if this was the reason but what those girls did happend around the time of the original release date
  • Yay! I've been waiting for ages for this to be released to console can't wait!
  • @20. Spot on mate. I read an article on them kids. Pretty messed up that.
  • day 1 buy for me ;)
  • @1 you should read more.
  • #20 Actually the attempted Slender stabbing by the two girls had nothing to do with the delay instead it was declined by ms for not meeting its Arcade standards. Not 100% on it but I remember hearing bout the attempted murder done by two little girls near the end of may so your idea might be true
  • Suuuuurrrrrreeeeeeee..... I'm honestly excited to play it though.
  • They should house a Xbox or PlayStation in a fake slender man┬ábody at a convention
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