Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Season Pass Revealed

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass Revealed

Richard Walker

2K Games has announced a Season Pass for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, offering four expansions to be released for the game post-launch. Offering a 25% saving over purchasing the add-ons separately, the Season Pass promises "new characters", "new missions", "new challenges" and "new experiences".

Pre-ordering the game will whisk players away to an old Dahl facility on Pandora's moon, where you'll meet TR4-NU, a military recruiter gone mad, who now hosts the eponymous contest where awesome loot can be won by defeating tough enemies. This add-on won't be included with the Season Pass, but will be available to buy separately at a later date.

The Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass will cost $29.99, with each add-on pack to be available standalone for $9.99 each. That means a saving of $10.03 with the Season Pass over purchasing each pack individually for a combined price of $39.96.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 14th in North America and October 17th internationally.

  • sold. cant wait bl2 season pass was the best season pass ove bought. actually got my moneys worth which is rare with a season pass these day. normally just extra shit put out quickly with no care.
  • Better check your maths on this one.
  • @saving of 9.97, well spotted but they weren't far off
  • Let me ask you this, has there ever been a season pass worth the money? I know my answer is NO. If I buy this game it will be in a years time when they release a GOTY edition for half the price :)
  • Another game, another season pass. But if it's as good as Borderlands 2 DLC packs were it may be worth it.
  • Fucking sold hands down!
  • @4 I think BL2 season pass was well worth it, but it did go on sale a lot. But then again, those with the pass got to play all the awesome add on packs before every one else. It really matters if you like to play the game you love right away, or wait for a year or more.
  • As long as the DLC isn't as shit as Borderlands 2 DLC, I'll get it
  • once again down voted for having an opinion, the gaming community really is top notch :)
  • BL2 season pass was the last season pass I will ever buy, the dlc was dull I couldn't even bring myself to finish hammerlocks episode, I was bored to tears. I hope they buck their ideas up with the dlc for the pre-sequel
  • Agree with #10 the only thing that got me through the last two packs was my friend wanting to get the achievements for all the episodes. Despite people telling me that the last pack was the best one I still feel pretty jipped by the whole thing. The last pack was the most different but it had even more running across huge distances, I mean the dwarf mines were so boring. It may have been the best of four dull an uninspired addons but it certainly wasn't the best addon I've played in a long time.
  • I had enough of borderlands and the repetitive boring dlcs on 1&2. Personally just found both games fetch quests and kill the same boss multiple times boring as hell. Just cant be bothered to put myself thru another 1.
  • Let's hope we don't get a repeat of BL2, I only enjoyed Tiny Tinas Assault On Dragon Keep and Mr Torgues Campaign of Carnage. The others were meh.
  • @4 For me, there certainly has been. In the end I'll buy the DLC anyways, so it's just saving me a bit of money.
  • I won't be getting this on day 1 release in fact I might get it at all I don't like RPG'S with lvl caps below 100 and I really don't like when they charge you for to increase the lvl cap they should be free
  • @14 Why people blindly pay money for a season pass when they don't know exactly what they are getting is beyond me, but hey each to their own I guess. @15 Borderlands is not an RPG and never will be, calling Borderlands an RPG is like calling GTA a racing game because you do races in it.
  • #12 has clearly never played an RPG before! If you don't like that, don't play RPG's and don't get this new one, because it will be the same! @16 - Borderlands is an RPG, there are healers, damage dealers and tanks, these are roles, you play them, in a game. Role Playing Game. OT I've enjoyed every borderlands DLC to date, some more-so than others, (dammit moxxi...) but I've never been disappointed! Will be getting this! I look forward to it!
  • I like Borderlands. I'll probably buy this game and the DLC. But the game isn't out yet and they are already touting additions you can buy... ahead of time! I'm not a fan of season passes, I think they are likely to make developers much more sloppy. They are getting the money ahead of releasing a DLC and that could mean the DLC is awful. It's the same reason if I pre-order a game, I do it about a week before the release comes. I can check it isn't another Colonial Marines affair, and still get it arriving at my door on release day, ready when I get home from work. Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe I'm cheap. Anyway, good luck to them. I probably will pick this up a little while after release. OR I might wait for a GotY edition.
  • No point in buying the season pass or waiting for the GoTY version. For those that forgot, BL2 had so much DLC one season pass didn't cover it all, you still had to buy more. Same goes with the GoTY, they kept releasing more and more DLC after the GoTY was out. This series is one where you really need to pick and chose. I only paid for the level increases, Krieg, and the Halloween Headhunter DLC since none of the DLC continued the story in any way.
  • I'll be waiting for the GOTY edition on XBOX ONE. :)
  • Now I know I won't be buying this.
  • @17 borderlands is a repetitive co-op based shooter/boring horde mode game. Final fantasy is more what id class as a rpg. And that's my point it will be EXACTLY the same as the other 2
  • I still don't understand why they call it a season pass. If they want to call it that they should include DLC they release between now until the last one. Instead they say, "here's a SEASON pass, but it'll only give you access to these specific DLC packs. We will probably make and sell you other stuff, but it won't be included in the $90 you've given us so far, so be prepared to fork over more if you want it all. Suckers." Call it what it is. Preordering the 4 DLC packs so you get a discount. Anything else beyond those 4 packs will be determined by the developer as to if it is included in those preorders tickets or not.
  • @17 Each class in Battlefield has a role. Does that make it an RPG too? How about Madden? I mean, each position has a defined role on the field...
  • I thought saving money by getting a season pass was a pretty good idea until they starting putting in exceptions. Then, putting the pass (something that's supposed to reward people getting on board early with a discount) on sale, completely defeating the point. I still pick them up, but I will only ever get them on sale.
  • Still feeling the burn from the Aliens:CM pass I will wait
  • I'm with #20. You know this is getting an Xbox One port in 6-12 months. Just like Diablo.
  • #20 & #27- I think you mean the "Borderlands Collection-featuring all 3 games remastered in HD, coming to Xbox One and PS4 in the fall of 2015" c'mon, we all know it's gonna happen...
  • #28 and of course I'll buy a good little consumer =-/
  • I just think announcing a season pass months before a game is out always makes me think that they have just cut out part of the original game to try and sell back to you for some extra cash. Because dlc with achs is an easy sell nowadays
  • Now pay attention everyone, for those easily confused by what a season pass is. The season pass, and this is stated directly up top, includes the 4 DLC packs. It doesn't say every single piece of DLC they release is included in the season pass. It is a 25% savings on 4 packs total. Make yourselves very aware of this before buying the season pass. When Borderlands 2 continued to release DLC and not all of it was included in the season pass, a lot of people were in an uproar that they were season pass holders and were entitled to every single thing offered for free. The season pass does not entitle you to every single DLC pack released going forward, it is for those 4 expansion packs. Anything additional is just a friendly bonus.
  • @31 agree with you wholeheartedly.. Problem is. People expect everything for free.. Same as the people moaning on here that the DLC for BL2 was awful.. I personally loved it and thought it was worth every penny.. Even the Head hunter packs were worth the extra asking price as well as the extra level cap and digistruct peak.. I mean its not like they have continually supported the game or anything nigh on 2 years after release... I'm more excited for this game Than I am for getting my XB1 in a months time.
  • I may wait for the GOTY edition if it comes out.
  • #24 I would could class madden as crap like basketball and baseball
  • I'll wait for the GOTY edition,looks cool though And enought with the bitching about "Aliens CM" it wasn't that bad I can name about 25 games that are shittier.Aliens CM had flaws but was fun but nowhere near all the crying I hear about it.
  • in borderlands 2 I waited til goty before ever playing the game. now i pre ordered it and am gonna buy the season pass. which do u think is better?
  • The only thing I care about (and I'm surprised no one has asked yet) Will these four packs have cheevos? Because the last five BL2 packs didn't. So I'm wondering if these will be full dlc packs and include achievements or just a couple missions and no achievements like the headhunters dlc.
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