Remedy Looking for Opportunities to Make Alan Wake 2

Remedy Looking for Opportunities to Make Alan Wake 2

Lee Bradley

Remedy Entertainment is currently hard at work on Quantum Break for Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean the studio has given up hope of developing a full sequel to its 2010 horror game, Alan Wake.

Speaking at Gamescom 2014, Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake told us that the studio is looking for opportunities to return to the nightmarish series, “when the time is right”.

“We’re really, really proud of all the games we have made," said Lake. "And obviously all of them are dear to us. They have a special place in our hearts."

“You never know about the future and as have we have said about Alan Wake, the sequel didn't work out at this point. But definitely we are looking for opportunities to do more, someday, when the time is right.”

It’s not much to go on, but it will have to do for now. We were big fans of the original game, awarding it a whopping 92/100 when it hit Xbox 360. A proper sequel for Xbox One would be a tantalising prospect.

Look out for the full Sam Lake interview on the site soon and in the meantime, check out our latest Quantum Break preview through here. The game is coming to Xbox One in 2015.

  • Was hoping this was already in the works
  • YES YES YES YES Please make this happen!!! ALan Wake was one of my Top 5 games of the last generation (along with Red Dead Redemption, Grid, Gears of War 3 and Bioshock)
  • Time = now. Especially with new Gen tech.
  • I'm going to go against the grain and say I would prefer to leave Alan Wake as a stand alone title. It was a nice complete package, not including the odd DLC. I would rather Remedy come up with another unique and brilliant IP.
  • BRING IT!!!
  • I'd love if they made a true sequel, so long as they stay away from what they did with American nightmare (think that was the title). The original was a great game, very under appreciated by some, they also introduced me to poets of the fall, thank you very much for that! I'll be keeping my ears close for news on this as time goes by.
  • Remedy, do it ASAP !!!!
  • Based Spencer save us please.
  • Now seems like a good time. I'd finally cave in and buy an xbox one.
  • Hopefully Phil will have Remedy begin work on Alan Wake 2 after they finish with all the DLC for Quantum Break. Would really hate to see MS drop the ball on this one.
  • Alan Wake should making returns once they done with Quantum Break. Remedy is one of coolest developers. I really look forward Quantum Break too. I loved and enjoyed Alan Wake in 2010 and took me to completed under 10 hours as I took my time as I remember this. Alan Wake 2 must coming to Xbox One in near future. This will likely to happens. Good luck to Remedy for working hard with Quantum Break and future titles include hopeful Alan Wake 2. :))
  • I wouldn't be interested. The story ended and there's nothing more that should happen.
  • If ms were smart they'd be funding this ASAP. What they need is more first party studios and exclusives. This would be huge for them and send a message to deva they're willing to fund big games like Sony.
  • @12… did you play the same game? The story didn't end...
  • @14. Did yiunPlay American Nightmare? It has an ending that can be folded into more, but can be taken as an end if necessary
  • @15 it also wasn't too great either. The same three maps played over three times? Ugh
  • I need this now
  • Tapping the vein I need this fix!!! Please bring me a alan wake 2 remedy I love this game so much it was one of the best surival horrors i've played for it's generation of time. Great Soundtrack, Awesome story I hope they get to work on this soon!
  • While I would like to agree with DEG, I just want a sequel too much! Play as Alice trying to get Alan outta the cabin in the lake. It's that's simple!!
  • THIS is what would get me back on the Xbox bandwagon. I've been gaming on Sony systems since the One reveal last year, and this is the first thing that's piqued my interest. Microsoft needs to be funding new, exclusive IPs instead of wasting money on early access DLCs and timed exclusivity.
  • Never got into Alan wake. Played through half the game and grew bored. Just not my thing. Quantum break however looks amazing!!
  • need...more...Barry!
  • They basically mean way down the line or never, sad but true
  • Ah great! Loved Alan wake with that great story and i'll be wait for next
  • in part 2 please put energy drinks not coffee maybe he will run faster ...
  • @15 It was hardly an ending. Without spoiling anything, American Nightmare literally just showed us what kind of hell Alan had been living for however much time, before seeing yet another cliffhanger in regards to the fate of another character. Not to mention the new information on the present lives of a few other prominent characters. It may have been a slight continuation on the ending we were given in the original title, but it hardly wrapped anything up. Though I will agree with @16, the second game especially felt boring. I still enjoyed myself with it, but some other maps could have freshened it up a bit.
  • Here's the thing - I love Alan Wake. It might be my favorite last gen game, period. However, I'm worried about where the series will go. Alan has by now already figured out everything, so it would not be another game of "what's going on...... this is weird..." which is what was neat about the original. So, would it be a new protagonist and Alan helping them like Scratch was? And if so, it would still not be a mystery to us - which is the part that made the AW so compelling. I'm torn.
  • "It's not a lake, it's an ocean." There are a million different ways they could go with a proper sequel.
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