Microsoft Reportedly in Talks to Buy Minecraft Creator Mojang for 2 Billion Updated

Microsoft Reportedly in Talks to Buy Minecraft Creator Mojang for $2 Billion [Updated]

Lee Bradley

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According to the latest reports, Microsoft is closing in on a deal to buy Minecraft developer Mojang for a whopping $2 billion. The Wall Street Journal claims that the deal could be finalised as early as this week. 

So far, Mojang founder and Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson and Microsoft have yet to comment publicly on the deal. Most tellingly, however, they haven’t denied the reports either.

Minecraft, of course, is a big deal, selling over 50 million copies since its release in 2009 - a good chunk of that number coming on Xbox 360. Mojang made $100 million just last year.

The question is, if the deal goes through, can Microsoft secure a return on the investment? Can the platform holder earn over $2b from Mojang and the Minecraft name? 

Or perhaps more importantly, has the Wall Street Journal got it right? Hopefully we’ll find out later today.


According to Bloomberg, talks between Mojang and Microsoft were initiated by Notch and are now at an advanced stage.

The publication also adds that should the deal go through, Microsoft will keep the game on rival platforms and try to leverage the worth of the brand with movies and further merchandising.

Notch is expected to help with the transition before leaving the company, presumably in order to buy a secret island lair, fill a swimming pool full of laser sharks and plot to destroy the world.


  • thats crazy month. would of thought they would only do this to get exclusive stuff to draw in more buyers for xbox one
  • Would have been a great deal a few years ago, as you said in the article, I don't think they can make a return on it this late in the game, it's already released on everything and everyone that wants it already has it
  • Markus "Notch" will be able to buy heaps of stuff with that money.
  • To be honest, Microsoft probably just want to own it so they can have total control over what goes into it. Not like it will be exclusive anymore, as its a multi platform title now. Not seen any positive reaction to this news elsewhere. As for recouping the amount paid? I can honestly say I don't think that will ever happen. Unless they introduce micro transactions.
  • Wouldn't surprise me if they make a Minecraft 2 Exclusive for Xbone and Windows 9.
  • What a fucking joke, use the money to make some new ips, and games, not all in one basket,
  • lmfao fuck making new creative games lets just buy them all out, M$ you fucking flops $2billion could of made destiny 4x over
  • 2billion for what? 1 license? This is fucking retarded, focus on getting some other talented teams back and exclusive.
  • Microsoft could spend that money on better stuff. They've missed the boat with Minecraft. I know there's a movie in the works, which will earn money, even though it'll suck (live action) but it wont make 2 billion
  • Yeah what everyone is saying logical. They are better off buying Capcom for 2b since they are losing money. You will get 100 different games rather than the one game, unless they have a plan of releasing minecraft like COD every year.
  • If the MS investors were annoyed about not selling off the xbox division, they're going to go nuclear over this.
  • I hope this doesn't happen, I don't trust Microsoft with controlling Minecraft. After spending that kinda money, I can guarantee they'ed stop the free updates and sell them as expansions. It'd be fairly likely that they'ed crack down on the modded aspect of pc somehow, just for that kinda money, it'd take too long to make the return as it is, especially when you consider that money could be spend on making new and interesting IP's.
  • @10... Because that makes perfect business sense - spending 2bn on a company that made 100m last year, or a company that is loosing money, left, right, and centre... Honestly, MC will be the best selling game ever... Who wouldn't want to own that? And all they've got to do is make the xbox version get all the best stuff first, and people will buy xboxes - simple. MC will only get bigger, not smaller. And, I bet a massive amount of the money made isn't even from the actual game - think about all the toys and shit that people buy - MS gets a slice of that, too... It sounds like a no-brainer to me.
  • Minecraft was made available for the newest generation of consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, earlier this month. Microsoft, if it completes the deal, will keep the game available for rival products, said two people familiar with the company’s plans. The company thinks that this kind of product, like its Office productivity software, has to be available with high-quality versions for multiple platforms, including those of its rivals, the person with knowledge of Microsoft’s thinking said.
  • lol I wish I was notch. not surprised considering what minecraft has done to the xbox charts and its consistently the most played game on xbox live.
  • Remember people, they're not just getting the rights to Minecraft here. The people at Mojang are a very talented team and this could be the thing that pushes them even further, with Microsoft behind them they could achieve a tremendous amount and yes maybe even make a Minecraft 2 and lets not forgot about official merchandise folks.
  • Also I bet PS owners will be sad to see no more updates for their versions, lol.
  • I wish they invested that money in making the xbox one far stronger than it is,instead of penny pinching,
  • They could effectively charge Sony a lot more money for anything Minecraft related. That would make more sense than shutting them out. That could create some revenue.
  • @16, It'd be near impossible to make Minecraft 2. What could it offer that Minecraft doesn't already offer? Why would you end a games development that has practically limitless potential? Minecrafts a game that'll never really be finished, as long as people are making mods, people are coming up with idea's for possible expansions for the game it's self (where allot of the contents come from at least idea wise).
  • If they did this earlier to get it exclusively on the Xbox one and leave the PC version as is, I'd be happy, but playstation has it now, so even if they do buy it mojang still need to support those versions,
  • This will deal a blow to Sony :D
  • @21 the same can be said about CoD what's the point in making sequel after sequel its just s copy and paste with a few new features. The point in making Minecraft 2 is everyone would still buy it and they will still make money.
  • :? great, another company thats actually good to their customers being sold to a giant corporation that couldnt give a shit. and for MS why is it always PC developers, they have a horrible tendency of taking Devs that make good PC games and making them console only which really pisses e off
  • Keeping it multiplat after the deal is good, but releasing the newest update on xbox one week earlier would be great.
  • @26 no it wouldnt, keeping it exactly the same as it is would be great, any kind of exclusivity would be bad for the consumer.
  • I do have to agree spending a 2 bil would have been better suited for more studios and such. @17 It's not a huge blow to Sony if it stays on the market there. In fact, MS would be smart to let Mojang keep updating it. Extra revenue will just go to MS. It would be great business. Also, people should remember that Minecraft sales are phenomenal on ioS and Android. That's where that extra chicken is coming in.
  • Good call by MS to keep it on rival platforms, even if it is purely for the money. Would like to see less exclusivity in gaming.
  • @13 I agree with you. Minecraft isn't just a game anymore. With all the physical things they shell out now, those foam tools, the $60 40-piece LEGO set, the card board box heads, and all the clothing that comes out for it, it seems like a smart move to me. Keeping is multiplatform is good too, because a ton of people are buying it for PS3 and PS4, so that means Microsoft is getting money for people making purchases on the Playstation Network Store. Hell, it may even be a good thing in terms of updates too. Think about it, if Microsoft is putting that much money in, they'll probably devote more resources to the teams working on the console version, including patches and updates. Meaning we should be able to get more caught up with the PC version quicker, and finally have those damn horses. I don't think they would completely stop updates for Playstation though, doesn't make sense as good business wise, however, I could see it being early release on XBox systems like they do with Call of Duty map packs. The updates hit XBox systems first, and then hit Sony systems a month later or something like that. It makes no sense to keep it multiplatform if they were to just cut all updates for it. Why alienate that entire source of revenue by not updating it? It would hurt them more to keep it multiplatform with no updates, verses doing everything for all systems.
  • Gonna make bank when that Minecraft 2 comes out!
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