Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Goes Live and it’s TOUGH

Lee Bradley

Destiny’s first Raid, Vault of Glass, has gone live. It's a long, six-player mission designed to give high level Fireteams a new challenge and it's gonna kick people's asses.

Most players aren't even be levelled enough to take it on. Bungie warns that while you can access Vault of Glass if you’re lower the Level 26, “such acts would be very foolish.”

Making things even tougher is the lack of matchmaking. Just like the Weekly Strike, if you’re going to attempt Vault of Glass you’re going to have to bring friends. Annoyingly, the game won’t pair you with suitably equipped randoms.

Bungie says this is deliberate, as Vault of Glass demands high levels of communication. They mean it too. In a Raid there’s no waypoints and no guidance whatsoever. You have to work everything out for yourselves.

“The Director is light on details for the Raid in Destiny,” says the studio. “This is by design. The most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie is a mystery as much as it is a challenge – a puzzle and a gauntlet. The race to see who can be first to solve it - with their cunning and their skill - is about to begin.”

Because it’s unlikely that Fireteams will conquer Vault of Glass in one sitting, Bungie allows your progress to be saved for up to a week. Progress is tied to the Fireteam leader. Fail to complete the Raid in that time and your progress gets wiped. Succeed and you’re gonna get your hands on some Legendary gear.

“Bring with you a team that has made the commitment to work together,” says Bungie. “Configure your loadouts so that you are powerful together in a variety of ways. Communicate with each other. The Raid will demand that you operate as a team. Cooperation is the key to your success.”

As soon as Vault of Glass went live, several high-level teams streamed their attempts on Twitch. I started watching but ducked out in fear of spoilers. How long before someone beats it?

If you’re looking for teammates, tips, achievement help or anything else Destiny related, head to our forums, and if you're looking for more info on Raids, check out this post by Bungie from towards the end of last month. It covers a load of interesting ground.

  • I'm almost lvl 18, highest of my friends, I would be interested in doing a raid but by the sounds of it whats the point? I understand the need for them to be difficult but come on surely thats taking the piss a bit.
  • They've already alienated Raids by having no Match Making, making them also insanely hard will cause people just to not bother.
  • No matchmaking is a terrible idea. I don't have the time or even the friends to get a group together for this. Looks like I won't be playing raid [email protected]@k this game.
  • Guess I will never know. I don't have that many friends...
  • I agree with the posts here so far. I only have two friends that have this game and both have limited gaming time. I was looking forward to the raids but I think bungie took a bad step here. No matchmaking and over the top hard. They made these this difficult and also included an achievement for beating one without dying? Come on.
  • Basically if you have no friends you can not play a huge part of there game #angrygamer
  • I've enjoyed the strikes using matchmaking with randoms, although I've never heard any of them talk, but I simply don't have the time or enough friends with the game to attempt this.
  • To all the people saying about not having friends, why don't you all make friends with each other? Then you will have someone to play with. Also there are loads of other places you can go and find people to play with. Destiny sub forum on here, Destiny Reddit, Xbox One Reddit, I always see people looking for other people to play with. It does suck a bit that there is no match making, but there are other ways of playing together.
  • I've always enjoyed co-op games with friends but seem to be having issues with only having fireteam of 3, hard to understand why bungie would take this backwards step. Hopefully raising the teams to 6 will get rolled out across the game. Doing the strikes with 3 players is just a grind. Really enjoying the game though.
  • so the best feature on the game that u can do with more than 2 friends you cant do until you spend a week grinding like crazy lmao got to say cant see this game lasting to long
  • @10 totally agree just seems stupid that you have to grind so much just to get any where ive grinded for 3 days just to get from 24 to 25
  • Bungie seem a little over cocky and they are some what annoying me. I agree with most posts here... I DO have 6 friends but chances of getting everyone online all at the same time and they all be level 26+!! Not possible. Quickly losing patience with this game. P.s. The no deaths achievement can go **** itself!
  • Can't wait to hear some atrociously sounding Brit yelling that the game is funfunfunfunfun. My short attention span needs that constant reminder, otherwise I'd just vent that the game is overhyped crap.
  • So they thought "doubt random teammates could manage this, lets not even give them the chance"? One of the very few interesting pieces of gameplay in the entire game and it's essentially locked for the 99%+ who don't have access to 5 high level friends online at the same time. Once you get to level 20+ the game immediately becomes a shallow. repetitive grind for random, infrequent weapon/armor drops which does little more than increase a few numbers on your profile each time - and then the extra content we get post-release is unplayable for the vast majority. Pisstake.
  • Not played this, so can not judge it, but there is bucket loads on ebay, and the game has just came out, is there something up
  • Looking to do this. Lvl 25. Good communication/mic is a must. Let me know if interested. The more the better atleast 3 people I think. Send msg if interested.
  • Yeah, no matchmaking = I will never experience this content. I do not have 5 other friends all playing Destiny on the One at the same time. And this game has absolutely no social features to make any new friends either. Disappointing.
  • Bungie expects me to have 5 friends at a minimum of level 26? What a load of crap. It's already ridiculously boring getting past level 20 due to the huge lack of new endgame content. Farming the same strikes for a small chance at gear with more light is absurd. Hopefully Bungie learn from their mistakes and make it more like how reaper of souls is with replay value.
  • is here to assist with crucible, strike, and raid matchmaking!
  • @15 The game is getting very mixed reviews from players. Ignore reviews and try the game yourself :) but do consider some of the facts, no matchmaking on an online mode is the dumbest thing i have seen this week
  • No matchmaking is the dumbest thing they could have done. Guess we have to set up sessions on TA instead. And I can't even find anything to get me past lvl 20, all I can find is pure junk. Game is already losing me. My completionist will keep me playing, that's about it.
  • Seriously Bungie, just add matchmaking. Recently I've not had much time to play games, so when I do have spare time I don't want to spend it trying to get a group together, especially from a place like this where, sorry guys but it's true, most people are too unreliable, and either leave the group when you've just found that last person and you have to start the search again meaning more in the group get bored and drop out or have other commitments and you get stuck in a never ending cycle, or you get an asshole who joins just so they can quit out half way through and lose it for everyone. They should have learnt this from Halo: ODST Firefight mode, I was with a group from here and one guy died to the final enemy and quit so none of us got the achievement, I'll always be that one achievement away from 100% on ODST now, because getting a group together in the first place took too damn long, with Matchmaking I'd have probably gone for it.
  • @1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - I agree 100% This is real life, sorry some of us can't plan out our every detail that goes on in our lives or sit on the game for days straight.
  • @23 well you just found 8 people in the same situation as you, why not try to make friends with each other....
  • Do Bungie deliberately want Destiny to fail...?! No MM is a joke - I couldn't even play this game properly if I wanted to... it's not like I can plan when I game - I just fit it in when I can, which is not helpful for scheduling matches with friends (not that many of my friends sounded too keen on this game to begin with).
  • @24 While that's not a bad idea, it would be much easier to just allow matchmaking so we can all get the FULL experience what we paid for...
  • This is the reason I don't play WOW or any other MMO cause I don't have the time to invest in making online friends. I enjoy Destiny and the ability to have random people jump in with on a mission or get matched up on a strike. I mostly play games to enjoy the single player experience and story. I am glad that I only rented Destiny as I agree that the game has suffered from being over hyped just like Titanfall. Unlike Titanfall though I will consider buying it at a later date cause there is somewhat of a single player campaign and Bungie is not forcing us into just multiplayer mode.
  • You make friends with matchmaking that's the beauty of it.
  • Raid is a total waste of time tried doing it with 6 players 5 at lvl 25 and 1 at lvl 24 most of us had legendary or exotic weapon but we still could not do the first part bungie can stick the raids up there ass unless they make it a little easier. You got to cap 3 zones guarded by 3 minotaur one at each cap point then after you cap all 3 areas you got to wait for the gate to open while you wait you got to stop the minotaur from touching the cap area as soon as the enemy touches it reset the gate progress then you got to start again
  • I can understand people saying that you can just make friends while matchmaking or on a forum, but that just creates more issues. For example, you could try talking to say 30 people in a row who will just ignore you in a match made missionstrike, and even if they do reply they may not want to team up and most likely wont even be a high enough level. They then also have to be really good and be able to work as part of a team if these missions really are as hard as bungie are making out. They then have to also be available at the right time and have enough time to play for a prolonged amount of time. You'll need to repeat this scenario several times over if you're like me and have maybe one friend on the same system playing destiny. I just cant see why they don't include matchmaking, ok so you might get some idiots, but at least you get a shot rather than just thinking "well, that's a huge chunk of the game ill never get to try."
  • @26 I agree. But I'm just saying there are other ways you could play. You just need to put a little bit of planning and effort in to it. I've been watching some of the Raid in Twitch, it looks pretty awesome.
  • This goes first... Bungie DELIBERATELY told us that fireteams are required for this game mode. Not friends, fireteams. To stop all of those people that are bitching that they don't have friends... you don't need any fucking friends. I will go step by step to teach you people how to create a fireteam. 1.Go to your inventory, hit LB, and highlight your name. You want to change your fireteam options to either public or invite only. 2. Find the appropriate level people, I personally recommend multiplayer and the Tower for ease of finding. Talk to them. Are they willing to do the Raid, are they part of a fireteam, do they have friends that want to do it, etc.? In MMO-type games you're going to be talking to strangers, so pull on your big boy pants. 3.Don't forget clans. There are achievements for completing a Strike and completing a Raid with members solely of your clan. You can sign up for a clan, or make one, at The clan limit is 100 if I am correct. 4. Find more than the minimal amount for the Raid. Find 8-10 people so you always have the required amount no matter the time. I constantly see people Light 26 and above and that number grows daily. I apologize for my anger in the beginning. People are completely ignorant on how fireteams work so it simply aggravates me to no end that people complain about a subject they have no idea how it works. Bungie used the word "friend(s)" in replacement for the word "fireteam". If you did not catch that than I have no idea what to say. Spread this info so people learn how to play this game. I truly hope every individual above me reads this.
  • I for one am looking forward to tackling this raid. I am nowhere near the level req yet and dont have many friends that own it either on xbone, but like has already been said find some people in the forums. There is always some good people on there looking for a blast
  • My experience with a "matchmaking" system and raiding has been awful. People don't stick around if it is hard. So if you have yourself and five people you actually know, chances are you will get it done. I also can't believe how many people say that they don't have that many friends to play... YOU'RE ON A FORUM! I'm just about level 22 right now but if anyone wants to play this game and make a clan, and wreck these raids.. add me. GT - Swaffor
  • I have the same issue as everyone else; no friends. BUT I would LOVE to play with any one of y'all commenting on this! made an account just to do so. I play on XboxOne GT: paleoBiolist I'll be on later this afternoon and most weekends!! (I try to at least go to the Tower once a day)
  • Find a clan and join to add new friends for raids. They didn't add the voice communication for randoms because Sony peeps are used to not voice. THey weren't going to spend the time for the MS version since they want PS to be their flagship console.
  • Average Game not worth the 50 bucks paid!! soon as Halo Master Chief Collection hits the shelves this game will die pretty quickly
  • Hopefully they will add an option for matchmaking in the future. My issue is not the 6 person no matchmaking, it is the level 26. I am currently level 21 and have received all my light gear through the crucible and none through strikes or general game play. As for the 6 people, just look up a clan on and join them or friend the people you meet in strikes, I am sure they are more than happy for the friends and potential raiding partners.
  • Bought this yesterday cos i was planning on playing with a few mates and they were all getting server issues last night so i continued alone, apart from the way it looks this game really runs out of ideas quick so the idea of being level 26 just to have a chance at Raid is ridiculous lots of people barely have THAT much time or attention span to play for that long!
  • raids are meant to be end game. If you aren't at end game in the first week. THAT IS OK. The raids are going to be there for years. they will be there when you have had the chance to level. Some complaining. In any mmo, you aren't going to be raid ready by the end of the first week. Man some ppl just seem so privileged it's disgusting.
  • Looks like I'll never get to play this then :/ I only have 2 friends who have it on the console I do. We make the perfect Fireteam but not enough for a Raid team.
  • @32 Don't be so fucking condescending. Fair enough the intricacies of how Fireteams work elude a lot of people but "pulling on our big boy pants" isn't the problem. Doubt anyone here is scared to talk to strangers online. The issue is that to experience arguably the most interesting part of the game, people are forced to gather 5 very strong teammates which a lot of people don't have the time and/or inclination to do just to play content they've paid for. Imo a solution would be to have 2 Raids, same way they have 2 variations of the weekly Strike. One lower level with matchmaking and lesser rewards, the other as it is now for the "hardcore" players.
  • arrrrr so Bungie embargoed the review, now i can see why, take your money first haaaa
  • I thought I was lucky enough to have 3 friends playing this damn game, but you need 6 people for it? Well, fuck me then.
  • For those of you complaining about the vault and how you dont have any friends to play it with... GO FIND SOME! Stop hating on the game just because you dont have friends! If you wanna do the vault, just look for people. If you have skype, talk to them whilst you play. There are absolutely loads of other people who are looking for people to play with because they dont have friends. If you do have friends, encourage them to get the game. Bungie made the raids for people who want a really hardcore experience. They didn't want it to be an absolute breeze. It wouldnt be fun that way. Im glad they didn't make it like a strike. In fact, its a good thing. How many times have you gone on a strike mission and actually talked to the people you played with? Probably not at all. Bungie stressed that the vaults require communication and coordination. They told you over and over that it would not be easy and that it would not be like strike. Find friends on forums, play with them and do the vault, enjoy the loot if you succeed.
  • so far, the reason i have not bought this is no matchmaking. Fix i buy. Fin.
  • To all those talking down to the people who can't find 5 other high level friends, or can't dedicate the time to find 5 other high level friends, here is what will happen to your game: A lot of players will jump ship in a year and the game will have a lot less players. OR.... They could add matchmaking and extend the life of the game. But hey, those jerks could just make friends...keep saying that and watch this average game disappear. :-)
  • Wow sounds like a lot of people are bitching because the game is to hard. In my experience gamers are never happy. I'm enjoying this game hopefully people get slowly into it.
  • So bungie do not make matchmaking because you need coordination and know your teams strengths etc.. This means a lot of people are annoyed because they don't have enough friends online (or even owning the game) or have real life get in the way, which is legitimate in my view. So what do some people here say to talk down to those people? Go around, make friends & ask people to join you etc.. Essentially those people are telling others to do the one thing bungie doesn't do, matchmake! Seems that it'd be quicker and easier if bungie just added it and gave randoms a chance, especially if they can learn and have progress saved. Hell, they may even become friends that way! If not then try again with another group. At least people can try the content.
  • @50 you should read into it a little more instead of assume. Majority aren't complaining about a challenge, its the process and steps that need to be taken in order to play the end-game content. We all paid for something and everyone should be able to jump in, get matched up, and play it. I highly doubt if Bungie said before release, "Oh by the way there won't be any matchmaking on end game content." It would had been successful. I am lucky to get an hour or 2 to play, I don't want to spend 30 minutes hunting down people to join a game. Even if people took the time to find randoms to join with on forums, is that going to stop someone from quitting early, playing unsporting, or not communicating? Come on...
  • @51 Amen bro, you have intellect!! We are essentially forced to do our own "Matchmaking."
  • Is this not a community? C'mon guys. I see a lot of people have great fireteams, but are missing the extra three, or people who just don't have 5 other people at all. Who are all concerned about unsportsmanship, uncommunication and dropouts, Which can easily account for an entire 6 man raid group. Let's all just stay calm, plan a little bit, and do some raids.
  • Has anyone seen this site yet? It lists everything about everyone: Hmmm...
  • No issues with the tone of #32's post
  • Tried it in a 4, brutal. Pretty much NEED a team of 6 all high levels. Starts off with 3 points that need attacking, capturing and defending in unison against high level enemies. Think we're set to try again in 2 hours with a full 6. The achievement for completing a raid with no-one dying seems incredibly challenging now.
  • Anyone feel free to msg me on live for this game. I'm off work on holls next week so plenty destiny time.
  • So I was expecting a LFR type of matchmaking like WoW. Bummer. My gaming time is late at night, not to mention I only have a few friends with this game on X1. Meh give it a week or so and bungie will fix.
  • UPDATE: tryed this with 5 other people and its hard. Would suggest atleast lvl 25 or 26 if you atempt it. Looking for 5 people to do this with. Msg me if interested. Must get this done asap.
  • Well I won't be attempting this until I'm at least level 26 but I did solo the weekly challenge and nearly managed it without dying once. Don't think the raids can be completed in the same fashion though as I was patient and took my time. There were plenty of hiding spots where the respawning enemies couldn't interfere too much.
  • I'm at level 20, can't seem to find much gear with Light buffs at the moment. Perhaps once I've finished Mars (only just unlocked last night in campaign)
  • Said above (@8) but saying again. Anyone who wants to do this send some friend requests. Only a couple of my friends have an Xbox One and Destiny. I have the game and will be playing this. GT: kebabsaurus rex
  • I got the game but havnt had time to open it yet and play it due to work and all but when I get up there I'm hoping some peeps will be down to set up a team and do it
  • If they want to do raids like this, that's fine, it sucks but whatever, but they are alienating a large player base by doing so. Thus they should have NO achievements relating to raids. Just my two cents.
  • So many people complaining about being challenged by something
  • @66 I think the majority of people are complaining that they'll never even have a chance at ever doing the raids, which was a big part of the end game content. Lots of people don't have 6 friends they can get on all at the same time or that are leave 26. The challenge is fine, it's that most people cant even accept the challenge do to the requirements. But you can complain about complainers all you want.
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