Halo: Reach Now Available Through Games With Gold

Halo: Reach Now Available Through Games With Gold

Lee Bradley

Bungie’s final entry in the Halo series is now available through Microsoft’s Games With Gold program. Xbox Live Gold members can download Halo: Reach through this link now.

Both Capybara’s Super Time Force and Grounding’s Crimson Dragon are still free on Xbox One until the end of September and the former is definitely worth a look. Crimson Dragon is a bit more of an aquired taste. You cn also grab Monaco on Xbox 360.

Editor Dan gave Halo: Reach a whopping 94/100, saying the game “represents Bungie going out with a deafening bang.” Read the full thing through here.

  • Consider this downloaded.
  • I cannot recall if I own this or not. I definitely played it coop a few years ago but honestly, no idea if it was my disk or a friends. I'm not a huge Halo fan but I did enjoy the campaign of Reach. I expect a lot of people with GOLD will already have bought this, but a good game for those who haven't.
  • Worst game in the franchise fucking destiny. Bring on the down votes -_-
  • Already have it. I'll download it anyway so I won't have to use the disc anymore.
  • This AND Destiny. I'm only one man Bungie. Please have mercy on me :) .
  • I'll take it & trade-in my physical copy that I've had since launch day.
  • Well time to get rid of the disc copy. I jist have to delete and redownload it now
  • wooohooo gonna try to play this trough legendary mode
  • Best game in the series.
  • What level is this screenshot from? I don't remember ever seeing Jun's face.
  • So excited! This is the only one I didnt yet own!
  • Wtf is up with the people wanting to sell their phsysical copy.
  • Did this on Legendary back in June. Immensely satisfying.
  • My most played halo game by far not my favorite still prefer 1 and 2 but i did love reach be nice to have a digital copy so i can put my actual one back with my legendary edition statue
  • I remember being out at the pub with my mates and, in a drunken moment, we decided to head along to Game on the way home at 12.30am to pick up Reach. I bought the Limited and they all bought the massive one with the figures etc as the store had some spare. We all promptly went home to play our new game but I was too drunk and fell asleep before I could even take the cellophane off my game haha As for the game, its great and I recommend everyone download it. I live the Firefight co-op missions, Gruntpocalypse etc etc
  • You spelled acquired wrong, lol. Not going to bother with this, got the disc and will save space on the hard drive for something I don't already have.
  • It is the worst Halo. Multiplayer is an unbalanced disaster and the campaign feels unfinished at parts, but if you can get a friend or two to play coop with then you can have a great laugh, if you don't already have it then you can't complain when it's free.
  • Lol at everyone saying "time to trade in my disc", yeah, have fun with getting $1 for it. xDD
  • This is a really really good game. But the worst of the halo games. Speaks volumes to how good the halo series is to have a game this good be its worst.
  • @12 Whats the point in keeping it when you are getting the game for free via download.. might as well make something off of it.
  • Not a bad game at all. Definitely a good title for people to see with it being free. If any of the Halos had to be the 'worst', it would be Spartan Assault, and not this, like people are saying. Still, they're all great.
  • Worst fucking Halo game in the series. Non-canon events (Cortana was never given to a secondary group of Spartans for transport), undeveloped characters, poor voice acting, horribly written script, Marty's least impressive score, unbalanced MP, terrible MP map design, implementation of armor abilities and loudouts, weapon bloom, no Battle Rifle. The list goes on and all.
  • I borrowed this from a friend a few years ago and really liked it. Not much of a Halo fan but will definately download this.
  • So... anyone else can't download this game because it's not available in their region?
  • Wish they would have offered a discount on the map packs.
  • Beating this on Legendary solo was so much fun.
  • Man I hate to come on here to see all this hate for Reach. You can say what you want about their design decisions, but the simple fact is that Reach represents the pinnacle of variety and inspiration in Halo design. The multiplayer alone could be a standalone title.
  • I can't believe how much hate this game is getting, it was the only halo I was able to stomach playing through and I actually had fun with its mp.
  • And my region cannot get it...
  • #29 i agree H-R is best halo halo ce next best
  • Im one of the few who doesnt care for halo at all but loved this game I like the dark tone of it all, despite not being a fan of the series i already knew the story of Reach before playing it and it was carried out very well i thought Plus all that multiplayer ayyyy Good game, will download and keep my legendary edition =)
  • f you have good custom games/forge maps and are usually hosting/playing in custom lobbies send me a friend request, my gamertag is Donut Deity. I miss when this game was in it's prime and people were always playing customs. Halo 4 customs just dont feel the same as 3 and Reach customs.
  • Never owned Reach, just borrowed from a friend till 2011 (my last achievement was around that time). But holy Arbiter Christ! I honestly forgot how much fun this game is to play and look at. I'm tempted to get the DLC now :P Anyone recommend them from an achievement point of view and just general play?
  • i liked this campaign. along with odst its in my favorite 360 games. i assumed this would happen and traded mine in ages ago for $20 US. i havent traded odst though as i assumed itd never come up. would be sweet though. then my 360 downloaded games collection would be sweet.
  • Better multiplayer than Destiny. Got to play against n00blets with my Inheritor account :}
  • @34 DLC achievements are pretty hard to get because you can't get to DLC maps easily and some of them require 12 players so you need a boosting lobby.
  • @37 Thanks for the info :)
  • The fact this game was planned for GwG made me put the disc I own into the xbox. Great fun so far, especially when doing couch co-op with friend today. He never played any Halo and always assumed it wouldn't be his thing. He was proven wrong.
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