Dead Rising Watchtower Movie Sees Rob Riggle Cast as Frank West

Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Sees Rob Riggle Cast as Frank West

Richard Walker

Legendary Digital Media has announced that its Dead Rising movie - Dead Rising: Watchtower - will star Rob Riggle, the actor and comedian whose previous credits include 21 Jump Street and its sequel, Let's Be Cops, 30 Rock, The Other Guys, Family Guy and more.

Riggle will play photo-journalist Frank West (he's covered wars etc), with Epic Meal actor Harley Morenstein, Bates Motel and Once Upon a Time actor Keegan Connor Tracey and Aleks Paunovic (This Means War), alongside previously announced cast members Jesse Metcalfe (House), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time, Intelligence), Virginia Madsen (Hell on Wheels, Sideways) and Dennis Haysbert (the president in 24).

Morenstein will play menacing biker Pyro, while Paunovic will play Logan, a tough criminal and head of the biker gang. Tracey will play a "straight-laced journalist". Dead Rising: Watchtower has been penned by Time Carter, who is also producing the movie with Thomas Harlanunder Cotnradiction Films, the production outfit behind digital series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. The producer behind Transformers, Red and GI Joe, Lorenzo di Bonaventura is on board as Executive Producer.

Dead Rising: Watchtower will take its cue from the games, with a widespread zombie outbreak and a government conspiracy at the centre of the narrative. The feature-length movie will debut on streaming service Crackle in the US, before launching on SVOD, DVD, VOD and TV. Dead Rising: Watchtower will also be distributed by Content Media Corporation in feature-length and episodic formats internationally. It's due to drop in 2015.

  • I actually said "he'd be a good frank west" to my friend when I watched 21 jump street lol
  • Danny glover too old now for Brad but I guess he can play otis.
  • @1 no, horrible casting.
  • Not going to theaters = another bad video game movie
  • You know what guys, this is a brilliant outside the box thinking casting! Just enjoy the fact that something us gamers have helped create! If this game was a flop the would never make a movie so I'm gonna enjoy it either way.
  • Is it going to be 90mins of them collecting stuff with about 20mins of storyline thrown in by any chance?
  • Whaaaaaat in the world is this. Going straight to Crackle? Well, to be honest, I'll still watch it. Harley from Epic Meal Time/Empire? Meghan Ory is Red from Once Upon a Time (my wife makes me watch it...heads up, she's hot as shit). I don't know about Riggle as Frank, but it should be at least a good waste of an hour and a half.
  • Aww... No Daily Show credit for Riggle? He was hilarious on that show.
  • Based on his build and appearance, and the fact he's been in some comedy stuff, does anyone else agree that if this guy grew a goatee he could be a fantastic pick for the role of Negan in The Walking Dead?
  • The guy is funny, but i do think this is a poor casting choice
  • People tend to forget that Frank West is not a hardcore serious character. He's a goof and corny but that's just how it is. I think Rob Riggle is a solid choice, even got the Frank West haircut already.
  • Should've cast A$AP Rocky as Frank West.
  • Ty Burrell from Dawn of the Dead (2004) should've been Frank West. I mean, zombie movie. In the mall. Looks like Frank. 2+2=?
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