Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Confirmed For Digital Xbox 360 Release

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Confirmed For Digital Xbox 360 Release

Richard Walker

Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will indeed be coming to Xbox 360, as the achievement list we unearthed yesterday suggested. What's more, you'll be able to play it in just a few days, as it's out via Games on Demand next week.

With the Xbox Original version of the game removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, the re-release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox 360 will be available for download, with improved visuals that support 720p resolution, better draw distances and, obviously, achievements.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be available for Xbox 360 on October 26th. Pricing has yet to be confirmed. This month sees Rockstar celebrating the game's 10th anniversary, with a weekend event kicking off in GTA Online from tomorrow. Read all about it here.

[Via IGN | Thanks, Slatemoor]

  • I can't believe they didn't release it on the XB1
  • Really looking forward to this! Grove street, here we come!
  • @1 I'm still hoping for an xboxone collection with all the games. Including 1, 2 and london.
  • @3 hahaha that would be cool, London was awesome.
  • I'd like to think there would be a discount for owners of the Xbox Originals version, but I wouldnt expect it. (Not that it would apply to me anyway, as my only San Andreas copy is on PS2).
  • I own a 369 but I refuse to buy this on last gen console... So iIt's a no go for me.
  • @6: Why? You must not want it anyway.
  • Would have gotten this if it was for X1. Don't really feel like setting up my 360 again just for one game.
  • Cant wait for this!
  • So much for being the xbox all in one. They should of said all in two.
  • Fuck, fuck, fuck! The day before I go back in the army and won't get to play it till at least christmas!
  • It's awesome that this is coming, and I'll be getting it no question. But fucking Sunday? I know it's the actual tenth anniversary, but a Friday release would make more sense. Then you have the whole weekend to get back to the Grove.
  • Pretty awesome news! I really hope they don't charge too much more than what they were charging for the Xbox Original version that they took down from the marketplace!
  • This game caused some bad grades in my first year of College. Great game! I still remember some of the difficult Driving school times.
  • Good thing I have the original from XBLA dl. I might get this idk it'll make my 4th copy though (Xbox org dl, ps2 org with hot coffee, ps2 patched ver.)
  • Yeah, I'll be getting this day one. I'm curious about the cost + how noticeable the draw distance improvement is going to be. But I'm very excited to go for the achievements, for sure. I have a feeling there will be an obtain 100% achievement, which will suck, but I'll get it.
  • Anything on 360 = no buy for me. Get with the times R*
  • Really for the 360 only. I guess people only care about last Gen over next gen
  • Look at all the butt hurt non-360 owners
  • Good thing I still have my 360. Don't have anything to play on my xb1 till November 11th/18th so this will be a welcome addition.
  • Hope the price is reasonable, under $20 would be ideal but knowing past experiences who knows. And is this only on 360 and not ps3 as well?
  • Seems so wierd that they would put such a tiny effort into this, why not release on current gen as well? Actually why even do this at all if you not going to make it a true hd remake?
  • I don't see why so many people got rid of their 360 and expect every game to be on the current gen. Should have just kept your 360s they are not worth much anyway so why sell them.
  • @22 it's called GTA V
  • Nice! Only bad thing is I wish there was a physical copy. But achievements!
  • The fact that no price has been revealed yet worries me. Even still having my 360, I'd rather have an XBO version.
  • Would love to see a vice city re-release as well. Looking forward to playing San Andreas again.
  • i knew this was true. thats cuse i trust the GREAT video game journalists at xbox achievements. :) i trust you guys more than ANY 24 hour cable "news" network anyway. for you xbox one sure it will be on one eventually. its ridiculous to call the one current gen and the 360 the last gen right now. most of you that say you dont want to dig out your 360 need to be sold it. lol..but also why would you do that knowing that the one does not play 360 games? ms failed on that big time. many games in developement that came out after the ones release were still being developed for the 360. they are not just gonna scratch those games just to put them on the one. it wastes time and money. plus they also want to sell copies. they know there are still many more 360 owners right now than there are one owners.
  • i also would not get my hopes up about vice city or a 3 game hd collection on any xbox system seeing as SA was the only one of the 3 to be on the original xbox. the ps3 and/or 4 would get something like that if they have not already. i know it sucks but the xbox wont be selling any new baseball games either. no more 2k baseball titles..but we deal.
  • @26 Polygon had a price point of $14.99 on their news story of this.
  • Do i have to pay again to get the hd version? I want at least a discount to owners of the original version.
  • @29 I'm looking at a copy of vice city for Xbox right now so that's not true
  • @30, thanks. I hadn't seen a price mentioned anywhere. Hadn't seen that article.
  • I might actually use Bing Rewards to get this! I want to play San Andreas as my computer can't play discs right now, so this might be nice. But won't they change a bit of the textures to be a bit more high-def? Or is it a bit similar of the App Store/ Play Store game?
  • @29 I have GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas on my original 2001 Xbox which I still play
  • @28 What's so hard to understand? The 360 is last gen and the One is current gen.There's no way you can misinterpret the distinction.The One came after the 360.Therefore it's the current gen. As far as backwards compatibility goes, it's a moot point.Just keep your 360 if you want to play 360 games.Backwards compatibility never amounts to much anyways.It's something that gets dropped pretty quick by the consumer and console makers. I would have loved to be able to play all my 360 games on the One, but that will never happen.I can live with that though, because I'd never get rid of my 360. I have a 500 and 320gb hdd full of games for the 360.. and I continue to buy games for it(as the sales dictate)weekly.When I get a 4 or 5tb external for my One >__>.. same treatment.Although not as fast.I guess my point is, BC compat shouldn't matter. Also, about the remakes.. ohh I don't know man, Microsoft seems to love making them for the One, so never say never :P.
  • @29 you are clearly a fool as you have never heard of the "GTA Double Pack"
  • Awesome, I am cool with this. Hopefully later on they will release a triple pack or bundle pack containing III, vice, san Andreas and IV for Xbox 1.
  • @36 They would rather make a remake then bring backward compatibility because they can easily get full price again for the remake, just by tweaking the graphic setting abit. Id much rather have pay £5-10 for an upgrade tho over backwards compatibility so can enjoy it with improved visuals/performance but i also dont want to pay full price for something i already have.
  • It's about to go down!
  • I traded my 360 in so I could get some X1 games a few days before the list was revealed. Gutted. Only did that because I was getting bored of just having Forza 5 and Minecraft to play and needed something else to play. I would have like an X1 version, but its not the end of the world. Guess I'll just buy another 360 in the future and get it. Hope everyone who gets it enjoys diving back in. One of my favourites games ever.
  • yet another game I want on digital download only no thanks I buy disc digital downloads are way over priced rockstar can stick it up its liying ass
  • I'm not paying anything over $20 for this, I already own the Xbox Originals version.
  • @39 I absolutely agree.As long as it's a game I like, I don't mind double dipping. @41 lol, I literally did just that.My power brick for the 360 croaked. Thereby rendering both fans useless.Only the bricks fan was bad though.I got a new brick ASAP! @42 It's your hobby, so you have to do what you have to do to sustain it.Nothing wrong with to that bro.
  • I'm pleased it's true. Even though my 360 is sat next to my One and ready to play, I'd still like a One version but if it does come to the One it'll probably be in about a year!
  • "What's more, you'll be able to play it in just a few days, as it's out via Games on Demand next week." Did I miss Sunday being moved to the beginning of the week? Also, thanks to all the WTFOMGICANTBELIEVEIT digital and 360 only whiners for showing me how content I am with my dearest hobby.
  • I only bought the xbox version few minutes months ago...
  • Is this really coming out on a Sunday...?!
  • @47 At least in the US, weeks usually go from Sunday to Saturday because Sunday is the first day of the week on calenders.
  • @23 I said it once and I'll say it again. Not everyone has room for another console. My desk has a computer monitor, a tv, and the xbone. You can imagine I'm sure how cramped it already is. I know what you're going to say. "Stop being lazy and just unhook the one and hook up the 360". I would gladly do that if my wire weren't behind the desk and the only way I can get to that is to take literally everything off of my desk and move it from the wall.
  • @47 didn't know that, in Germany it's Monday. Thanks for clarifying :)
  • I was really hoping this wasn't digital only cause there is no way in hell I'm paying $60 for a game that came out 10 years ago. Would've been a great rental what a shame.
  • @47 supermarkets work on a sunday to saturday week
  • So it isn't out on the xb1? Me and my brother weren't stupid enough to sell our 360 when he got an xb1
  • @53: Where the hell did you get $60? Being digital doesn't somehow mean they're gonna make the price that high, that doesn't make any sense. Remember Resident Evil 4 HD? Crysis? Were they $60? San Andreas has already been confirmed to rerelease at $14.99.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I already purchased the Xbox original version on the 360. It would be nice to at least get a discount, seeing how they're removing the version I paid for.
  • @58: They removed it for purchase, you can still re-download and play the Xbox Originals version just fine.
  • For everyone saying they won't buy this because they don't want to set up their Xbox 360, why have you still got your 360? If you aren't prepared to set it up to support the gaming industry, just trade it in and buy something on the Xbox One.
  • Might be able to snag this. SA was damn good but sonetimes a bit 'too' big. Mainly that part with Catelina's missions. Though maybe they've updated the brick driving and horrible original Xbox controls too. Having to rapid fire trigger to pedal a bike was a bit anoying
  • seriously people moaning bout having to setup their 360s again. Do you really have that much to play on X1. Even if i actually bought an X1, my 360 would always be hooked up. Over 100 arcade games, most of which are ones you'd wanna go back to over and over again. All those 2 free games a month, most i never even played, actually only got 20gb left. The 360 is keeping me so busy, its gonna be a long time before i even consider X1, which by then most the games id want will be cheap. This is why backwards comp would have been so much more useful, no excuse to make things just for 360, nothing holding me back from getting an X1
  • Awesome! Can't wait for this. I have an X1 and I have a 360 both set up ready to play, I also have a 2nd 360 and monitor kept in my car for play whilst Im a t work ;) getting paid to play xbox! Loving life lol
  • @51 Hdmi pass through and a 9' Hdmi cable would have helped.Surely you could have made room for it. @62 I got a 500gb hdd from Amazon for $54.Try a search there, if space is getting limited.
  • @61 I doubt it. The controls where a bit clunky when I played it the first time so unless they fixed the driving the game is going to feel really weird for anyone that has been playing GTA5. I want to get this ,but I already have a bunch of games to play this year. Borderlands the pre-sequel, Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, and Dragon Age. If the reviews are good on the "updated" version of the game I might grab it.
  • i didn't think i'd buy another game for the 360 (still gameflying a lot though) but i guess i was wrong. be a good last game to buy
  • Will this game have heists??
  • When can i buy it in marketplace?
  • @37 no need to name call but you and others who called me out on that are correct. i made a mistake and was wrong on that so fault. however i do believe all 3 of those games were exclusive to ps2 when they first came out. GTA3 was released right before the original xbox came out. as for an hd/remastered 3 game pack with achievements..its possible but i wouldnt get my hopes up.
  • @36 that depends on opinion when it comes to what is considered current gen and what is not. many people like myself see current gen as what the majority is playing. and right now..the majority is still playing on the 360 rather than on the one. why must you one owners be such snobs about it? having a one does not make you better than a 360 owner. and how important backwards compatibility is depends on opinion as well. a big reason why i got a ps2 years ago was because i could keep and play my original playstation games without needing my origina playstation system.
  • *original anyways..i will most likely get this off the marketplace BUT no price information before the release worries me.
  • STFU about Xbox One already!!!!!!!!
  • It was just released its only $3.74
  • @71 Its generations of hardware not what the majority are playing. So xbox one is Current gen now but can considered next gen if your still on the 360.
  • Its up for £2.99
  • It's only 2 GB. Wasn't the PS2 disc bigger than that? I'm skeptical the graphics are any better
  • lol.. its only $3.74?!! excellent. i will get this today in case its a mistake or its a day one only sale. gonna have to buy some live $ cuse my account is 3.54! so close lol. great price!
  • Not available in Australia, the shit our country doesn't get is ridiculous.
  • it does not indicate its 360 by the cover. im guessing it will be on the one soon. the odd 3.74 price seems like a sale price to me. but for how long.
  • Anybody know when this will be available to download?
  • Now?
  • still not issued on XBOX LIVE store EU region,when will be avail.for purchase?
  • Yea somebody was either misinformed or lied bcuz nobody has this right now.
  • ok,3.70 euros on xbox live EU region store
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