Slender: The Arrival Rated for Xbox One in Europe

Slender: The Arrival Rated for Xbox One in Europe

Lee Bradley

Slender: The Arrival is coming to Xbox One and PS4, according to new listings by the European ratings company, PEGI.

All the new versions of the horror title will receive a PEGI 12 rating in Europe, the same as the previously released Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Slender: The Arrival is the sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, a first-person indie game inspired by a Something Awful meme. The console versions include new story elements and extended levels.

I didn’t play the original, or the sequel on Xbox 360 and PS3. Did you? Were they any good? Let us know below.

  • Slender on 360 made me soil myself
  • maybe it won't look like a PS2 game this time around. couldn't stomach the framerate and textures in the 360 demo.
  • i like to plug my butthole with strawberries :)
  • must they release this horrible game
  • I actually quite enjoyed the 360 they released. As some one who has never played a Slender game or even read the mythology that has been created since its first appearance on the internet I found the game to be a fun little horror game that doesn't take too long to finish. There are really only two moderately hard parts of the game and yes the graphics do look like PS2 but it adds to the creepy atmosphere. I had no issues with frame rate and for a 10$ game it was worth it.
  • With any luck it will look more like the PC version's higher settings. I hope it isn't just a direct upscale anyway.
  • I hope there is a small upgrade fee because if I knew this was coming to the one I wouldnt have bought it on the 360!
  • Meatballs
  • Merp. Wasn't that great on PC. it was okay on 360. Now they're trying to get more money out of you. Was it alright? Yeah. I was expecting some scares. Especially in a slender game. The one thing that made it worth my money was playing "genesis". Since my PC crashed I made a switch back to Xbox and was happy that I could relive the original game. The bonus levels were rather interesting (revealing a bit of insight... and making me teary eyed during "memories") and I was happy that they included the "secret" level like in PC.
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