UK Deal: Shaun White Snowboarding is £20 for One Day Only

Dan Webb

Gamestation should be crowned the king of UK festive cheer amongst gamers as the good deals still roll in with Christmas about 2 weeks away.

Instead of pushing old titles that no-one cares for out the door, they've managed to slip in some beauties to make all right in the world.

Up today is Shaun White Snowboarding and I can honestly recommend this as a fantastic deal. It was a game that a.) fell at the wrong time in the release schedule, and b.) I don't think the vast majority of reviewers gave it a fair chance.

If you can get past the brutally hard and boring beginning and upgrade your board and skills, then Shaun White Snowboarding is a fantastic snowboarding title that boasts an excellent online mode. I can't wait to get some free time and head back to the slopes, that's for sure.

If it sounds like it's for you. Follow the link.

Remember though, it's UK only, but if anyone spots any decent deals for the rest of the world, drop me a mail and I'll spread the word ... Only if it's a good deal though.

  • Wow Gamestation are really on the ball this year may have to pick it up at that price.
  • Nah not for me, I'd rather wait for an SSX similar type game as I loved that on the playstation! But yeah loads of retailers are doing ridiculously good deals over here especially on trade ins
  • This game was worth the full retail price IMO so grab a bargain and another easy 1000gs.
  • i cannot recommend this piece of junk. the controlls fail their main task which is to give you the feeling that you actually have something to do with what the guy on te screen is doing. it just seems completly random... if you want a glitchy snowboard game which would have needed 2-3 more month of development and fine-tuning you'll be fine otherwise save the money for stoked...
  • damn i brought this last week!
  • i want this game it looks really good. gamestation have been doing good deals lately i picked up fallout 3 yesterday for only £19.99 everywhere else was selling it for £33-40.
  • The good deals thread is there for a reason.. lol I kid, I kid. Seriously though this was £17.99 on another website last Monday.
  • Good deal? Bah, I bet this is £20 elsewhere before Christmas. Gamestation is NOT the best place. Are you actually from the UK to the article writer? ;)
  • tell fat chris to stick his crappy snowboarding game.
  • @ Thorpe - Of course I am :P I usually buy from GAME in all honesty but Gamestation have been doing great deals that I can't help but notice them :)
  • Good news :D Wat game could be next ???? spooky :L
  • waiting for stoked instead
  • I prefer Gamestation to Game even if Game do own them. They give you alright deals on trade ins but game give you nothing.
  • I bought it for $20 on amazon, and it was still a rip-off
  • except I got the 1000/1000 and then traded it in at blockbuster for $35 in credit! :P
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