Rumour: Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leak

Lee Bradley

Screenshots are circulating from what is supposedly a debug build of Just Cause 3, Avalanche’s long-rumoured to be in development open-world title.

The screenshots were dug up by the Xbox-Underground forum. The images are covered in watermarks, but clearly visible are images suggesting that the game will feature microtransactions.

According to “a source close to the project”, the image shows an in-game Black Market that lets players buy in-game items. The source adds that a free-to-play version was planned for PC, but the idea was eventually ditched.

There is no official information on the game. Just Cause 3 remains unannounced.

[Via NeoGAF]

  • Microtransactions must be for online or some form of co op, I don't see it happening for single player
  • Firstly, Just Cause 2 is one of the silliest, most over the top games I have ever played. It was also fantastically good fun. If they put microtransactions in they risk losing a sale though. The above looks a lot like the kind of thing that used to be available with in-game money. If they make it only available through microtransactions then I'll be annoyed. Plus, I feel like they want us more and more to pay over the odds for our games. DLC prices seem to have shot up. Everything has a season pass out before the game. Microtransactions are popping up. I don't mind microtransactions on a free game. I consider that fair enough. You gotta make money. But if I pay £40 for a game, then they want to punt me some DLC at £20 and then to get a cool gun or car or whatever I need to give them another £1, but that car disappears after a day. I'm not against DLC and expansion packs. But I also feel like large chunks that would have been in a game 10 years ago are now being taken out and sold to us later.
  • The first picture reminds me of mad max... No clue why... Anyway, never really like the just cause games, but these pictures do look very pretty.
  • Ground vehicles were rarely worth using anyway. I don't like microtransactions, but as long as you're not forced to deal with them, I don't mind.
  • I like the way it works in titanfall earn credits for playing and doing challenges, not wallet raping like most games are now
  • This game looks awesome :D
  • This would tie into the countdown Squenix have up for a reveal on thursday night
  • Enjoyed the first game and absolutely loved the second. Will buy this day one.
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  • I should hope the final product runs faster than 25fps.
  • They can shove their Microtransactions right up their squid hole. We're not here to be exploited.
  • @11, I can get constant 60fps?
  • Is that Microtransactions? looks more like an in-game market cause it isn't telling prices more like reward points from missions.
  • Love this franchise; more than Saints Row and GTA. Can't wait for this!
  • @#14 - I think it's the "Buy More" by pressing Y that's the indicator they're focusing on. Hard to tell from those screenshots, but they better not have removed the grappling hook. What would this series be without that grappling hook?
  • @16: why would you think they removed the most fundamental, unique characteristic of the series?
  • Can't wait. JC2 was awesome. For those who've played both, would you recommend the first Just Cause?
  • @#17 - I don't necessarily, but it's weird that there isn't a shot showing it. I dunno... But your question was more or less what I was getting at with my similar inquiry. ##18 - It's a decent game, but not quite as awesome as 2.
  • Don't you DARE ruin Just cause 4 me or NERD3! If this happens ill have a heart attack of sadness for gaming
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