Red Faction: Guerrilla Available Now Via Games with Gold

Red Faction: Guerrilla Available Now Via Games with Gold

Richard Walker

You can visit the red planet today, providing you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Martian smash 'em up, Red Faction: Guerrilla, is now available for free, as part of this month's Xbox Live Games with Gold for Xbox 360. Normally, the game would set you back $19.99/£14.99 via Games on Demand.

Playing as Martian ore miner, Alec Mason, you'll lead a resistance movement against the Earth Defense Force, who've deployed armed patrols to keep Mars' colonists under its iron fist. Violence escalates, and it'll be down to you to smash the EDF's fortified checkpoints and buildings to smithereens, armed with a massive hammer and a range of destructive weaponry.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is all kinds of fun, so you really ought to add it to your download queue for Xbox 360 here. It'll be available free for Gold members until November 30th. If you're on Xbox One, Chariot and Völgarr the Viking are both still available to download until November 30th too.

  • An amazing game. Totally worth it.
  • When are they actually gonna give xbox one users decent games.
  • @1 agreed played this on pc gfwl enjoy blowing things up
  • I had a blast playing this game when it came out, and the MP wasn't bad either (although it's probably dead now)
  • Honestly I didn't enjoy this game. Destroying massive structures is the only fun part, the rest gets boring fast.
  • #2: Since last year.
  • @2 How are they supposed to give you decent games when there are just simply not enough games??? I don't expect any good retail games to be free for at least another year. Jeez you may as well sit on the street beggin for money so you can get your free games
  • Absolutely fantastic game, one can only hope we get a red faction guerrilla 2 at some point.
  • This game was pretty fun. I wish I didn't own it, so I actually got something from Games with Gold, though.
  • This game was not good. Very repetitive. Drive here destroy this then drive to another location and destroy it. Maybe folks will like it since it is free.
  • The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 is also free right now.
  • @10 you literally just described every video game involving guns and vehicles. OT: it's been years since I've played this, can't wait to give it another go!!
  • It's a good game, but it's a horrible, horrible, grind to 1250G. It took me like a month of non-stop playing to do it. Easily over 100+ hours. So yeah, you've been warned!!!
  • Never played this one but I enjoyed RF Armageddon. So many different ways to kill the enemies, really great fun. I hope this will be similar.
  • Might try this if i get around to turning my 360 on.. download the games with gold but never have a good enough reason to play it over the one.
  • @2 Here's the flaw in that logic.If you want a game so badly, why not buy it?I mean, why wait for others to give you something that you obviously want?Unless they ask you specifically what game would you like, how can complain? The service is supplemental.You get free games, some of which you may not like.I think the service is great.I've gotten a lot of great games from it.For the times that games I already own are put up, I simply download them to have a digital copy. I'm thankful for whatever they give me.Although, I do throw out the occasional "BOO", to an offering I may not like. I'm critical at times, but never ungrateful.
  • @3 It could be great to see some people for Red Faction : Guerilla on GFWL someday, if you know some peoples for some matches, let me know ;)
  • A great game. I played it for both 360 and GFWL and wouldn't mind going through it again. I still think the destruction is second to none.
  • That game was fun back in 2009. Why are they giving away games that are over 5 years old?!
  • its a fun game, never played it til now so kinda glad they dont give us more recent games. Im predicting good sales for black friday week and 12days of xmas. Wouldnt surprise me if most stuff on the 360 ends up cheaper. wanna get people moving to the one but i still got no reason too, far 2 many 2 finish on my 360
  • @#19 What do you expect? games that came out last month? Halo 3, Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears were given away as part of the program and many people were happy about that. Also, your statement makes no sense - if the game was fun in 2009, then surely it's still fun today, even if the mechanics have been done better since.
  • Here in Belgium, the game is in French instead of being in English :( Damn you Belgium!
  • glad this came out as i played the sequel (hugely enjoyed it) and just haven't been able to find this game for a decent price anywhere but now i get to see this story :)
  • People can complain about old games being given out through GWG all they want, at least the majority of the games we've been given have been quite good. I remember renting this when it came out and going mental with it for the week before taking it back and never picking it up again, might buy the DLC for it and get stuck into that because I never had chance to play it before. Just gotta clear some space on my HDD first...
  • I borrowed this game off a friend years ago, I felt bad that I had it for so long and never fished it, so it will be good to finally go back and complete the story at the least
  • @15 It's easy. You push the power button and play the damn game. Did that many people really put their 360 in the closet the second they got an xbone? I guess it's just keeping up with the joneses. Luckily, I don't have the need or want to show off
  • im still playing 360 trying to trade games and play xboxone.360 still rocks
  • #1 totally worth it lol well it is free lol
  • @2 Maybe when decent games are released for the Xbox One, and said games didn't come out 1 month ago? The first part alone is a big part of the problem.
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