Assassin's Creed Unity Free Game Offer and Patch 4 Available Next Week

Assassin's Creed Unity Free Game Offer and Patch 4 Available Next Week

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft has announced that Assassin's Creed Unity Season Pass holders will be able to pick up their free game next week, while a brand new patch will be made available to all.

The publisher will be hoping that both the patch and the free game will end a difficult spell. Assassin's Creed Unity launched last month with numerous bugs and issues. Ubisoft responded by making the game's Dead Kings DLC free to all and offering a free game to all Season Pass owners.

Unity has also been patched numerous times since release, slowly bringing the game up to an acceptable standard. Set to be released next week, Update 4 is expected to clear up some of the remaining issues.

"We expect that Patch 4 will be released next week on Monday, December 15 across all platforms," says the Assassin's Creed Unity Live Updates blog. "This patch will address issues with stability and performance as well as online matchmaking and connectivity (among other fixes and improvements)."

As for the free game, all those who purchased the Season Pass (including those who bought Unity's "Gold Edition") are eligible for one of six free games including; The Crew, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Rayman Legends and Just Dance 2015.

Ubisoft has created a dedicated website from which elligible users will be able to make their choice. It's going live next week and you can find more details through here.

  • For all the problems it had, it was still a good game imo. I really enjoyed it. I didn't buy the season pass but a good deal for the people who did.
  • The game has issues, but fair play to them for trying to make things right. Free DLC for all, free game for season pass holders. Lots of patches to correct issues. All things that a lot of companies don't do.
  • I got lucky and had few if any problems with the game, well I had a problem with the modern day story but a patch isn't going to fix that :D
  • Hahahahaha! WTF is that picture?!
  • now if only they would refund everyone who was unfortunate enough to buy the shower of shit that is the crew. so glad I didnt buy that.
  • I'm still disappointed they aren't offering anything to owners of the Collector's Edition. I've paid more for the game than most, and my current compensation for that is nothing. I missed out on this "free" game, and that's fine. I don't need more big name titles to play right now. But missing out on the season pass content AND having to pay more for each piece seperarely when they're finally released is simply disheartening.
  • @4 that is the physical manifestation of my nightmares. Her name is Mary.
  • But no word on dead kings release date or am I missing something and that's also next week?
  • I like reading stories like this. Not many companies are willing to look after the gamers who buy from them. I think more companies should follow suit.
  • So theyve got rid of the season pass and giving the dlc free, but a season pass means several dlc, so whats going to happen when the rest come out, free as well?
  • Still not clear what's on offer for us season pass holders who have all the free games on offer. How do I get my refund for a product now that's been taken off sale and will never be fulfilled? I paid for something that no longer exists, so I expect my money back.
  • To give the people with problems 1 of their 2 other new games is pretty decent of them. It sucks that its just the season pass holders though.
  • Am I the only one who had no issues with it? Other than a frame drop here and there. I had no real issues
  • This game should of been completely recalled how does it make it throug testing??
  • I would say i'm upset by the current trend of release broke, patch on the fly (thanks to M$ making updates free) gaming we are having to sit through. But i'm far more worried about the fact that Ubisoft are giving new titles away for free as compensation (probably looking to boost dlc sales,online numbers lol)and EA are giving games and stuff away for free as compensation that they could of flogged for major money (sims 2 ulmitate edition, Sims 4 pools etc.) I'm telling you, THE END IS NIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @13 nope, my experience has been the same
  • @4 That's the mother of Two-Face... "No-Face!"
  • 343, u paying attention?? Give us something free for your wreck of MCC.
  • It is still not known if the free game will be made available for consoles. The thing most of us are worried about is the free code will be for Uplay (Ubisofts version of steam, similar to EA Origin). It is possible we are getting a free game for PC only, even if you bought Gold/Season Pass on a console.
  • @ 19 - I think you could be correct. Was there not some issue with Dragon Age 2 so EA/Bioware gave away Mass Effect 2 for the PC to sweeten us all back up. I'd definitely not be shocked if you were correct on what you have suggested may happen. I only hope that this was a big enough wake up call to the industry that you cannot simply release a mess and fix it later. I'd really rather a game was finished, polished and had at least some reasonable play testing done before release. I know that you cannot expect playtesters to find everything. A small group with limited playtime versus a much, much larger group who have more time to play etc.
  • @10 Ubisoft updated their Q&A about it yesterday. Apparently, the second and third DLC packs (which entail new missions, and the Chronicles: China game) will be released to the public who had not purchased the season pass, but gave no details on how. They did say the second pack, the extra missions, would be made available for purchase, but they said they were exploring their options on getting China to customers. Which is to say, they're determining how much they can charge people for it without getting a huge backlash from those of us who missed out on all these offers.
  • @19: The free game has to be on the same platform as your Assassin’s Creed Unity copy.
  • They should have let people Beta test it. Instead of a crappy stripped down version.
  • Regardless... they're trying to remedy the situation as best they can. Can't really complain with the effort - aside from the fact that it should have been done pre-release. Just an FYI, Ubi - I'm always available to beta the crap out of your assassin games. Feel free to pm me ;)
  • @8 That's what I'm thinking, does this mean Dead Kings is out next week too or is there no word on that?
  • @24 they delayed the game from oct-nov and its still got problems in mid december. So "were working on it" isnt good enough anymore
  • So I noticed the season pass is no longer on my console, even though I downloaded it on a month ago today. The content I got with the pass is still there, but the pass itsself is gone. Hopefully it's reinstated and i don't have to pay for the content I was supposed to get from it...If I paid $30 for a "free" game I didn't want, I'm not going to be very happy at all. It also disturbs me that something I installed can be taken away....
  • #19, I'm sure it will be on the same platform...but I think a choice would be nice. I'd much rather have FC4 on PC than the The Crew on XB1 (The only game I don't have off that list, and one I'm not too excited about)
  • NM- Season pass holders still get the content...that's good. Still worried that my pass disappeared though.
  • For me the buggs weren't that big of an issue, infact i enjoyed some of them because they are funny. But what a nice move from Ubisoft, most companies would't bother to give something back to early buyers.
  • @11 this was announced well before the crew came out so if you went out and bought that game after it was announced you could of got it for free more fool you to be honest!
  • Nice, I'll be done with Rogue just in time for Far Cry 4 :-] Even if I'm still not happy with them calling it a "free" game since we paid for half of it, it's still a very nice and unusual gesture in the VG industry. On the other hand, I wish next time they won't gold an alpha version...
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  • @5 Whilst I wasn't a massive fan of The Crew's Beta, I am sorry however will disagree and say The Crew is a fantastic game. Yes its repeats its missions etc, however the sheer size of the game is what appeals to me. Its pretty, but not super model ala Forza Horizon 2, but FH2 became boring fast, where The Crew hasn't. On subject, I will wait for Assassins Creed Unity GOTY ed...however if I had a chance of a free game from that list. The Crew all the way
  • To bad I have Far Cry 4 Watch Dogs Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and Rayman Legends and I have absolutely no interest in The Crew or Just Dance 2015
  • If any 1 is stuck for choice on wot free game to choose ....simple far cry 4 ... 1 of the best games I have played ...
  • Hang on, you get to choose a free game, but lose the season pass? That's not really a fair trade off. Sure, if you want Far Cry it could be a good deal, but Watch Dogs, Black Flag et al? Nope, not cool. And why did they do this anyway, because they gave 1 dlc free and disrupted their own plans? This is a bad fix for a problem they created to smooth over a previous problem. Its like trying yo escape a hole by digging downwards.
  • #38 you don't lose the season pass the season pass is gone but you will still get all the content plus the up coming DLC which will be free for everyone without the season pass but since you already paid for the season pass and would be getting ripped off you are getting a free game worth it
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