Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal 12 - Dance Central Spotlight Fantasia Resident Evil 4

Countdown to 2015: Daily Deal #12 - Dance Central Spotlight, Fantasia, Resident Evil 4

Richard Walker

With Christmas and Boxing Day now done and dusted, it seems that the onus is well and truly on burning away the inevitable flabby arse and gut that comes from all the overindulging, which explain why today sees not one, but two dance titles receiving discounts.

Both Dance Central Spotlight and Fantasia: Music Evolved offer compelling reasons to dust off the old Xbox One Kinect and take it for a spin, perhaps getting the rest of the family involved. Or not.

If you'd rather leave your Kinect device rotting on a shelf somewhere, then perhaps you'll find Resident Evil 4 on Xbox 360 a little more tempting. It's one of the best games ever made: FACT. You should probably buy it if you haven't already. There's no dancing in it either.

Countdown to 2015: Daily Deal #12

Xbox One

Xbox 360

  • Is Dance Central any good?
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I give up
  • @1 its not bad.. Plays exactly like the others... But has a very limited track list, hence the small price. It gives you the opportunity to buy songs you actually want.. Instead of forking out £40 for a full retail game with crap you don't like.. Not a bad idea in my opinion, I've only downloaded a few. But I like them all... Beats other versions of dance central where I was paying for about 40 tracks of utter tripe
  • realy ?? vere sad
  • At least put the RE franchise on sale.
  • @8 I'm fairly certain all the RE games on 360 except 4 were deal of the week last week.
  • Oh dear.
  • Watchdogs season pass Ryse season pass sunset overdrive season pass bioshock infinite season pass dead rising 3 ANYTHING far cry 4 season pass defiance Season pass peggle 2 character discounts and defense grid 2 this is the list of shit i wanted for this sale, its a pretty big list, i expected atleast 1 to be hit. i bought contrast, outlast and child of light Only good thing, these DOTW are kicking ass,that Telltale bundle made me angry i bought Game of thrones and borderlands, Daily deals thou, Yeah, ok. freakin 4 dollar used spit on clearance sale.
  • I thought the sales would get better,There getting bloody worse each day
  • Are they even trying with these deals?
  • The ENTIRE telltale games collection is 50% off today as well. All 5 games, 59.99 USD
  • @15 if you are correct on the DG2 i guess i blinked and ill wait a bit more :(
  • I think (not positive) that's a psn deal
  • Well I gotta thank Microsoft for these deals for keeping me from spending too much money after Christmas.
  • They're making it very easy to save money with these.
  • arse
  • Did Microsoft really think they were going to make money off these deals??? Whatta joke
  • Can we boot up Skyrim, Fallout, or another Bethesda game and use the wait feature to skip until tomorrows deal?
  • Fantasia is great, try the demo first.
  • What.The.Fuck??
  • I laughed so hard when i saw this, good job M$ you guys should try comedy next year.
  • these supposed sale are getting worse as the days go on, hopefully they are saving the best for last?
  • RE4 is still worth playing IMO. MILES BETTER than some of the more recent "survival horror" games (Dead Space 3, The Evil Within).
  • @3 aka marzipanninja There is nothing wrong with Resident Evil 4's controls. Is using the left stick to aim really that hard? Apparently you just have girly hands that lack fortitude. @11 What the *uck does any of that have to do with today's deal? Go whine somewhere else.
  • @26 Metro Redux bundle for $24.99 (disk Amazon) and Black Flag 4 + Unity (digital card from Ebay..$24.99 as well). Now look at their current prices on the One... :/.I'd say MS is doing pretty good comedy already. ***SOMETHING I WANT TO PASS ON TO YOU GUYS, ABOUT THE TELLTALE BUNDLE, IF YOU PURCHASED ANY OF THE GAMES SEPERATLY!!!*** You may be able to get a refund, if the purchases were recent AND you haven't played them yet.I bought the Walking Dead bundle during the black Friday sales for ironically... $24.99 lol :P. I know the terms of the purchases explicitly say, no refunds. However, I just decided to call Xbox support for the hell of it.That bundle was just like salt in the wound.The value made any other purchases hard to take. I just talked to a customer service rep and asked for a refund.I IMEDIATLY said I'd like to purchase the TT bundle, which would cost me more money, but it's a great deal. It may depend on the rep you talk to, but it at least is something you can try.My tenure (8 years) was mentioned and maybe it's the amount of games I buy. YMMV, but you can try to ask for a refund(say you would like to purchase the bundle right away). A refund, nearly 30 days after the fact?MS support was on point tonight.Now I have all 5 games for $55... rather than 2 for.. yeah $24.99 :P.
  • Im Happy about Fantasia dont complain that much Guys !
  • So no one cares that yesterday, the 360 version of Fantasia was cheaper than today's bullshit excuse of a sale? They shouldve been on sale together to bwgin with, but that would allow people to compare the price differential with ease. I mean come on MS, why stick it to the people helping you progress. Really wanted this but now i Won't buy on principle alone.
  • Snagged Resi 4 a couple of weeks back in the bargains, not sure if I got it cheaper than this. If you don't have it then this is a superb deal to get it at.
  • This time last year we were getting more & better games, c'mon MS
  • I have to agree with the majority that the pickings aren't that great (and on the flip-side, that'll save me some money). It's like MS is dwindling down to games people least care about. What's the final deal of the day going to end up being... a return of "Dash of Destruction" (and be 99 cents instead of free)?! Hopefully they're saving the best for last. Oh... and RE4 was $4.99 (U.S.) a while back. They can't even offer at the best price it was at before??? WEAK!!!
  • another day, another bullcrap.
  • I agree with @11 Dead rising 3 need some kind of discounts (I mean the DLC not the actual game) there has been nothing on sale for DR3 since release where as we've had Halo assault on sale twice already Peggle 2 DLC discounts would be nice but not essential as they are cheap enough Bioshock infinity season pass - I don't think that's ever been on sale And I would like killer instinct season 2 I am gonna buy it - but holding out to see if it's in the sale
  • They will put NBA Jewelry for last day sale.
  • I've only seen a couple of games I wanted, but didn't have the money at the time. At least Im not buying games like I have the last few years. Saves me money.
  • Maybe they're saving the best deal for new years? Lol
  • I love how we just had no xbox cuz of ms bein havked we got nothing in return for getting fucked for that then as a added bonus we get fucked on a sale thats sapose to top the sales all year. Way to go ms u guys really showed customer appreciation this year.
  • @38 You made me chuckle. ^^ OT: Can't complain that much. Grabbed all Telltale games for the One and Murdered: Soul Suspect despite some negative feedbacks. But overall, this years sale has been poo.. poor. lol
  • crapola
  • Guess I'll keep my money another day.
  • I'm too tubby for dancing.. and Resident Evil 4 was the beginning of non-Resident-Eviliness. I'll pass.
  • They really wasted the opportunity to sell a load of 360 games this year. They should have had 27 days of sales and just put everything on sale Alfabetically. Including the # yes.
  • @11 Ubisoft currently is running an ad on the 360 dashboard for upcoming sales on its games: Dec 26 33% off Rabbids Invasion season pass (never saw this one) Dec 29 75% off AC Liberation and Dec 30 50% off Watch Dogs season pass
  • What is wrong with you people? It's an Xbox One-centric sale this year. There's only so much that can be on sale daily as there is still a fairly small library and it needs to be spread over 15 daily sales and two weekly sales. Seriously, what do you expect? Anyone who doesn't think this has been a good sale is an entitled baby. Also, stop comparing to Steam or physical discs. This sale is for those who want digital games on Xbox. What does it matter is other sales are better?
  • @48 "Also, stop comparing to Steam or physical discs. This sale is for those who want digital games on Xbox. What does it matter is other sales are better?" The only person who has drawn comparisons to discs is @30 and their point was actually very valid; apologies if the truth offends you so much. Also, no-one in this entire thread has mentioned the word 'Steam' apart from you. Good going.
  • @41 FFS, another person demanding something for free. You do realise that it was a DDoS attack and not a hack, right? There's not a lot MS (or PS) could do about some idiots bombarding their servers. If you want to demand something for loss of service, go demand it from Lizard Squad, they were the ones (apparently) to do it. As for the sales, yes they've been lacklustre this year and I personally hope they'll get better toward the end and crossing my fingers for something quite special at the end but if not, it's not the end of the world. Don't forget, MS have to cater for a broad range of both existing Xbox users and new with the limited library the One has right now. As for the 360, well I guess Ms's focus is on latest Gen
  • Really hoping for LEGO Batman 3 to go on sale.
  • @37 DR3 season pass has been on sale I know because thats why I bought it.
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  • @48 People want value for their money.Why is that bothering you?Sure, the weekly sales have been great, but overall the sale as a whole, has been one HUGE disappointment.MS can do better. How can you as a consumer, chide someone for wanting the lowest prices, or multiple deals?Sometimes our demands are unreasonable, but we have a RIGHT to demand as many deals as possible.YOU the consumer, determine the value of these sales(i.e how much you are willing to spend). Most of my purchases ARE digital, so I don't get your argument.Look at my post above again.I look for the best value for me.If I don't like a sale, I simply move on and wait for the next day. Are we not allowed, to show how we feel about a particular offering?We gamers are a fickle bunch.No matter what's on offer, someone is going to complain. Hawk, I could play 2 different games a week, until Jan 2016(and still have leftovers).Why would I even care if a sale is good or not?My games are purchased based on value relative to me.Every sale cant be 100% tailored to me. They are meant to appeal to a wide range of people.I, along with others, think these sales have been average at best.That's not to say there haven't been any good offers.. My wallet is a testament to that. I also think the GwG program is great.You wont hear any complaints from me... yet you throw out the entitlement angle.Most of my One purchases are digital.Sometimes it's just more convenient(always the cheapest option though). Sorry for the mini rant.
  • Hey 50 if im payin for my online and cuz they cant protect there shyt or do wat ever they have to protect there customers from this bullshyt then why make us pay for it. I go by the month so that stupid bullshyt takes time out of my game time. So ya i would like something for bein fucked over. They didnt give a notice sayin hey shyts gunna be messed up heads up. No they let it happen then when the news got out of why it happened they did nothing to help out there customers
  • @2 I agree, the controls are horrible. That along with having to stand still to fire, reload, etc are the reasons I never beat RE4 on Xbox 360. I don't see why they couldn't update the controls at the very least.
  • @48 - What about different prices based on gen. X360 version of fantasia was cheaper yesterday than the x1 version is today. Tell me that's just fine.
  • @55 dude I think you need to take a chill pill.. or perhaps a language class. You aren't entitled to anthing, xbox wasn't hacked their servers were overloaded there is a huge, huge difference. And just so you know, you could still have played games by going offline.
  • @55 - Are you aware of any possible way to prevent a predetermined ddos attack? Its not possible. Get over yourself quick.
  • @55 you pay for XBL by the month? you are dumb
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