Check out the First Trailer For the Dead Rising Watchtower Movie

Check out the First Trailer For the Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie

Richard Walker

Video streaming service Crackle has revealed the debut trailer for the upcoming feature-length live-action Dead Rising movie, Dead Rising: Watchtower, starring Jesse Metcalfe of Dallas fame, Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Meghan Ory (Intelligence, Once Upon a Time) and Dennis Haysbert (the president from 24).

Also starring as Dead Rising's original hero, Frank West, is comedian Rob Riggle, whose credits include 21 Jump Street and its sequel, Let's Be Cops, 30 Rock, The Other Guys, Family Guy and more. There's only a couple of glimpses of Riggle as West in the trailer, as it looks to be Metcalfe's movie.

Give the Dead Rising: Watchtower trailer a look below. It'll be streaming on Crackle from March 27th, 2015.

  • Oh no...
  • This looks super cheap :(
  • Time bandits looked super cheap too. Still a sick film. I'll rate this on the writing & acting when i see it. Who cares about the buget
  • @2 its a Crackle Original what do you expect other than cheap. Will still watch hoping for some comic relief, but not expecting much.
  • When I heard it was crackle I knew it was gonna be super cheap :(. However im kibda happy they kept some of the cheesy comedy.
  • The main actor seems decent enough. The script? Not so much.
  • For me personally, the only good 'game to film' was Silent Hill (not revelations!!!). Every other game that has been into a film has been pretty poor. Sorry if i have missed one but i cant think of any!
  • Watch on ill pass no one likes to watch the same commercial ever 3 minutes
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Riggle should be great as always. Depends on how they handle the story. First glimpse here was fine enough though.
  • Meh it looks ok, nothing spectacular, but what can you expect from a film on crackle?
  • I think people are missing the point, if it wasn't cheesy and over the top then it wouldn't be dead rising, it adds to the B-movie feel the games were trying to achieve
  • This movie looks like shit. Uwe Boll produced better looking garbage. To those wanting more Rob Riggle as Frank West. I can tell you he is hardly in it and he has no action scenes. He is basically a commentator the whole time. Rob got paid to sit in a room and have less than 10 minutes of screen time. This movie is an insult to the game.
  • @13 Yeah, because Dead Rising is a series ripe with tradition and high brow comedy. I mean, c'mon people. What were you expecting? Dead Rising is goofy and quirky to begin with. Just in Dead Rising 3 there was a psycho that used a flame thrower that looked like balls and a penis. Right behind the shop where you could grab a dildo to run around and hit zombies with. I think anyone saying this looks like crap, etc... had their expectations set WAY too high. This is supposed to be cheesy, silly, and there for a cheap laugh. I mean, just look at the scenes with Riggle in the trailer. No one is taking this seriously. I kinda can't wait. I think it'll make for some decent entertainment for a couple hours before moving on. It's not like they're asking you to spend 20 bucks to go see it in a theater, take it for what it is.
  • I think it looks kinda good. Not blockbuster good, but cheese-good. Like Demolition Man or Starship Troopers. To the people complaining... Dead Rising has been cheese pizza since the first game. Do you not remember the childrens entertainer that went nuts and wore his costume while trying to kill Frank? Or the fact that you got Erotica points for taking upskirt photos of zombies? Or throwing dishes like frisbees? It was always pretty campy you guys.
  • Am I the only person that thinks that this movie is going to be good?
  • @16 I am with you, take it for what it is and enjoy some popcorn
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