Remedy on Quantum Break, Xbox One's Most Ambitious Exclusive and Revisiting Max Payne & Alan Wake

Remedy on Quantum Break, Xbox One's Most Ambitious Exclusive and Revisiting Max Payne & Alan Wake

Richard Walker

Known to some as the pained expression of the original Max Payne, Remedy's Creative Director Sam Lake is also a man in charge of one of 2015's most ambitious Xbox One action titles, the time-twisting Quantum Break. Taking transmedia to another level, the project takes the form of both a third-person shooter and TV show.

Billed as 'season one' of Quantum Break, you play as Jack Joyce and his allies, navigating their way through broken time, while the nefarious Monarch Corporation seek to take them down. Able to move through time brings with it a host of challenges for Remedy, a few of which Lake discusses with us.

Find out what bringing in a quantum physicist did to help the coherency of the game's core concepts and how juggling a TV show and game development has caused Lake and the team sleepless nights. Also find out about Remedy's desire to perhaps one day revisit Max Payne (even though Rockstar owns the IP) and Alan Wake.

There's all of this and loads more in our Quantum Break video interview with Sam Lake below. Quantum Break is coming exclusively to Xbox One later this year. For more on the game, hit up our preview here.

  • Alan Wake was godlike. This is going to blow anything Sony puts out straight to hell.
  • Remedy makes great games, but sadly short ones.
  • I truly miss Alan Wake it was such and amazing story and gameplay style, I really hope they follow through and come back in some way to alan wether it be a re-make, a sequel, or some kind of spin of game.
  • I was seriously excited for this being a day one game... Its been a while, I can't watch the vid on my commute home but.. Is this thing coming out any day soon??
  • Max Payne. I'm sold already, plus Alan wake being a great game itself. I see this being a great time to revisit one of my favorite games. Can't wait.
  • I would love another Max Payne game. I could listen to Max's take on things all day.
  • Alan Wake HD remake. Not a bad idea, especially to include the night springs videos and making of, all on one disc. Shouldn't be an issue since the PC versions of both leave plenty of room
  • Another Max Payne woud be amazing. I could hear Max narrating all day long.
  • I wouldn't want an HD remake of Alan Wake, as the darkness would hide most of the detail. I would LOVE a sequel, though.
  • Alan Wake was already in HD, no? Looked great to me and definitely one of the better games for the 360 highly deserving of a sequel, not a remake. All i needed to read was the headache it appears to be for the team making Quantum Break...this game will be such a convoluted mess, i can already see it coming. No thanks. Give us a proper Alan Wake sequel, the comments here are already in favor of this
  • I thought Alan Wake was terrible. And the character drove me mad with his bland narration. He narrated over this own speech at times. Max Payne on the other hand, I really liked. Max Payne 3 is my favorite game of the last Gen.
  • @11 they didn't do max payne 3 just the first 2 I wonder if Microsoft will ever do a alan wake sequel seems this game is more part 1 so I hope it goes smoothly enough to bring a sequel
  • Unfortunately Remedy doesn't own the Max Payne title anymore, Rockstar does.
  • love the gritty gumshoe character of max payne. I'd love a new one (more slowmo diving through windows please ) but i can understand why people would prefer a new alan wake done first.
  • @9 I've played it at 1080p on PC. Way more effects, dynamic lighting, it looks better, and more importantly we can get the achievements again
  • I am excited to play this. I have enjoyed all games from remedy.
  • @11 So, you didn't like Alan Wake for bland narration and talking over himself, but you enjoyed Max Payne which did quite literally the same thing multiple times? =P
  • Make Bright Falls!!! (Google it if you don't know the Easter egg)
  • I want this. One of the games that made an Xbox One a definite purchase for me. Also, please more Alan Wake!
  • Alan Wake was one of the best games of last gen (along with games like Bioshock or RDR) so yes, I really hope they make the sequel the first game (and add-ons) teased!
  • Quantum Break is a game I'm really looking forward to. And I would definitely be in favor of more Alan Wake. Alan Wake was easily my favorite game on the 360.
  • Can't wait for quantum break... And Alan 2 would win best annoucement of the year by far !
  • Much as I want to be optimistic for this, I keep remembering what a let down Watch Dogs was. Really hoping Remedy has delivered the goods.
  • Didn't Alan Wake sell really badly? I'm sure I remember reading an article about that.
  • @24 it sold good the problem is it was way over budget and the amount of units it needed to sell to break even increased quite a bit. If you go back and look at the original it was a free roaming game where you had to sold your wifes murder with a day and night cycle, you could also drive vehicles.
  • @24 it was also released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption, it got hugely overshadowed
  • Really hoping this do well.
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