Idea For Evolve Pre-Dates Left 4 Dead Turtle Rock Not Planning a Return For Left 4 Dead 3

Idea For Evolve Pre-Dates Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Not Planning a Return For Left 4 Dead 3

Richard Walker

“There's a little bit of Left 4 Dead DNA in Evolve, but it's a different experience,” says Turtle Rock Studios' co-founder Phil Robb, but the developer has no plans to return for Left 4 Dead 3, despite creating the game alongside Valve back in 2008.

Evolve is of course Turtle Rock's next game following work on Left 4 Dead and the DLC for its sequel, but the idea for the asymmetrical monster hunting first-person shooter apparently pre-dates the frantic zombie shooter. Codenamed 'Metamorphosis' during development, Evolve did benefit from lessons learnt in making Left 4 Dead, nonetheless, showing the studio that a 4 vs 1 dynamic could work.

"If you look back at Left 4 Dead there are some things there we felt kind of 'proved out' the theory for Evolve, like the Tank battles being one of them," Robb told XBA. "That's essentially a 4 versus 1 experience, especially if you're playing Versus mode, and we thought, 'wow, that's one of the most intense things in Left 4 Dead. We could take that and expand upon it.' That showed us that kind of thing could work."

And so Evolve came to be. But what of Left 4 Dead? Where does Turtle Rock see the series going in the future? "I think we're pretty much done with it," says Robb. "It's Valve's thing now. We've kind of gone off in our own direction. So I'd kinda like to see something new being done with it, and Valve always does great stuff, but it'd be cool to go back to it as just a fan and not a developer. But I doubt you'll see anything from us."

So there you have it. Should Valve one day decide to resurrect Left 4 Dead for a third instalment, Turtle Rock won't be involved. You'll be able to watch our full video interview with Phil Robb later this evening. Evolve is out on 10th February for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

  • I reckon this'll be a failure, the beta got extremely boring very fast.
  • No!!! I need left 4 dead 3 in my life! The 1st and 2nd are still one of my all time favorites.
  • I think that with Valve at the helm, Left 4 Dead 3 will never see the light of day, just like Half Life 3. Has Valve even done anything since Portal 2? I know they had the Steambox, but no one even talks about that anymore.
  • I meant Steam Machine, sorry.
  • This is unsurprising when you consider how unlikely it is Valve will ever make another game.
  • I don't see why people hated the Alpha/Beta for Evolve, I thought it was pretty good. There was some balancing issues, but from the Alpha to the Beta there was a HUGE change in balancing. That was one of my only gripes with the Alpha for the game, so I think that it will be fine for the actual release of the game.
  • i would love left 4 dead 3, the original is still one of the best games ever made. the sequel was ok but they should have kept the original characters and continued the series based on them. i wasn't a fan of the new mutants though, at times it was too much which is why the original did it just right.
  • Bored with the beta. good one. Its not like we only had access to ONE MODE the entire testing period.
  • they should have stuck with l4d evolve is shit. will be dead in a month.
  • #3 They made Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2012 and DotA 2 in 2013. Nothing in 2014, though.
  • I didn't even play the Evolve beta because 4vs1 doesn't sound fun at all. I just don't like the whole idea of the game period. Like 1 said I'm sure this game will flop big time, and they are digging their own grave by saying "there are no plans for L4D3"
  • I initially thought this looked interesting but as others are saying, it will be dead pretty soon. I love L4D but got into it very late and it's hard to find partners online now and very difficult to play on higher difficulties by yourself (not to mention pretty boring). This sort of game (and to a lesser extent games like Titanfall which I also love) are more than just a bit of a gamble when you buy them as they depend on player population. Unlike Titanfall however (although it's servers are hardly overloaded), I can see the servers being almost barren for this 6 months down the line unfortunately.
  • Heck, I'd be happy with Half-Life 2 Episode 3...
  • This is old news. Of course Turtle Rock didn't work on L4D2, besides maybe an add-on. Turtle Rock have no part with the L4D series anymore. I say Evolve will be really successful in the long run.
  • In other words, we're unlikely to ever see a Left 4 Dead 3 in the next 20 years if we're relying on Valve to make it.
  • I cancelled my pre-order for this purely because I'm not convinced it has the legs to last. I don't want to purchase the game at full price if all I'll do is pick it up for half an hour or so then put it down. The campaign seems to be basically a mixture of modes with modifiers rather and a fully fleshed out campaign. I may not have all the details but that, in the numerous e-mails from 2K/Turtle Rock and GAME insisting I get the game, is how it's been advertised. In the end, and following a lesson I learnt from Destiny, it's a wait and see for me.
  • So much cynicism, damn
  • Valve can't count to 3
  • #17 for real, its crazy. Seems like most of the cynicism is coming from those who are more into single player, story driven games. But if you like playing in a team setting with other human beings, games like Evolve, Titanfall, and Destiny can be plenty of fun and have long lasting appeal. I hope Evolve succeeds, personally.
  • played 3 matches on the Evolve beta.. then i dashboarded out and unistalled it... fun to play for a little but real boring after that... for those who enjoyed it, good luck in the full game though ;)
  • I found the beta to be pretty boring, but I could see how people who love to play with friends would enjoy it. Hopefully it delivers.
  • He mentions that the tank battles were really intense and yes they were and even though they were great them taking that and making a whole game out of it wasn't what anyone asked for. Evolve was decent and I'll probably get it. But what I've played so far it doesn't acratch the surface of left 4 dead. Infact it seems almost like a step back to me in terms of scope not technology
  • Evolve lost it all the moment people saw the monsters. They are no where near as huge and terrifying as they looked in the trailers.
  • I really want a left 4 dead 3 : (
  • Shoulda stuck with Valve, Evolve is boring. I played 2 alphas and a beta and hardly anything changed. Can't see the full game being any different, especially with all that ridiculous DLC.
  • They are crazy left for dead next gen would be awsome evovle took a hit after the demo I canceled my preorder and just waited for dying light in my opinion they need to make a new l4d because evovle simply sucks
  • Proven fact, Valve can't count past Three, give me one title they have done that is beyond 2...2 1/2, 2 3/4...
  • @27 even the one of the founders worked at Microsoft for a while working on the windows programs and he helped with windows 1, 2 and 2.1 I think. So yeah there's that.
  • they should do Half-Life 3, thats would be awesome. L4D3 can wait in my opinion!
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