Fallout 3 ''Operation: Anchorage'' Achievements and Quests Leaked

Alan Pettit

The first of three upcoming DLC packs for Fallout 3, titled "Operation: Anchorage,"  is set for release January 27th, but thanks to an update released for the game today, people with the PC version got a little sneak of what the achievements and quests found in the DLC are going to be.

As with most of the current achievements, there will be four new achievements for completing quests. There may be more than these four quests as there are multiple mini-quests found throughout the Wasteland, but these four can be confirmed:

  • Aiding the Outcasts (20)
  • The Guns of Anchorage (20)
  • Paving the Way (20)
  • Operation: Anchorage (40)

The four new achievements will add 100 extra gamerscore in total. For screenshots of the achievements in action, view this thread for the proof from forumgoer Anxion.

  • siiiick
  • Not bad, i'm more interested in the quest that leaves the story open ended though :D
  • According to IGN the release is January 27th.
  • I really want to see some more random achievements, like if there are radioactive polar bears or something, give me 15G for killing 50 with a flame-based weapon or something along those lines. I can't wait to play this no matter what.
  • That achievement I made up, if anyone ever used that, I hope to God it is called "Warm and Cuddly my Ass"
  • Dont know how its "leaked" when its from an official update from the developer.
  • sweet i cant wait to play it
  • Well looking forward to this, and Psycodlic's idea for an axhievement is ace
  • Meh.
  • 10th
  • sweet...lovin it...they should release it already, i mean really
  • Apparently the guy who wrote this can't spell Anchorage... But I can't wait for the DLC!
  • Can't wait for this. Fallout 3 is the shiznit.
  • Cant wait
  • My 360 better be fixed by then or else I'm gonna be pissed.
  • Only 1100 points? There's room for more DLC. Please. :)
  • *And seriously, I could understand one typo, but misspelling the word three times is a little ridiculous.
  • There won't be any radioactive polar bears as it is before th nukes went off I believe. The achievements seem pretty cool though.
  • This is an achievement first, achievement history if you will.The first ever DLC achievements for a PC game xD
  • So how will this work with how the game ended?
  • @20, this one won't do anything, but the 3rd DLC will remove the removal of your character after completion of the final quest.
  • No....14 more days until Anchorage.... I'm dying just thinking about it. : ) I hope the new Gears 2 Achievements come out before Anchorage to keep me company.
  • Oh baby!
  • Omg! Thank you so much for the Fallout 3 info! I've been waiting for DLC release info for like ever!!! Keep the DLC release dates Uh'comin!!
  • SICK!!!!I'm pumped
  • Very nice.
  • I thought this wasn't going to have achievements? I'm glad it does! But I would have played it anyway!
  • #11 failed
  • #20 obviously doesn't keep up on things! It's gonna be a sim like "tranquility lane"
  • I can't wait to liberate my city! If that is indeed what the quest entails. I remember reading something somewhere that it was a simulation like Tranquility Lane. It'll be awesome.
  • yeah #4, melt the polar bears or something haha. I really wish they extend the achievement cap, to like 2000 or just 1750 like halo 3.
  • And that is how you spell Anchorage. Unless it was corrected before i posted this.
  • any word on the price of it? Hope its only 800 points, thats all I can afford by then.
  • Gonna be immeeeense!
  • looks sick
  • awesome, looks (sic)
  • i mean i love that this is coming out and 2 others are also but seriously they said early january not end my god ive been waiting so long!!!
  • lost interest sooooooooo long ago.
  • Nice I still gotta pick this up
  • Exciting... Hopefully I will finish the game before this DLC drops.
  • Finally MY XBOX is on it's way back from the repair center I can't wait for this I love FALLOUT 3
  • this game is soooo good, basically oblivion x20 and the fact they are this dedicated to dlc is so dam awesome, im hoping to pick this up and who else here loved being the pint-sized slasher? seriously tho this game is so good, i hope bethesda continues with it.
  • awesome
  • Just started playing the game. Hopefully Ill have what I want completed done by the time the dlc comes out.
  • SICK
  • this looks sick Fallout 3 is an awesome game but in my opinion they should it put 250GS instead of 100GS just sayin but whatever im still gonna get this looks SICK¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • Awesome I can't wait. I am going to d/l this right away.
  • whats the price point for this??
  • hahaha FOTOES lmao its photos dumbass
  • balls
  • im getting this regardless of the price. EXCITED!
  • Totally getting this.
  • Now that will be worth my 800 points!
  • Cool, I`d want the DLC anyway. But thanks for the achievements in advance!
  • NOOOO!!!!! mygod damn disc screwed on me, i gotta start from the start but i'm gonna get the other achievments first....does anyone know if you must have finished the story first or not???
  • I wonder if the weapons are going to be less modern (remember that Operation Anchorage takes place much earlier than the main quest).
  • cant wait 4 this! btw does any1 know if having the new content will delete ure old character and/or if ure xp is already MAX'd will it tally ova wen u get the new content ?
  • omg omg omg i freakin love me some fallout cant wait for this to add on even more hours of a great game under my belt.
  • Meh mirrors edge DLC out
  • eeesh...and I still have to finish the achievements for the normal game!
  • cant wait
  • I dont think I buy this I didn't get into the game, but then I am only at Galaxy News Radio!
  • Bring on the 27th xD
  • Fallout Reins over all other games :D
  • i've got a nice save reserved for when this occurs!
  • @46 they are most likely to add more dlc with achievements. they need to add like a quest to rebuild a motor cycle, I would trade my fast travel for a bike even a bicycle or unicycle (lol) would be awesome, just to much running turns into to much fast traveling. Plus, all previous fallout games had vehicles, Yes i know its not by black isle but still.
  • @ #57 They will have Gauss Rifles,Trench Knives,New clothes such as unharmed t51b Power armor,U.S. Army Winter Outfit(which is basically metal armor/basic armor),A Chinese Stealth Suit(A WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better version than the stealth boy..p.s.It has same effects as stealth boy but its unlimited),and of course new enemies such as The Stealth Soldier,Chinese Soldiers,etc and new allies such as well THE US ARMY and probably a new map.....
  • i just relised how much i loved this game and how little i played it till i traded it :< i better buy it again
  • I wonder if there will be an achievement for getting to level 30 once that DLC comes out in march..
  • i'm sure there will be achievements for level 30. There were for the other levels.
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