Shaun White Snowboarding: New Mountain and Gear

Alan Pettit

For the hardcore Snowboarding fans out there, you can grab some free new gear (and of course the 400MSP gear is still available that came out last week) or go big with a new mountain.

The Freebie Pack (FREE)

"Here’s an opportunity to grab some great new gear for guys and girls FOR FREE. With this pack you can dress up your character, and flex your style riding one of the boards from our contest winners. Who said nothing in life is free?"

The Mile High Pack (800 MSP)

"Combine attitude with altitude in this pack, and get some new gear and a brand new mountain."


  • It should all be free, this game sucks!
  • DLC for clothes sounds dumb at least itll have a new mountain.
  • no achievements, no sale.
  • "it should all be free", "I should never pay for anything in my life", "companies should make things for no profit" etc etc.. Grow up. Things cost money. You dont like it, you unfortunately have no choice. All comments in DLC news posts seem to be the same recently; moan, b*tch and moan some more. ----------------------- Back on topic: I'll pick up the free one and save the 800points version for when I have more time available to actually use it.
  • This game sucks and the content should be free to entice people to buy it before it hits the bargain bin. So you grow up cry baby.
  • is this game worth buying?
  • @5 So you don't like the game, which means noone does, I can follow that logic ;-) @6 Its a good game. Obviously thats not the opinion of everyone. Not one to purchase if you want 20-30 hours out of a game, but if you can pick it up cheap its well worth it. Easy achievements, fun gameplay, decent graphics and a solid experience playing online with friends. Check out the x360a review to find out more:
  • horse armorrrrrrr
  • Don't listen to BulletMagnet #6, this guy is trying to feel better about buying a ridiculously horrible game by getting someone else to buy it. This game is not even worth renting unless you absolutely must have the achievements. Gamespot, which gives a crap game like Assassin's Creed a 9 out of 10, gives SW Snowboarding a 5. So if that sounds like the kind of game you want to spend $60 bucks on, plus another $10 on downloaded material, be BulletMagnet's guest.
  • They need to make a new ssx snowboarding game!!!!
  • @6 I'd say it's worth picking up, just save up some money from the start of the game to buy a decent board, as the start ones are pretty slow.
  • @ #8 - That is your opinion, whereas I'm siding more with BulletMagnet. Chances are the guys over at Gamespot didn't give the game enough of a chance, if you read our review, the game is a slow starter, but if you can get past that, it's fun.
  • Should have added some achievements though :(
  • lets all get along
  • BOOO! MAke a new 1080 please!
  • wow jj bombay,calling BulletMagnet a baby is pretty come on this forum bitc*in about a game you dont like and call him a baby??and im pretty sure youre the only person in the world who doesnt like assassins was one of the best games that year easy....and for #6, if you like snowboarding definately pick it up, i find its a lot of fun and easy to get used to...but obviously jj bombay knows his stuff...did you hear about that new game fallout 3? it sucks...haha jk
  • Because of 1080 snowboarding, I quit doing the real thing to stay warm.
  • I always get embaressed when people say "Horse Armor", making fun of bad DLC -- I bought I the only one? XD. This game is also not bad, I played it at a friends once, not to mention it's only £20 in GAME atm. Not bad at all.
  • In my opinion, this game looks pretty lame. I'm saving my money for "Stoked", that looks so much better!
  • @#18 lol, i know how ya feel. when i read "horse armor" i hurry and scroll down the page xD. i too bought it. so it got at least two sales rofl
  • get skate 2 , snow melts......
  • BulletMagnet.... uhm, if you don't like this game, fine. w.e. But saying that this AND assasins creed was bad, to me, means that your standard is WAY to high. saying that just kinda ruined your credibility
  • ^^ Sorry for double post but that meant to go to JJ Bombay, your cool BulletMagnet
  • I can say that if you want a low budget Skate, then this is a good game for you. Yet since Skate 2 is coming out with the quickness save your money for that. Shaun White is a good game when you can get it for cheap, used. It really wasn't worth the full price because it didn't seem finished. I also have to agree HORSE ARMOR. Also to those of you saying it should be free. The clothes should be free (like these are), but all clothes in games should be free. It's lame that they charge for new clothes or they should always be able to be unlocked through further play. They did it for the new Tomb Raider. The mountain should probably be 400-800 points. To the kid who said Assassin's Creed sucked. It didn't, it wasn't the greatest game, but for the price that I got it for, new, I was very ha
  • Continued: To the kid who said Assassin's Creed sucked. It didn't, it wasn't the greatest game, but for the price that I got it for, new, I was very happy with it. They do need another 1080. or another Shaun Palmer Snowboarding. Did anyone play that on the PS2? I loved that game.
  • @22 - Saying that this game and Assassin's Creed was a good game ruins your credibility. If you like to play the same mission 20 times and call it a real game, you don't have very good taste in games. Skate 2 is where it's at, so save your money. If you have to have a snowboarding game, take your $60 to craigslist and buy a used PS2 and SSX Tricky.
  • Its a good god damn game! The controls are just a bit pissed and you have to play for 20-30 Minutes before you get into it.
  • There's mile high pack in the UK marketplace, its really poor though. The mountains flash all over like it's a mistake or something, is anyone else's like this?
  • @JJ Bombay Why the F*** should anyone think your opinion is the correct one? I like Skate 2 and this, get a life! Fanboys are just plain sad
  • It's funny how people rip on someone with a negative opinion of a crappy game and people say "Your opinion doesn't matter", like their opinion is the only one that matters. You're right, you are way more important than me. So here are the official reviews I found for your beloved Shaun White. * 360 Achievements - 7.5 * Gamespot --------- 5 * GamePro ---------- 3 * Game Zone -------- 6.7 * Game Shark ------- C+ * Cheat Code Central- 2.9 * IGN --------------- 7 So all of you with the high and mighty opinion that this game is a great game and that only your opinion matters, get real with yourself, and get a real game.
  • @#30-You're making it sound like everyone here things Shaun white is the greatest game ever. We know that the game wasn't perfect but it certainly doesn't deserve to be called a "fake game" and about your earlier remarks about how Assassin's Creed was terrible. Why don't you go back to the 7 sites you got the ratings for Shaun White and check Assassin's Creed. You'll be quite surprised.
  • Why are you arguing about silly things. Anyone know red this would think your all children. And who cares wot reviews it got, if you like it play it , if you dont like it no one is forcing you to play it.
  • i buyed only the mountaim for 400 microsoft points its not the best mountaim but its oke. ( btw great game)
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