Next Gears of War Will Be Available Only on Xbox One

Next Gears of War Will Be Available Only on Xbox One

Richard Walker

You might want to make the most of Gears of War: Judgment being available for free on Xbox 360 via Games with Gold this month, because Black Tusk's upcoming next instalment in the Gears of War saga will be coming only to Xbox One.

When asked on Twitter whether Black Tusk's upcoming Gears of War will also be coming to Xbox 360, the studio's Jack Felling responded, stating: "No sorry, it won't be available on the 360 but it will be available for the Xbox One!"

The next Gears of War was originally announced as an Xbox One only project, so this may sound like an obvious piece of news. But given that a small selection of Microsoft's first-party titles, such as Forza Horizon 2 and ScreamRide have arrived on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, it's worth noting.

Black Tusk Studios' Gears of War game will be coming to Xbox One, and is making "massive progress" according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Hopefully, we'll see something from the game at this year's E3 in June. Stay tuned.

  • Nothing wrong with that. I bet the next game is going to be a sight to behold on Xbox One.
  • I am very curious if it's a reboot, another sequel, or a if it follows a different squad.
  • I don't think anyone expected otherwise.
  • Thank god. Didn't want my next GoW game held back by decade old hardware.
  • good and so it should be
  • Good.
  • Its gonna suck
  • Roll on e3......Looking forward to seeing what it looks like on current-gen. I'm happy that Rod Fergusson is leading the game though, otherwise I would be skeptical especially after Judgement.
  • @ #12 Your momma.
  • Glad to hear this. I hope it is a new entry of course, but I would not mind Gears 1-3 being ported to Xbox One also. Not just ported, but completely rebuilt for Xbox One.
  • #10, hell I'll take just the first one, was by far the best
  • Hopefully it's not to far away either, I'm sure we will hear a lot more once E3 is here.
  • I'm hopeful that it's a prequel. I would love a game set during the pendulum wars.
  • how it should be
  • Gears fans REJOICE!
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @17 why was that?
  • Btw hardware doesn't make good games. Since you guys are so worried about games being "held back"
  • @18 it was just hoard mode stuffed into a sorry excuse of a campaign
  • I'm afraid this will begin to become standard. They eventually have to stop support on the 360 and I feel now is the time to begin that transition. Either way my xbox one is about to get some use with the witcher 3, halo 5, the division, and the new gears game this year. I'm getting excited for the gaming industry again.
  • Really looking forward to the next Gears.
  • If its anything like Judgement I will not be buying it, Judgement was a terrible game and was not like the previous Gears of War. It felt more like Call of Duty. I hope this series doesn't go that route like Halo did.
  • Hopefully they go back to what made the first three games great, and away from what made Judgement garbage.
  • Im sorry but there going to kill the franchise. The storys dead. The locust, the lambent, so what are they gunna have us play the pengulum wars. Ya the game had three good ganes not counting the last cause it.was like an arcade game but come on
  • Who didn't see that coming? This is good news anyway,the game won't be dumbed down to accommodate the old systems graphics and capabilities.
  • i tried the first gears of war game did not care for the franchise so i will miss playing this
  • Its not a reboot
  • @21 the only game you mentioned that wasnt a sequel was the division! I havent got an xbox1 yet and am not a gears fan but I do agree that more games need to come out on the newer consoles only because I need a reason to get an xbox1 at some point. I wouldn't be too bothered if they stop releasing 360 stuff tomorrow as long as they leave xbox live and the servers active for a few years so I can finish my 360 backlog.
  • @21 getting excited for loads of sequels? And most games that require multiple updates to work properly is another reason why I haven't got an xbox1 yet. I've lost faith in alot of devs. The last game I picked up day 1 was watchdogs. I'm not buying games day 1 when most are not properly working or even tested most of the time.
  • Remastered trilogy first then new Gears = massive cock explosion
  • @2 Cole train's voice actor said he was in the game so i guess it's a direct sequel to 3
  • I haven't upgraded yet but I still see this as a good thing. The X1 needs to stop being about remasters or held back by the 360 & needs to start making games that take advantage of the tech gulf between the two consoles. only then will people have a reason to upgrade.
  • A sequel instead of a reboot? Must be a new set of enemies and the likes to fight then because at the end of 3 they kinda won it for humanity and i cant see the game being anything less than the were deep in the doo doo tone its known for as a series.
  • Well, a possible reason to buy an XB1.
  • #Wow a next/current/present gen whatever you want to call it only game, lets set a new trend a make more of these. I agree it has gotta look good surely. And really is the same as last time GOW was not available on xbox only 360.
  • I wouldn't even wipe my ass with Gears Of War: Judgement, it was a collosal letdown.
  • Loved the gears game remember get gears one day one an being blown away at how good it was an looked deffo be getting this an just downloaded judgement as I didn't wanna play it when it came but will now
  • Really??? Heard that by idk many many different studios... Its always the same they always make last gen version... Ive been saying for awhile they need to stop because they are hurting the current gen consoles yet they never seem to fail... They always port them... As they like to say, "thats where the user base is". Ill believe it when i see it happen but until then ill expect what we always get... Ported version, more false info from devs, and games not working right at launch. As said as it seems i kind of wished i held off on getting this gen for 2 to 3 years. Sad but true. Sad but true.
  • Oh dear... Judgement was pretty awful... Lets hope they do this true to form.
  • After Gears 3 the game isn't Gears anymore. Definitely not excited.
  • @4 ... the hardware in the Xbox One is nearing a decade old.
  • "@2 Cole train's voice actor said he was in the game so i guess it's a direct sequel to 3" ... or a direct sequel to Judgment ... ;-)
  • @11 Couldnt agree more! 2 was kind of ok, and 3 was really good too, but nothing tops Gears 1.
  • i think they already clarified that before the Judgment launch :P, they told that GoW Judgment will be the last GoW game for Xbox 360
  • Needs horde and beast
  • Quick Microsoft, push this game out of the door as quickly as you can, make sure it's rushed and awful - just as long as it keeps your broken console relevant!! REPEAT
  • @47 I've never read so much stupidity in one post before.
  • @29 and 30. Excited of the xbox ones exclusives giving me gorgeous games without reduced versions so that the 360 can run them. And what does it matter if three of four of the games are sequals.... just so happens these are the games I'm really waiting to get my hands on. New ip or not.
  • @47 hey you can always move to ps4 since xbox one is sooooooo bad and all. IDIOT
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Thank god I don't want some dumed down shit
  • will no shit the next gow will probably come out in 2 to 3 years stupid article
  • Hopefully it's better than Judgement... That game was so boring and dragged on so long... I was always looking forward to the cutscenes because Baird kept it interesting and that's the only reason I beat it... Gameplay was bleh.
  • Sweet! Fenix forever.
  • Exactly what I was expecting, and kind of hoping for. At least now they can focus on the one release and make that one release... hopefully... really good
  • @#34 The story isn't COMPLETELY done. We still never found out what happened to Aaron Griffin, who when we last saw was blaming Delta for the destruction of Char. He's an obvious antagonist for another Gears game set in this storyline.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Make the game based around the Stranded, they're far more interesting and leave allot more possibilities open for possible story lines. If they're just going to repeat the same thing with another CoG squad... then I have to ask, whats the point in re-treading the same ground?
  • They just need to give us a Gears collection with 1,2 and 3 with the DLCs. Fuck Judgment, that game sucked. But man, Gears 3 running at 1080/60 would be great. Hopefully this new Gears goes back to the classic GoW controls too, the tweaks they made for Judgment were terrible. Really hope we get atleast a teaser at E3. This series, Halo and Forza are really the only reason I even have an XBO, plus the one offs like Ori. @57 I really hope they don't bring back Griffin, he was just annoying. I'd much rather see them do more with Bernie and Hoffman and some of the other side characters personally. And for the love of god, bring in the Pesangas. They were awesome in the books. Be nice if MS could get Karin Traviss back for more books too.
  • Gears 1 was the best for multiplayer. It took skill to play. Alot of skill!
  • @61, Yeah right, If you didn't have host you were fucked either way. The same went for Gears 2
  • Good to know but this isn't really a surprise almost not really worth making a news report over...
  • @62 I used to GB in gears 1 9 hours aday with my team. if you have a team host does not matter. I smacked off host all day. Not saying I never hosted cuz I think I would be lieing after putting 12k+ hours into gears lie..
  • @61 not skill rolls and shotty with a little luck... Thats what gears one was... Gears 2 was practically all shotty as well... 3 had the better weapon teiring out there besides judgement and everyone hates that one... But it was the only time i ever was killed by a lancer or hammerburst or really anything for that matter outside a shotgun was in judgement...
  • Guess I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed Judgment. Multiplayer was great, story was interesting (how they were looked at as war criminals). Felt very nicely paced. Could replay the scenes to complete everything. Lots of good times.
  • @65 *Must of blown hard in gears 1* =b
  • I hope it's better that GoW:judgement
  • thought the story sucked balls after Gears 1, promised but didnt deliver online all were good but 1 and 2 heavily skewed by host advantage. 3 promised dedicated servers but ultimately didnt deliver enjoyed them but they could be better
  • another gears of war game that i am not interested in
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