Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures Leak, Include Mulan, Olaf and Mickey Mouse

Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures Leak, Include Mulan, Olaf and Mickey Mouse

Richard Walker

Unsurprisingly, it looks like Disney Infinity 3.0 is happening, as images of the first figurines for the third game have apparently leaked, revealing popular characters like Olaf from Frozen, Mulan, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron Legacy and the upcoming third Tron movie will be among the next wave. Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse will also be among the new figures.

The leak originates from a Chinese retailer called Taobao, as spotted by Disney Infinity fan site, InfinityInquirer, who have since removed the article. The cast of Pixar's next movie, Inside Out, are also included in the leaked imagery (bagged by Videogamer), available to view below. Click on the pic to zoom in.

Other sources have also revealed to Polygon that Disney Infinity 3.0 will also introduce a line of Star Wars figures, which might explain the black and yellow colour scheme on the packaging. Where Disney Infinity 2.0 focused primarily upon Marvel Super Heroes, 3.0 could put Star Wars characters front and centre.

Disney, meanwhile, is remaining tight-lipped on Disney Infinity 3.0. You'll also notice that the packaging from the listing indicates that the new 3.0 figures won't be compatible with the previous two Disney Infinity games. We'll have more on Disney Infinity 3.0 once an official announcement breaks.

  • There was never any doubt that 3.0 would be based on Star Wars. It'll launch just before the new movie. Also, glad to see the Tron characters (previously exclusive to iOS) being shown as figures. Now to see which Star Wars characters are available at launch, as well as which new Marvel characters they introduce.
  • Lets get down to business.. to defeeeeeeeeeat... the huns...
  • Awesome if they are going to bring some Tron figures into the fray. They've had various elements in game from 1.0 so it's about time!
  • This is clearly the "Originals" line that will launch FOLLOWING the 3.0 Star Wars Bundle. They will release a package, like they did with Marvel, of the 3.0 Game (probably with Luke and Vader) and then a line of Star Wars toys. And then, about a month or two later, they will release these figures as "Originals". The biggest concern I have though is on the back of the packages it clearly states that these figures aren't compatible with 1.0 OR 2.0. 1.0 isn't unexpected because the 2.0 stuff wouldn't go backwards. But for them to continue this trend is a huge mistake, IMO. I purchased every figure from Series 1. But then, when they advanced to 2.0 and all of those figures were only usable in Toy Box I felt a little burned. Plus, none of my new shiny figures would work with anything I had previous. Now, they are doing this again and for me, I think I'm done. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the art design of the figures and I will buy every Star Wars figure they make and the new Marvel stuff and at least the Mickey and Mulan from these leaked pics, but at this point I have zero interest in purchasing the new game. Disney Infinity has become like Amiibo to me, a cheap, statue alternative for characters that I love. Be sure to watch this space in September, because LEGO is going to show all of these Toy to Life players how it's done!
  • @4 How could the new figures work with the old game? They didn't exist when 2.0 was made. It'd be one thing to complain if they didn't allow the old figures to be used with the new game, but the other war around is just how it is.
  • I'm prolly gonna get it too.
  • I still just want Darkwing & Gizmo Duck :(
  • Yeah #4, that isn't going to change...
  • My daughter loves to go down the game isle and see these type of games. If they had a star wars version and Disney I'd be hard pressed not to get it for her. The possibilities to get me to fork over cash so my 4 year old could play with her figures. Peter pan, Star Wars. Maybe some Tale spin and duck tlkes? Darkwing Duck or Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers.
  • If these originals again don't come with playsets then I'm not bothering
  • @10, they're Toy Box only. Look at the backs of the packages.
  • The restriction on what you can do just kills me. I was excited for this until I saw mulan and mickey are toy box only. I know they have no reason to change the game now because they have a fan base, but I still hate it.
  • Di$n£y Money Grabber. Lol hahahaha
  • @#5 - I hear what you are saying, and the first wave is understandable because they were working things out. Skylander's have learned, if you look at their compatability there are something things that cross over. In fact, over three games, so far, there is a full series of characters that work with EVERY game. Sure, the "Traps" or "Swaps" don't work for the original, but that is their game's gimmick so that is justifiable. However, if your favorite character is Spyro, you can play physically play Spyro in ever version of their game. I was really hoping that Disney would learn with 2.0 that locking gameplay to limited characters under a playset is the wrong way to do it, but they didn't and only pushed it further. So, like I said, I love the figures and designs and will continue to collect but I don't think I will buy another game they put out. To contrast, what little we know about LEGO Dimensions is that the game will play similar to the current LEGO games where there is a hub, open world that you roam around, and then portals to "levels" or "missions". In this way, you can have Batman and Marty McFly goof off in the overworld and then warp to "Brickburg" and have an adventure together. And LEGO promises that this will continue with future versions. So, if I want to play any and all content they ever release as Marty McFlippinFly, I can. That is what this genre should be about and I'm proud to see LEGO finally making it happen!
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